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Chapter 4

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ARGH who is it?! what will happen to DYLAN the cheesecake man?!

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“Gerard” I spat out. I stared at him wide eyed. No he can’t be Gerard.

Gerard does not like me any more because I left him. I left all of them. “Gerard?” it sounded like a question.

“Mary” he recited my name again. He pushed pass the people and quickly tried to make his way to me.

I watched him as he shuffled pass people. He was so handsome. Much more handsome in his teens. His face, eyes and lips were the same only matured. He lost his baby fat and was much paler. He looked muscular and tall but not that taller than I saw him last time which was about 6 years ago. His face and arms were full of scratches, cuts and bruises and he was also covered in dust.

“Mary, are you okay? Please tell me that you’re not hurt” he looked concerned.

“Gerard” I repeated his name. I guess I was not responding because I was so shocked that at this disastrous time I see him.

“Mary talk to me” he gently paced his hands on either side of my shoulders. “Please, are you ok? You didn’t get hurt right?”

I took a breath in and tried to take in his new features. I looked in his hazel eyes, “I’m fine. Are you hurt?” I looked at his body to identify any harm.

“No, I’m thankfully fine” he sighed and hugged me. “Mary, I miss you” he breathed out.

“I miss you too Gerard” I closed my eyes and tried to memorize how his body felt on mine. How he spoke, looked, moved and felt now.

His head leaned on mine and now he was breathing on my neck. His warm breath made me shiver. “How have you been? Where do you live? What do you do? Tell me all about you Mary”

We were still hugging and I didn’t know why but I answered him anyway, “I’ve been okay, I live in Australia I’m a model and I came here for a photo shoot. What about you Gerard?”

“I’ve been fine. I’ve been thinking about you ever since you left. I still live where I lived ever since, I’m a cartoonist working for cartoon network” he let go of me and stared into my eyes again. “You’re a model?” he asked.

I nodded.

“Well good thing you are. You are beautiful you know. I think I’ve told you that ever since”

A tear fell down my cheek and I nodded, “I know”

“Don’t cry. Why are you crying?” he asked as he stroked my cheek with his thumb.

“I’m so sorry Gerard, I’ve been stupid. I shouldn’t have left. I miss you so much! I’m such a stupid person. A stupid fuck tard” I sobbed harder.

“No, you’re not. You had to get away from all that shit. I understand. I mean I’ve felt like that too. Don’t you ever say that. You are a beautiful kind person”

I shook my head, “No”

“Mary don’t say that”

“I –“

“Excuse me people. Emergency!” a bunch of paramedics pushed passed us.

They pushed me and Gerard to the wall, I was squashed in between Gerard and some other women.

I looked up at him and just stood there with his body pressed on mine. I really couldn’t move since people didn’t move for some reason. But I didn’t care.

He smiled down at me and leaned in until his lips pressed on mine.

It felt so good having his lips back on mine after all those years. I opened my mouth and let my tongue dance with his. A few moments passed until I pulled out and sobbed again. I didn’t know why. I didn’t know if I was sobbing because I was happy or sad.

“Shh don’t cry. I’m sorry” he stroked my dark hair.

I shook my head, “It’s not that”

“What is it?”

“Here I am kissing you while my friend is in a life death situation at the moment” I sobbed harder.

“OMG, I’m so sorry. Hopefully they will make it”

“OMG, are you alone or were you with
the guys? Please tell me they are alright!”

He nodded. “I was with Mikey, he was with me to see my work place. He’s ok just fractures his collar bone”

“Oh gosh” I gasped, “He’s ok right?”

He nodded, “Don’t worry he’s fine”

“Gerard go back and say with him”

“No he’s fine he’s with the other guys anyway”

“Other guys?” I asked.

“You know, Frank, Ray and Bob”

My heart froze at Bob’s name. “Oh”

“Do you wanna go see them?” he asked.

I stood there not responding for a moment, “No. it’s too much for me”

He nodded.

My phone started ringing. “Hello?” I answered.

“Mary! You’re okay! Thank god! Are you ok? Not hurt or anything?” it was my manager Andrew?

“Yea, I’m fine just for cuts and bruises”

“Phew! Make up can cover that. Come home quickly will you, there will be a lot of interviews”

I rolled my eyes and sighed, “I can’t come now. Dylan is critical. I have to be with him”

“Oh honey, you can go check up on him via the phone”

“No, I wanna stay here till he’s okay”

“What ever honey, I’ll talk to you later” he hung up.

I sighed again; well he’s supposed to act like that I’m his top model.

“Who was that?” Gerard asked as he watched me put my phone in my pocket.

“My manager. He wants me back in Australia”

“When will you go back. Depending on Dylan. Maybe a few more weeks”


“My friend who is in that life and death situation”

“Oh. That’s good. So are you single?”

“Gerard what type of question is that?”

He shrugged, “Just asking”

“Yes, I am”

“Ok” he nodded.

Just then the operation room’s door opened and out came Dylan on the hospital bed looking paler than ever.

“Dylan!” I called out and pushed passed people to follow him. Gerard was close behind me.

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