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Enter the Challenger

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Gerard's worst nightmare in all it's glory

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“Does that shooting fire thing really have to be put there”, Kelli asked the special effects coordinator, who was trying his best to set everything up
“The word is pyrotechnics, and yes that is where the band want them to go”, he replied less than impressed
“Just doesn’t look that safe, won’t they be right next to Gerard”, she asked with a worried expression
“I think that’s the point, they are supposed to look dangerous”, he stated rolling his eyes slightly.
“Speak of the devil”, Kelli looked up to see Gerard strutting towards her. He sat down next to her and put his hands in his pockets and his feet on the chair in front
“Good morning sunshine”, he grinned slightly with one side of his mouth.
“Gerard that pyrotechnic thing looks to close to you,” she said not talking her eyes off the stage
“Your worried about me, that’s so sweet, I’m feeling a moment here, I think we gotta hug”. he said with his arms outstretched and a huge smile on his face.
“Don’t mock me, I just don’t want any deaths on my hands, that could be very sticky, not to mention it would look bad on my Resume”,
“Its fine, I promise I wont go up in a big ball of flames, although that would look cool”, he pondered seeming deep in thought
Kelli shot him a look of horror which resulted in fits of laughter from Gerard
“Chill I’m joking”, he said still amused
Kelli just gave him a less than impressed look which then transformed into a slight smile.
“So are you excited about tonight?”, she asked
“Yeah It’s gonna be cool, it’s hard to believe we are gonna be playing 133 dates on this tour, bet you will be sick of me before the end huh?”, he asked expectantly
“Gerard how could I ever get sick of you?”, she replied with an air of sarcasm
“Correct answer”, he smirked
“well I’m afraid I’m going to have to love you and leave you, I have a lunch date”, She stated getting up from her seat
“With who?”, asked Gerard
“The sound engineer?”, he asked
“Yeah, I’m meeting him in half an hour, apparently he knows this really nice place”.
“So is this like a proper date or lunch with a friend”, he could feel a slight panic rise from his stomach and hoped it wasn’t coming though in his voice
“Who knows, well just see how it goes I guess”
“Do you like him?”, he knew he was making it obvious that he didn’t like it, but it couldn’t stop himself
“urm I don’t know yet, Gee why do you sound like you don’t approve?”, she asked somewhat confused
He had to think quick, blurting out that he was madly in love with her and he wanted her to himself
wasn’t a good idea.
“Just don’t know if it’s a good idea to date crew members, if it goes bad you’ll still have to face them for a long time, we have over a year on this tour ya know”, he realized he just dug his own grave, if it was a bad idea to date Nick then surely Gerard was off the menu too. Damn it.
“I’ll take my chances”, she replied still looking very confused
Gerard watched her walk away with a bewildered look on her face and hoped he hadn’t just given himself away, this was the first time he had be challenged for her affections, seeing her with another guy would be too much for him to bear, but telling her his true feelings and being rejected would be worse. He needed to get out of here and find somewhere to think and sort his head out, this definitely wasn’t good and it was only the first date of the tour, little did he know things were about to get much worse.
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