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Gerards Feelings

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how he really feels

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“Rise and shine”, Kelli sang as she walked down the middle of the bus where all the boys bunks were.
Needless to say they were all nursing headaches, a side affect from drinking to much alcohol, which they had all done, well a night off was a luxury they didn’t have very often and it would soon be a thing off the past when the tour kicked off.
There was a chorus of simultaneous groans which made her smile to herself
They all started to fall out of bed one by one all except for Gerard. Kelli decided to investigate
“C’mon Gee, don’t make me come in there”, she tapped on the piece of fabric that was loosely draped over the side of his bunk.
There was no answer
“Gerard way if you have fallen into a coma I will never forgive you, don’t make me get the hose”, she stood tapping her foot when a hand reached though the gap and grabbed her pulling her onto his bed.
“That shut you up didn’t it”, he said looking rough and sleepy
She didn’t reply just gave him a long hard stare
“What’s up, you used to be fun, now your giving Hitler a run for his money” his asked with a sad look
“I’m sorry I just have a lot on my plate, this tour is the biggest thing I have been involved with, and I want it to go smoothly”, she said apologetically
“It will, we will behave for you, just chill, we’ll have some good times, you’ll see”, he poked her in the ribs, and she shoved him back with a smile.
“Ok but you still have to get up, like now”,
“one step ahead of you babe”, he answered pulling his bed sheet back revealing himself completely dressed.
She smiled satisfactorily at him “You might wanna do something with that thing on your head”, she looked at his hair in disgust. “Wouldn’t want all your teenage fans to see you like that, it would put them of their breakfast”
“Okay Okay”, he said as he pushed past and made his way to the bathroom
She smiled to herself again, she seemed to be doing that a lot lately.
The sound of her mobile ring tone snapped her out of it, she pulled it out of her pocket and looked at the caller display, it was MCR’S management team, her employers.
“oh great”, she muttered under her breath with distain. These calls usually involved a telling off.
“Hello Kelli Rayner here” , she answered trying to sound as full of glee as possible.

In the bathroom Gerard looked at himself in the mirror, he did look abit worse for wear, he wouldn’t have minded as much if it would have been the result of a good night out, but instead he just seemed to be drowning his sorrows, he didn’t drink that much, not enough to get drunk, he knew where that would lead, and as a recovering alcoholic getting wasted wasn’t on the cards, which was a shame cos it would have been just what the doctor ordered right about now. He knew his limit and never went over it, he had control for the first time in his life, and he knew why, because he couldn’t bear to think of Kelli being disappointed in him, or anyone else for that matter, he had beaten most of his demons and it was because of Kelli.
She lifted his mood just being around her, he could be himself, have interesting conversations and be honest with her, she never judged his past behavior and on top of all this she was one of the most beautiful girls he had ever seen.
He knew he had feelings for her the moment her laid eyes on her, but being abit on the shy side with the opposite sex, he never made it obvious, then as they got to know each other, his friendship with her became a lot more important than having some quick fling, so once again he never revealed his true feelings, and now she wasn’t just important to him, but the whole band respected her and enjoyed her company, she was like their support system, and she was damn good at her job, they had been a lot more successful since she joined the team and they knew she was a small part of that, so Gerard knew he could do nothing to compromise her position with them, it would be disastrous not just for him, but the band too.

Running his hands through his black tousled hair he sighed.
Why did life have a why of kicking you in the nuts just as things where starting to look up.
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