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Chapter 13

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HAHAHAA! at home.

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“Make sure you come at 9 o clock sharp tomorrow morning” Andrew my manager, who had for once tied his blonde hair up.

I nodded tiredly. “Yea ok”

“They love you Mary” he smiled a quick smile and walked off.

After he walked off my shoulders were slumped and I walked out of the studio. I took off my bright red high heels off and greeted Dylan with a hug; well it wasn’t really a hug it was more like me putting my weight on him.

“Aww is Mary tired now?” he asked.

I nodded on his chest and close my eyes. Since I stepped foot in Australia I’ve been interviewed and mauled by reporters which is so not cool. I haven’t even had time to think about anything but the attacks. Didn’t even have time to think of what everyone else is doing in New York now. I don’t even know how I should feel. I don’t know anything.

I breathed in deep and hugged my pillow which blocked my breathing. I opened my eyes and lifted my head to see where I was. There was a wall that was painted crimson while the others weren’t but instead were a warm cream colour. The room was nice and tidy with a huge walk in wardrobe and the room was pretty big also. I sat up on the double king size bed, it was my room. Dylan must have carried me here, aww bless him. I smiled and stretched my arms out in the air. I let my feet hang on the side of the bed as I waited for my brain to work normally.

“Hey sleepyhead” Dylan opened the light in my room and walked to me. He analysed me for moment, “You need food and a very long bath”

I rolled my eyes which hurt my eyes a little. “No shit Sherlock”

He smiled, “Would Mary like transport to the dining room?” he bowed down.

“Yes please” I grinned.

“Yes ma’am” he carried me bridal style down to the dining room. “You’re food will be ready in a minute. Don’t go anywhere, I don’t wanna carry you again. You weigh a ton!”

I gasped, “What?!”

“Ok, you don’t, I’m joking” he smirked. “Not” he walked into the kitchen.

I frowned.

Although I slept 8468397 million
hours after the interviews, I still was sleepy since I was in a hot bath with foam and bubbles. I could feel that the water in the bathtub was getting cooler but I couldn’t be bothered.

I screamed in my high pitch voice when Dylan ran into the bathroom with the home phone in his hand.

“Sssh!” he tried to quiet me down.

“I’m naked Dylan!” I yelled.

“Well I cant see anything! It’s all hidden under the bubbles! Or do you want me to get rid of the bubbles for you?”


“And plus, I’ve seen you naked before”

I sighed, “Please don’t make me relive the moment” I said in
monotone. “Who’s on the phone?”

He put the phone on his ear, “Well it was Rove. But we’re on hold”

I sighed again. “Oh well shut the phone”

He nodded and hung up.

“And don’t come back here again!”

“Well there goes my chance of having sex with you” he slumped his
shoulders and walked out.

I rolled my eyes.

It was 4.35 am when I got out of the bathroom. I was sitting on the couch cuddling with Dylan as we watched John Tucker Must Die. It was a really random movie.

“So what did you say when they asked you if you were dating me?” Dylan asked absently.

He’s been asking this ever since.
Everyone thought that we were dating even though I deny it. I guess they think like that due to how we act towards each other.

“This time I said that I had a lot on my mind at the moment and that everyone has been asking that question and you should know the answer”

“Hmm” he nodded and played with my hair as he watched the movie.

All of a sudden I saw shadows playing around on the driveway of our house. I sat up and watched the shadows, it looked like people. “Dylan I think reporters have come to our house”

Dylan sat up, “What? Why? They don’t come at this time”

“Well they do now” I stood up. “Tell them to go away”

He nodded and ran to the front door and turned to me. “Don’t show yourself”

I nodded and stood next to the front door.

Dylan opened the door and stepped out in his pyjamas.

I didn’t hear him say anything and waited for him to come back and tell me it’s ok.

Dylan did come back, “Um… Mary?”

My eyes widened, “What happened?”

“Those aren’t reporters, they are Frank, Gerard, Bob, Shelly, Ray and Mikey” he looked back counting them.

My eyes widened, “What are they doing here?”

ARGH! I know thsi one is liek boring.... but yea... i didn thave no ideas flowing inside my brain.
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