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Chapter 10

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Ok Shit happens.

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Big thanks to clutsy_93 coz i wouldnt have written it this way if it wasnt for her :D

Tears again streamed down my cheeks as I listened to them continuously hitting the wall with the bed frame. My fingers were in between my hair and my knees were close to my chest. Then I stopped sobbing and just opened my eyes. Hang on, why am I crying like this? Gerard nearly raped me. Why would I want to be with him? Why am I upset that he slept with Shelly? I stood up and stumbled down the corridor.

“Stupid Mary” I mumbled to myself and wiped my eyes.

I kept on reciting those words till I reached… well another corridor.

“Hey Mary” Frank greeted me, “So sorry about what happened. I didn’t –

I interrupted him with my lips on his. I pushed him to the wall where my body pressed on his.

Frank pulled away and stared at me in shock. “Whoa Mary, are you ok? Did you take drugs or something?”

I shook my head.

“Do you realize what you’re doing?” he asked.

I nodded, “Come on Frank, just this once?” I smirked.

“Whoa, so you want like a one off thing?” his eyes widened.

I nodded innocently.

“Look Mary, you will regret this and I don’t want our relationship to be –“

I kissed him again.

He took a breath, “Ok”

I smirked and our lips crashed again.

We somehow made it to his room without taking a breath. I knew that we wouldn’t be disturbed since Frank was sharing his hotel room with Gerard. We did the same thing as Gerard and Shelly were doing.

“Wow, I’ve never had sex after breakfast” Frank said as he pulled on his shirt.

I shrugged, “Me too. Hey Frank can I
borrow your clothes?”

He nodded, “But wouldn’t people suspect something?”

I shook my head, “As long as we’re cool, they won’t notice”

He nodded and chucked his skinny jeans and some random shirt. “This thing… doesn’t mean anything, right?” he asked with a confused expression.

“Um… did you want it to be?” I asked.
He shrugged, “Mary you know I like you more than a friend right?”

“You do? But –“

“Yea, ever since high school. My love for you has never faded Mary”

My eyes widened, “You didn’t even make a move on me though”

He sighed and gave a small smile, “Maybe because you were always taken”

“Oh…” I gazed to the floor.

“I’m sorry; I never should have told you. I wasn’t supposed to tell you this. I take it back”

“No don’t take it back. It’s fine”

“No it’s not. You don’t have feelings for me. It’s obvious”

I sighed and nodded, “I’m sorry”

He chuckled, “No you don’t have to be. It isn’t your fault”

I nodded.

“So you wanna go out for lunch? I ‘m like so hungry” he brightened up all of a sudden.

I chuckled, “Ok”

We skipped down to the dining room and ordered BBQ chicken pizza. We joked and laughed at random things. It was different. It’s like our relationship evolved or some thing. I think we had an extra long lunch but I didn’t know. We got interrupted by a fearful Ray.

“Have you guys seen Bob anywhere?” he asked in a hurry.

“No why?” Frank asked as he stood up.

“Because I’m not supposed to let him out of my sight. He might do something to Gerard”

My eyes widened. Wow, Bob wants to kill Gerard? “Shit” I mumbled.

“Well, we’ll have to go search for Bob then” Frank said and turned to
me, “You wanna just wait here?”

I shook my head.

“Let’s go then, where would Gerard be?” Ray asked us.

“In my hotel room” I replied quickly.
Ray stopped and faced me, “Um… why?”

“I saw him there last” I answered him innocently.

Ray sighed and we ran after him to my room.

Well I wasn’t surprised when I saw Gerard naked on my bed. I saw Shelly frightened as she cling onto the bed sheets that was wrapped around her built body as she watched Bob bash the shit out of Gerard.

“Fuck you, you cunt! What type of whore are you?! How dare you rape Mary? And now Shelly? Fuck you motherfucker!” Bob yelled as he
punched and kicked Gerard who was under him.

For once I wasn’t feeling sorry for Gerard. So I stood there and just watched the scene.

“No he didn’t rape me! I was willing!” Shelly screamed as she tried to defend Gerard verbally which didn’t work.

I flashed a death stare at her and she backed away under my glare. I didn’t know if I should just pounce on her and bash the living shit out of her.

“Bob stop it!” Ray yelled and Frank and he pulled Bob away from Gerard.

It looked pretty hard because Bob kept on gathering his strength and running towards Gerard but being stopped by the boys.

I watched Gerard lie on the bed half unconscious and naked. It just somehow disgusted me to see him naked. Shelly came up to Gerard and whispered shit to him.

I walked to them and they looked at
me as if I was going to throw a punch at them. I narrowed my eyes at them, “How could you Gerard”

“Gerard didn’t do anything” Shelly mumbled in fear.

I flashed another death glare at her. “I didn’t say anything to you”

“Why are you so upset anyway?” she asked with her tiny voice.

I shook my head; I wasn’t going to answer a slut. I backed off them and exited my ex room.

My fingers cling on Dylan’s shirt as we lay on his bed. Dylan rubbed my back and wiped my tears off my cheek.
“Don’t worry, he didn’t deserve you anyway. You gotta stop running after the bad guys Mary”

I nodded, “I’m suppose to be not caring about them but here I am crying about it” I sobbed more.

“Oh honey” Dylan kissed my cheek, “You shouldn’t wander alone I reckon”

I looked up at him, “Why?”

“Because…” he looked around the room, “Look at all the shit that’s happening to you. I don’t want you to be hurt again”

I nodded, “You’re right, either I have to spend every waking moment with you or we could go back to Australia. I mean here in New York. It’s like a battle field after those attacks”

He nodded, “We’ll think about it. But I like the part where you will spend every waking moment with me. See that’s cool”

I chuckled, “What ever” I hugged him and shut my eyes just trying to enjoy the moment. “I love you Dylan” I smiled.

I felt him move until I felt him breathing on my face. His hand cupped my face and his thumb ran over my bottom lip. I opened my eyes and saw him leaning in to me inch by inch.

My heart started beating rapidly for the first time in a long time. It felt like forever for his lips to reach mine and it did, but it wasn’t a long kiss. It was practically a peck on my lips.

He looked back at me with a smile.

“What happened?” I asked.

“Nothing…” he paused and smiled, “Let’s just say your lips reminded me of cheese cake”

I rolled my eyes, and I thought that the small kiss meant something. I guess it would have been weird if it did because that would have ruined our relationships that we have now.

I sighed and laughed. “You and your cheesecake” I narrowed my eyes at him.


“Argh!” I screamed in agony.

Hahaha.... really i know i dont have much description in this story

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