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Chapter 13

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Ecstacy Ch 13

It took forever for Maxie and Mikey to come down to the bus. At least it seemed like it took forever. I started to pick up stuff off the floor mainly so I wouldn’t break my neck attempting to walk. As I went to pick up a shirt off the floor a HUGE ass spider came crawling out. I freaked out and started screaming… did I mention I am deathly afraid of spiders.

“What’s wrong? OH HOLY FUCKING SHIT!!” frank yelled as he jumped on the couch with me
“Get it!” I said to him
“ im not getting near that thing” he said. Just then Mikey and Maxie walked in.
“what the hell “ Mikey asked while laughing at us
“ GET IT OUT” frank yelled pointing to where the spider was but it was gone. I looked down and saw it crawling up Frank’s leg. I screamed and jumped across to the other couch. Frank started kicking it off and jumped over by me.
“ god, you two are screwed if you ever live together” Mikey said as he got the spider onto a piece of paper and dropped it out the window
“We’ll just live next door to you so you can come get all the spiders” Frank said
“ like hell we will.. he’d blow our house up along with his” I said. Maxie just sat giving me a weird look. Especially when frank pulled me onto his lap.

“ im gonna tell Max” I said
“ ok babe” frank said
“Max can I talk to ya in back for a sec” I asked
“ yea sure” she was. We got up and fought through piles of clothes to get to the back room.
“whats up?” she asked
“ I just wanted to tell you something. Frank and I are kinda sorta together now.” I said
“ I noticed that this morning” she said
“ what?” I asked confused
“ molly kinda gave it away., actually you helped with that big ass smile on your face. Don’t worry you secret is safe with me… im happy for you. I told you you’re fighting was just fucked up flirting” she said laughing
“ thanks Max. we are gonna tell the others soon. We were going to wait awhile before telling everyone. But molly almost told you and Mikey almost told Gerard so we are just gonna tell everyone.” I said
“ let them figure it out… its kinda obvious.. just make out backstage, they’ll all get the point then” she said laughing. We got up and walked back to the front of the bus.
“ you know what I just realized” max said
“what?” I asked
“ you two are gonna have midgets as kids” she said while laughing
“ she is right you two” mikey said
“ not exactly. Max you know how tall Ian is” I said. My brother is 6”1 or 6”2. he got the tall genes in the family.
“ yea your right. I forgot he is ungodly tall. “ she said
“yeah he is” I said
“what do you think they’ll ask in the interview” max asked
“who the hell knows. Hopefully no relationship questions” mikey said. Just then we pulled up to the venue. There wasn’t any fans outside where the bus parked so we could dash inside quickly. We set our things in the dressing room before we headed to the interview. It was being held in one of the extra rooms. This room had a huge “L” shaped couch in it. I sat between Maxie and Frank and made myself comfortable.
“ you have a surprise coming later” Mikey said
“ a surprise for what” I asked
“ a late birthday present. Don’t worry you’ll like it” Maxie said
“ it better not be a stripper” I said
“ eww no it’s not a stripper.. now I have a mental image in my head” Max said
“what about a stripper” some girl asked as she randomly walked in
“ignore her, im Tyler. This is Tessa. We are doing the interview today” a dude said as he appeared. You could tell right away that he was gay. He was extremely flamboyant. I love gay gays. They are hilarious and fun to be around. Maxie must have been thinking the same thing cause she poked me and smiled. Tyler and Tessa got their camera all set up before starting. They asked the usual questions about both bands and how they are connected. Throughout the whole interview frank held onto my hand that was hidden from everyone. Tyler kept hitting on Mikey. I think only me and Maxie noticed it

“ok last question, out of both bands who’s single and who’s taken?” Tyler asked. I saw Mikey roll his eyes
“ I actually believe we are all taken” I said
“ are you taken Mikey” Tyler said while winking. I had to bit my lip to keep from laughing. Just then there was a knock on the door
“sorry to interrupt, Molly sent me” a voice I knew very well said. It was Ian
“IAN!!” I yelled . I jumped off the couch and ran to him. I immediately gave him a huge hug.
“ I’ve missed you so much” I said. It was true. This has been the longest we’ve ever been apart.
“I’ve missed you too. We wanted to come yesterday but there wasn’t any flights” he said
“we?” I asked
“you don’t think we’d let him come alone do ya?” Evan said. As him and the rest of Ian’s band (Ben and Elliott) and our friend Tony walked toward us.
“lord I’ve missed you all” I said hugging them all. I heard someone clear their throat . frank, Mikey and Maxie were behind me. Maxie went ahead and hugged everyone.
“Frankie, Mikes. This is my brother Ian. Then his band mates Evan, Ben, and Elliott. And this is our friend Tony” I said, they all exchanged hellos before we headed to the dressing room
“ does Lindsey know you’re here” I asked Evan before we walked in the door
“ yes, though I wasn’t going to tell her, she got it out of me though” he said. We walked in to find everyone else eating.
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