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Chapter 11

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I groaned and sighed after I shut my phone. I was just on the phone with my manager Andrew.
“So you have to go?” Ray asked.
I nodded.
“Oh damn, it was cool being here” Dylan said.
I nodded again.
“So when will you go?” Ray asked.
“Soon as possible” I scratched my head which messed up my black hair.
Ray sighed.
“So we’ll have to go back to our original hotel, pack up and go to the airport then” Dylan said.
“I’ll go inform Shelly”
“Ok, I’ll inform the guys” I said slimly and headed out the door.
Dylan walked with me until down the corridor.
“Aww, don’t be sad” he patted my back.
“I’m not. Just acting. I wanna get out of here as soon as possible” I sighed.
“Hmm” Dylan nodded. “Well I’m going this way”
I nodded too and walked the other way. I saw Bob standing absently down the corridor. I raised an eyebrow and walked to him. “Hey what’s up?”
He was startled a little, “Hey. Nothing much. Just thinking”
“Just thinking?” I asked.
“About you” he sighed and fully turned to me.
“Oh, about what?” I felt uneasy.
“About why you were upset about Gerard sleeping with Shelly.
My insides cringed, “Oh I don’t know. Just trying to protect Shelly from Gerard”
He narrowed his eyes, “But you said that Gerard has changed. Why would you wanna protect her?”
“I don’t know” I shrugged.
“Well you know what I think? I think that maybe you have a relationship with me that I don’t know of. I’m just hoping that it isn’t true, but according to Gerard it is” he crossed his arms over his chest.
My eyes widened. “What do you mean?”
“Please tell me the truth Mary. Gerard told me that he slept with you. Just please tell me you didn’t sleep with him” he pleaded.
I’ve never seen him this vulnerable before. “Um… I don’t know what you’re talking about. I just came here to say that we’re leaving”
“We’re leaving”
“So you’re a coward huh? Again. So you did sleep with Gerard. You slept with him when we were together. You cheated on me!” he roared.
I backed away, “Please Bob, I never said that”
“You didn’t have to say that, Gerard told me everything” he took a step his face showed fury.
“Well he’s lying!!”
“So tell m Mary, exactly who did you sleep with? Ray? Frank? Mikey? Hmm? So you slept with everyone except me huh?”
My eyes widened. “Leave me alone!” I turned and tried to walk off but Bob held me arms.
“Well I’m going to change that” he smirked and pushed me to the wall.
My back cracked and tear fell down my cheek. I never wanted this to happen.

not edited and is short
so sorrry!
not described well too
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