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Chapter 14

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Ecstacy Ch 14

During the show that night I gave a shout out to my brother and his band. I made sure to tell the fans to check them out. The show went great. We were all more energetic than usual. After our performance us girls sat with Ian and the boys watching MCR’s performance.. After the show we all went back to the busses. I was sitting on the couch cuddled up to Frank. Ian and the Bluf guys kept giving me odd looks

“Kates can we go for a walk… I wanna talk to you” Ian said
“Yeah sure, I’ll be back babe” I said to Frank as I stood up
“Ok. Just be careful. Especially since you don’t have Worm with you” Frank said
“I’ll be fine” I said as Ian and I walked off the bus. We walked in the opposite way of the fans. I could sense he wanted to ask something but didn’t know how. I knew exactly what it was though… guess you could call it the twin sense.
“Yes we are dating and yes he knows” I said
“How’d you know that’s what I wanted to talk about?” He said
“Because I know you and I know how protective you can get” I said
“I just don’t want you to get hurt again. It kills me to see you like that, in that much pain. Especially when there is nothing that I can do about it.”
“I know. But it’s different with Frankie. When we first met we did nothing but fight. One night everything got to be too much so I ran off. He was the one to find me. That’s the night I told him about being raped. I felt totally comfortable around him. We have tons in common. I really like him. He’s different from the guys I’ve dated. He cares about me and wouldn’t do anything to intentionally hurt me” I said
“He better not. I don’t want to have to kick his short ass. He better be good to my baby sister” he said hugging me
“Oh wow a whole 8 minutes” I said pushing him
“So how long have you two been together?”
“Since this morning. We are taking things slow though” I said as we reached the bus again. We walked on to find Evan tied to a chair
“What’d he do now” I asked
“Nothing. We just got bored.” Stef said. I shook my head and untied Evan. Ian and the boys had to leave shortly after that cause we had to head to the next city. I tried to get them to come along but they couldn’t.

Frank and I were cuddling in my bunk. Everyone else had gone to bed or was on the other bus. I was lying with my head on his chest. I was absentmindly drawing circles on his stomach.
“What did your brother want earlier? Frank randomly asked
“He was wondering about us and was just being the protective older brother. Cept he isn’t much older” I said
“I was so nervous about meeting him. As soon as molly told me he was coming this morning I started to freak out a bit.”
“Ian is nothing but a sweetheart. He just puts up the rough exterior” I said
“Sounds like someone else I know” frank said while poking me
“Like you have room to talk. You are the same way too” I said
“I know. But it’s all good now. Cause I have you here in my arms. No one and nothing can hurt you. They have to get through me first”
“Right here is the only place I want to be. You make me feel safe and loved in a way no one else has ever made me feel.” I said while looking him in the eyes. He leaned up and kissed me sweetly
“I never knew it was possible to love someone so much in such a short amount of time, but I do. I’m in love with you” he said
“I love you too” I said then kissed him again. I curled back into his chest as we fell into a peaceful sleep.
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