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Their Special Thing

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Gerard finds himself lurking in the shadows

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Gerard sat on the bus engrossed in his artwork, he had been at it since Kelli announced she was going on that damn date, he knew it was the only way to get his mind of it and stop him worrying about what they were getting up to, but even with his best efforts all he could picture was the two of them getting on like a house on fire and the seeds of romance blossoming over the dinner table. He decided he had done enough for today, he couldn’t concentrate anyway. He closed his art pad and glanced out the window, he saw Kelli and Nick returning from their lunch date, he couldn’t help but get up and go over to the window to get a closer look.
“Fuck no”, he whispered under his breath after seeing them hand in hand strolling across the parking lot with goofy looks plastered across their faces. He wanted to go out there and knock that stupid look off his ugly face. Then he realized they were walking straight for the bus, “Oh shit”, he muttered as he quickly gathered up his stuff and headed for the back of the bus, watching them together was not something he wished to participate in right now.
“I’ll just be a sec”, Kelli said as she walked onto the bus
“Ok do you want me to wait for you out here”, Nick asked
“No it’s cold out there come inside”, she replied rubbing her hands together in an attempt to warm herself.
They both made their way to the main seating area towards the middle of the bus
“Ok just sit here and I’ll be back in a moment”,
Nick sat down obediently while Kelli walked towards the bunks at the back of the bus, Gerard could hear her getting closer and prayed she wouldn’t see him, he didn’t feel like discussing how great the date went.
He could hear her routing through some stuff, but couldn’t see what she was looking for, he let out a deep breath as he heard her turn and walk away, he really hoped this wouldn’t get hot and heavy as he had no where to go and he could hear everything.
“Found them”, Kelli stated triumphantly as she took a seat next to Nick, and handed him the items
“Wow these are so amazing, I have never seen one of these in such great condition”.
Gerard was mildly interested in what they were talking about.
“Yeah I got them ages ago, they cost loads but I figured it was worth it”, she stated
“You are like the first girl I have ever known to be into this stuff, where have you been all my life”.
Gerard cringed at his words, and he still didn’t know what Kelli was into that was so amazing.
“Well that’s what you get when you are raised with 4 brothers, I was a tomboy most of my childhood, mostly because I had to be to keep up with them”, she giggled slightly
“Are these the only ones you have?”, he asked with great interest
“No I have hundreds, but these are my special ones that are worth a lot of money, that’s why I keep them with me all the time”.
Now Gerard knew what they were talking about. Her comics. One of the many things he loved about her was that she was a comic book fan like him. They would spend hours talking into the night about their favourite superheroes and discussing storylines, they even talked about creating their own one day, something just between them. He could feel a wave of jealousy rise from the pit of his stomach, why the hell was she showing him her prize comics books, they had only had one date, besides wasn’t the comic book thing between him and Kelli, it was like it was their special thing and she had invited someone else into the circle without asking him. He didn’t like this at all.
“Kelli you really are a surprising girl, it’s like ive known you forever and we only met two weeks ago”, said Nick dreamily
“How cheesy”, whispered Gerard under his breath, he needed to get closer, he wanted to see what was going on as well as hear it, so he tiptoed as quietly as he could so he could see though a small gap.
“Your sweet Nick”, Kelli replied
Gerard could see them, they were sat very close together, Nick was looking into her eyes and he had his hand on her knee, he looked like he was going to go in for the kill which to Gerard’s horror he did. Slowly his head moved closer to Kelli’s until their lips gently touched. Gerard lurched backwards in repulsion and in so doing tripped over franks bag which was just lying on the floor behind him. There was a loud thump as Gerard hit the floor, although he did manage to stop himself from crying out in pain, which amazed even him. Shit now he would be discovered and Kelli would know he was spying on her, moving as quickly as humanly possible was his only hope now, he dived onto the nearest bunk and pulled the privacy curtain across, hoping he wouldn’t be found. He heard the sound of footsteps coming closer, which was obviously them coming to investigate.
“What the fuck was that”, Nick shouted,
“Dunno, maybe one of the boys is back there”, she answered
“Hello anyone here?”, she shouted
Gerard thought about answering but he just sat frozen
“Guess not” she said looking a Nick
“Well anyway I gotta get going, we have a sound check in an hour and I need to to get all my stuff set up, so I’ll see you soon ok” Nick cupped her face in his hands and gave her a sweet kiss before turning and heading for the door
“Thanks for dinner”, she shouted to him as he left
“Anytime”, he shouted back
Gerard stayed sat on the bunk until he heard Kelli leave the bus, he had a weird feeling in his stomach and it wasn’t the good kind, not to mention his leg hurt like hell from landing on it, he had a feeling it was going to bruise big time. After battling with his thoughts for what seemed like forever, he decided to get up and go join the band for the sound check, Nick had to go and Gerard was going to make sure it was sooner rather than later.
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