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Chapter 12

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ARGH! what is bob gonna do?!

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I tried to put the blonde haired, muscular man off me which was useless since I haven’t done heavy weight nor have enough muscles. “Get off me Bob!” I yelled in fury and fear.

He wasn’t affected my pushing and shoving but merely just kissed and sucked my neck.

“Bob please” I begged.

He gripped my waist tighter which made me groan in pain.

“Bob you’re hurting me” I squealed.

I noticed that I’ve always said that to him. He was always hurting me if he wanted something. I think he noticed to but I didn’t know because he stopped kissing my neck and let go of me.

He backed away with his blue eyes wide open in shock and guilt. He took more than a few steps back until his back hit the wall across me.

My rapid breathing was the only noise in the empty corridor. My fingers gripped on my dark blue shirt as I absently gazed at my shoes. My black messy long hair fell in front of my face; my green eyes were all blurred from tears.

“I-I…I’m so sorry Mary” Bob stuttered.

I didn’t say anything; I just focused on my breathing. I was too scared to be out of breath.

“Please forgive me Mary” he looked up at me.

I gained courage to say something to him. I lifted my head and deathly stared at him, “What? You want me to say ‘oh yes I forgive you Bob’ even after you actually sexually harassed me?!” I yelled out at him.

He stayed quiet.

I frowned at him and turned to my left where I saw Dylan walking up slowly to us.

“Hey what’s happening here?” he asked when he came up to us.

Bob looked at me for an answer.

“Nothing at all Dylan” I gave a fake smile. “I just told Bob that we were leaving. So do you wanna go to our hotel and pack up?” I asked.

“Um… don’t you wanna have your last moment with your friends?” he asked.

“No” I answered straight.

“Ok” Dylan said slowly as he watched Bob pull himself off the wall.

“Come on” I said and pushed him in front of me. “We’re gonna be late”

Dylan sighed, “Ok mum”

I watched the terrible sight of New
York as the taxi drove me and Dylan down the road to our hotel.

“So where is Shelly?” I asked.

“Um… well she kinda said that she was going to stay here for a while”
Dylan said slowly as he closely watched my reaction.

My hands turned to a fist. “Did you call to make a flight?” I asked changing the subject.

“Hmm” Dylan nodded. “Well it’s great that we’re leaving America. The American cheesecake is not as good as Australia’s” he shrugged.

I turned to him in amusement. “Dylan do you ever think about something else other than cheesecake?”

“Aww, don’t insult me babe. I have times where I think about you” he stroked my chin.

“Oh I’m surprised really. Do you think about me as cheesecake too don’t you?” I smirked.

“Oh no, honey. I don’t think about you like that!”

I chuckled. “What ever Dylan”

“Omg, you’re so mean! Do you want me to prove you?”


“Like I would make out with you but I don’t make out with the cheesecake. See now you’re like human”

I raised an eyebrow, “What?”

He sighed and pecked me on my lips, “I don’t see you as cheesecake darling. I wouldn’t wanna go further into making out with you and you know why” he winked.

My lips went to a slight o shape.

Why oh why am I attracted to Dylan? Gosh I hate it when I am in lust with every guy in my life.

Please forgive me again for the crapness....
i feel that i'm not writing my chaps the same goodness liek before :(

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