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Chapter 12

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just a heads up.. it may be a bit before i can update again. i just found out today that my Best Friend has a tumor that they think may be breast cancer. she is only 20. i will try to update again as soon as i can. i have a few more chapters already written just need to type them up.

anyone have any ideas for the story? anything you want to see happen?

thanks to all who have been reviewing.. it motivates me to update more.

on with the story

Ecstacy Ch 12

Frank and I sat on the roof for a few more minutes before we headed back down. Molly and Mikey were waiting in the hallway for us. We knew we were going to have to tell them two about us right away. We decided to wait to tell the others. Just so we could get use to the idea ourselves.

“Well?” Mikey asked
“Well what?” Frank said
“Are you two together or not… cause if not I am gonna lock you two in a room until you are” Molly said
“That wont be necessary … just for once Mikey I need you to keep you mouth shut. We want to wait to tell the others. We want to give ourselves a chance to get use to everything first before they start the I told you so’s” Frank said
“Don’t worry I’ll make sure Mikey doesn’t say anything. Oh Katie you have an interview today. The girls nominated you and Maxie to go. But you are gonna have Mikey and Frank there too” Molly said.
“That’s fine, what time does it start?” I asked
“Around noon. So in other words we all need to get dressed, packed up and to the venue as soon as we can .” molly said
“I better go them. My shit is all over the room” Frank said
“Ill see ya in a bit” I said while hugging him. He kissed me on the cheek. Mikey and molly both awed frank and I just flipped them off before going our to our rooms.
“You two are so cute together” molly said as we walked in the door
“Who’s cute?” Maxie asked. I gave Molly a glare
“Frank and Katie, I swear you two need to realize you like each other” Molly said covering her ass. Maxie didn’t seem to buy into it but she let it slide
“So is this interview gonna be at the venue” Maxie asked Molly
“Yeah we need to get you two ready ASAP. Where’s Georgia?” Molly asked
“Im right here” Georgia said while coming out of the bathroom as she was putting a hair clip in her hair.
“We need to get these two ready. LUNA, STEF, LINDS WAKE YOU ASSES UP” Molly yelled
“I have no clue what I am gonna wear.” Maxie said
“Me either. I want to be comfortable but still look cute” I said
“You should wear skinny jeans, a baby doll tee, and a vest over it” Georgia said
“I was just thinking the same thing” I said
“Max you should wear jean skirt, tights, and a cute top.” It will prolly be what you perform in” Georgia said to Maxie. I grabbed my clothes and went to get dressed. Once I finished Georgia straightened my hair and did my makeup. By then everyone was up and packing. I started doing the same thing. I didn’t have much to pack. There was a knock on the door. It was Gerard saying everyone was checked out
“Oh and just a heads up. There is a shitload of fans and stuff outside... mainly for you girls” he said
“Stop kidding” Maxie said
“ im not kidding” he said seriously
“Whatever” max said
“Anyways the busses are ready to go. It’s been agreed to get food before the venue so whoever is going to do the interview will go ahead without us on MCR bus.
“That’s not fair. What if I wanted food” Maxie said
“Calm down child we are ordering it to go. You’ll have food in the dressing room when you get back” Gerard said
“There better. If not I’ll chop you balls off and sell them to teenies” I said. Gerard got a scared look on his face.
“ im gonna head down to the bus” I said
“ Make sure someone goes with you” molly said
“ Worm was getting ready to walk frank down” Gerard said
“ I’ll be with them then” I said as I grabbed my things and walked into the hall. just as I walked out frank and worm walked out of the guys room
“Hey I am walking down with you two” I said
“Awesome babe” frank said. I just smiled at him. Once we got to the hotel lobby we saw a shitload of fans at the doors
“Are you two wanting to sign or stay on the bus” worm ask just before we reached the doors
“Ill sign for a bit. At least till Mikey and Maxie come down” I said
“Same here. Lets get our stuff on the bus first” franks aid. We dashed outside and onto MCR’s bus.
“God it looks like a war zone in here” I said as I tripped over something on the floor
“I know. You’re so cute when you are disgusted” frank said
“ You’re such a dork” I said hugging him.
“ You don’t know how hard it is to keep quiet. Mikey almost told Gerard” frank said while wrapping his arms around me
“ I know.. Molly almost told Maxie. Maybe we should just tell them. Its gonna be hard to keep it quiet. Especially when I was to scream it out” I said
“ I think we should too” frank said kissing me lightly
“ Are you two ready” worm yelled from the door
“Yep” I said as I started walking towards the door with Frank behind me.
“ You two are gonna have to stay together so I can be by both of you” worm said
“ That’s not problem” frank said. As soon as we got off the bus the fans started screaming again. We started at one end of the crowd and worked our way towards the bus. Some of the fans made gifts for everyone. One girl had Frank sign a pair of underwear. I had to bite my lip to keep from laughing my ass off. By the time we finished I was seeing spots form all the camera flashes. The fans were all real sweet kids though.
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