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Chapter 5

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uhhh... pop! lol mmmm.... welll yea is dylan gonna be ok? you're actually not going to find out lol

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“Dylan” I mumbled again and kissed the back of his hand.

He lied on the bed so helplessly with an oxygen mask covering his face. He looked so bad with cuts and bruises all over his body.

“Please wake up” I pushed his brown tangled hair off his face.

“Mary, he’s going to be fine” Gerard held my hand.

I looked at him for the first time in an hour. “But he’s not waking up”

“He will honey, he just needs his rest. He’ll wake up soon”

“What if he doesn’t?” I began to sob.

“He will”

I hugged him and cried on his chest.

It’s just been so weird. I was out
for a few days, I see that Dylan is half dead and on top of that I find Gerard after 6 years. It’s just all came crashing down to me.

“So sorry about not focusing on you Gerard” I said. “But I can now” I sat up straight and looked at him.

He shook his head and chuckled, “No babe. I don’t want you to focus on me now”

“No I want to” I insisted.

He sighed, “What do you wanna know?”

“Everything, from the time that I left you till now” my eyes widened.

“You’re so cute” he stroked my cheek. “Hmm, well… we were pretty much devastated. We searched all over the place for you. Like we went to that park that you first ran away to, you weren’t there and that just got us worried. Mr. and Mrs. Bryar were so worried about you. They thought that they did something wrong –“

“But they didn’t” I interrupted.

“I know, we told them that. Bob was frustrated because he thought that you ran away coz of him. Apparently you guys had a fight. Why didn’t you tell me?”

I shrugged my shoulders, “It was nothing”

“What ever has happened to you is something to me Mary” he stroked my cheek again, “Mikey thought that him making out with you was the problem, that was a pretty much big wow for all of us. Ray and Frank just thought that everything that they did was a problem. I thought that, that night that we had together just ruined everything and…”

I shook my head, “No it was none of that” I really had to shake myself and think hard to remember why I left. “It was just me. I was the problem” I said.

“Why didn’t you talk to any of us?”
I shrugged.

He sighed; “Well then when you rang Ray and said that you were ok and that you didn’t want to come… well… we couldn’t do anything about it” he shrugged.

“I was trying to call Ray later on. But I couldn’t, he’s phone number has changed and I lost my old sim card so I didn’t know anyone else’s number”

He nodded, “He lost his phone”

I nodded too.

“And so we just lived without you by missing you even more each day”

“I miss you guys too”

“Aww Mary, we miss you too” he wrapped his arm around my shoulder.

Just then his phone started ringing. He sighed and answered it, “Hello?
Frank! How are you? Yea I know sorry about that… tell Mikey that I still care about him… its just that…” he laughed, “No really I have the best reason and excuse in the world and you wont believe me… well I was just walking down the corridor and guess what? I found Mary!... no seriously, Mary, our Mary” he sighed and looked at me. “Truly she’s here with me. I’m serious! No she’s not hurt that much. You wanna see her?” he looked at me.

I shook my head; I didn’t want to see anyone else.

“No, she’s seriously not feeling well. Later ok? Ok sorry. I’ll come in about an hour or so. Ok buh bye” he shut his phone. He sighed, “Sorry Frank got worried about me”

I nodded, “If you want, you can go back”

He shook his head, “No way. Do you wanna walk? Because your legs must be weak from sleeping for how many days”

I looked at Dylan who was still sleeping, “Ok, fine. But just for a little while”

We walked down the crowded corridor trying to push pass people.

“Isn’t there anywhere that isn’t crowded?” Gerard muttered to himself.

I let go of Gerard hand and wiped my hand on my shirt from the sweatiness.

He partly watched me do that as if he was afraid that I was going to run away again.

I sighed as I heard a loud person scream that just shattered my ear drums and worsened my headache.

“Jane! Jane! No don’t die! You can’t die! You won’t die! Jane!” the man ran through the crowd.

I couldn’t really see where he was simply because it was crowded and I was short to see where he was. Well I didn’t have to wonder where he was because he ran right into me. The blackness overcomes me again.

There were mumblings all around me. I couldn’t even make out what they were saying. I just knew that they were men. Where was I? I was afraid to open my eyes. I felt someone move next to me. So I opened my eyes automatically. When I did, I suddenly wished that I didn’t.

“Mary!” 5 voices said.

I didn’t say anything just stared at all of them.

“Mary, are you ok? Are you hurt?” Gerard stroked my hair.

I sat up slowly, “My back hurts” I mumbled.

“Lie down” he said.

I shook my head, “No. how long was I out?” I ask in my low voice.

“3 hours”

I gasped, “Dylan. I left Dylan
alone!” I got out of the bed without
trying to hurt my back any more than it was hurting.

“Mary sit down” Gerard said.

“Gerard I have to check if he’s ok”

“Mary, you don’t care about us?” Frank asked from behind me.

My breath got caught in my throat. I do. Don’t I? “Frank... I…” I couldn’t take it anymore and started sobbing and crying so badly. My legs gave out from under me but I didn’t hit the floor. Gerard and Bob held me and put me on the bed next to Mikey.

“I’m so sorry” I sobbed.

“Don’t ever be sorry Mary” Bob said.

I looked at him with my blurry green eyes; I couldn’t believe he was talking to me. “You shouldn’t be talking to me. I’m a bad person!” I sobbed.

“Mary, don’t say that. You’re a good person”

“I’m not!” I sobbed harder.

“We’re not angry at you Mary” Bob said, “We’ve always loved you and always will love you”

“Stop saying that”

“We’re not saying it. We’re so sorry for what we have done to you” Mikey said from behind me.

“You guys never did anything to me. You were the best thing that ever happened to me” I sniffed.

“You were the best thing that ever happened to us” Ray said.

“Really?” I asked.

They all nodded.

I smiled to myself.

We all just stood there for a few moments just remembering this moment.

“Let’s hug!” Gerard chuckled.

We all made a group hug.

They said things like, “Good to have you back Mary”, “I love you so much Mary”, “Don’t ever leave”. I smiled to myself.

“Ok then, lets check up on Dylan then” Gerard said and held my
hand. “He’ll be ok I hope”

I nodded. I hope so. “He better be ok, I miss him stealing my cheese cake”

“He steals your cheese cake?” he

I nodded.

“Wow, don’t worry I wont let him steal any more”

We laughed and walked down the crowded corridor once again.

To me this is by far the stupidest dumbest shittest chapter i've ever written. So be free to say how shit it is.

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