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These words are all I have so I'll write them

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So just when I thought things were going well the drama starts up again. The funeral is tomorrow and guess who just walked into the Wentz house. Ashlee Simpson. Could this be anymore dramatic for Pete, I mean seriously. And am I a little jealous that he is talking with her alone, yes! I should be! I mean, he has cheated on me with her and on her with me. God this is confusing. Patrick is telling me not to worry, but I am worrying. I wanna bust down the door just to see if I catch anything going on.

As we speak I have my ear pressed to the door with Joe. Thank god someone wanted to join in on my eavesdropping but Joe's heavy breathing is muffling the rest of the sounds.

"SHHHH!" I loudly sush him. He mouths sorry and we go back to listening. Of course Ash is begging him to come back. It's not like they weren't good for each other and that's why I am scared. He did love her, well, he might love her still. I know he loves me and that's why this is too dramatic. And Ashlee's face was priceless when she walked in and saw Pete and I cuddling on the couch.

"Want me to bust in on their fun?" Joe asked as if he really needed to. I nodded and headed a little bit down the stairs to not look obvious. I knew I liked that kid for a good reason. About 2 minutes later Joe, Pete and Ashlee came downstairs and Pete led her to the front door and hugged her goodbye, but not before she shot an evil glare at me. Can't really blame her. If I didn't want to seem like the bigger person then I would have glared back.

Pete just turned and went back upstairs to his room and I gave Joe a questioning look. He nodded his head in Pete's direction and I took that as a sign to head upstairs after him. Pete was sitting on the edge of his bed lazily strumming his bass. I just stood in the doorway looking at him. God he could be so gorgeous without even trying. His hair, which was actually clean today, hung slightly in his eyes and he was wearing his 'make love not wentz' shirt which fit him just perfectly. His skinny jeans and converse topped off the outfit. After about a minute Pete glanced up at me and patted the bed next to him as he put his bass down.

I sat on the bed next to him and just waited for him to speak. He obviously had something to say. I was actually nervous and I'm not gonna lie about it. What if he had decided to get back together with Ashlee and I was once again kicked to the curb. God I hope not.

"Sorry that I left you to talk to Ashlee alone," he said.

"I understand, you guys were really close. And you still love her, don't you?" I don't know why I asked this because I honestly knew the answer and didn't really want to hear him say it.

"In a way, yea. We have so many memories together and most were good. But it's not what you're thinking Kristin. I don't want to be with her. I want to be with you," he took my hand and kissed it. "Even though you were so angry with me and were trying to leave me behind for good, you still flew to Chicago, took time off work and wanted to be here for me. That right there told me that I had been making a huge mistake."

I was honestly touched by what he said and I couldn't help but smile. Pete saw the affect that his words had on me and leaned in to kiss me. That one kiss lead to another, which lead to the removal of our clothes, and finally the most romantic love making we had ever had. It was slow and sensual and he was either kissing my lips or looking deeply into my eyes and he thrust himself into me with deep and slow strokes. If I didn't care about looking like a wimp I would have cried.

Afterwards, Pete held me close to his body, both his arms wrapped around me. I burried my head in his chest and never wanted to leave. I have never felt so vulnerable yet so safe in my life and I honestly hoped that it would stay this way.
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