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Chapter 15

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Ecstacy Ch 15

We are in Europe now. We still have 2 months of touring left and I am dreading the tour ending. We have all gotten extremely close. Especially Frank and I. Even though we said we were going to take things slow, our relationship as accelerated faster than we expected. I love him with everything I am. And I know he loves me too. We are in Paris France tonight. We have the night off. Frank told me not to make any plans with the others but he didn’t say why.

“It’s driving me absolutely crazy not knowing what he is up to” I said to the girls. We were all sitting in one of the hotel rooms. The guys were supposedly off at an interview.
“I tried to get info out of Gerard but he claims he knows nothing” Luna said
“Well that gives it away that he does, plus Gee was never good at lying.” Maxie said
“You two are not helping. Katie i'm sure whatever it is that Frank has planned in that midget head of his isn’t anything you need to be freaking out about. We are in Paris fucking France. You and Frank are gonna go have a beautifully romantic night, make out some, then come and tell us all about it in the morning” Molly said
“You’re right. I just hate not knowing what’s going on” I said
“Believe me we all know that” Georgia said while laughing
“What time did Frank say to be ready?” Stefanie asked
“He said he’d pick me up at 7... I don’t even know what I am supposed to wear” I said
“Just wear a cute skirt and top. I’m sure frank really isn’t going to care what you wear. Why are you freaking out so much anyways it’s not like this is your first date with him” maxie said.
“I don’t know why I am freaking out. Guess i’m just nervous. Who wants to help me get ready” I said changing the subject. I knew why I was nervous but I wasn’t ready to tell the girls. They all took part in helping me get ready. I was completely dressed and ready to go by 6”30. The girls had me dressed in a black skirt and a black button down top with a red tank top underneath and showing. I was wearing a pair of red heels. Georgia curled my hair and out a red flower in it

“Frank is getting a boner tonight. You look Hot” Luna said
“I really don’t want to hear about frank getting a boner... it’s not on my list of mental images I wanna see” Maxie said
“Frank will not get a boner... and Max im glad my boyfriend isn’t in your head” I said
“Yea right. He gets one every time you walk off stage. I’m surprised you two are screwing like bunnies yet” Luna said. I could feel my face start to turn red
“Leave her alone. Plus once they start they aren’t going to stop ad I don’t want to hear them screwing on the bus” Lindsey said
“Well who knows maybe he will get lucky tonight beings that we are in the city of love” Stef said. As they all started laughing
“He just might” I said. I think the only one who heard me was Maxie. She gave me a worried look. I just smiled at her. Then three was a knock on the door. It was Frank. I grabbed my purse and went with him. He looked amazing as always.

We ended up at this really nice restaurant. The food was amazing. We had a beautiful view of the Eiffel Tower. After dinner we walked hand in hand to the Eiffel tower. We sat on a little bench by it.

“This is so beautiful” I said looking up.
“I see something even more beautiful” frank said while looking at me
“You’re a dork” I said while kissing his nose and curling into him
“Tonight was amazing Frankie.” I said
“It’s not over yet. I have one more surprise for you.” He said as he pulled something from his pocket
“ Katie… I know we have only been together for two months , eight days, and yes i've been counting” he said making me bust out laughing
“I’m trying to be serious… ok… I love you with all of my heart and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I want to have mini me’s with you. I want to grow old together and watch our kids have kids and see them have kids. I want to have wheel chair or walker races with each other in our old age. You make me feel complete and I think we truly are soul mates. I think we were brought together for a reason. You’ve shown me more love in 2 months than I have felt my whole life. My mom always tells me to follow my heart so that’s what i’m gonna do.. Even if my head says it may be too son and seem like we are rushing things. But this feels like the right time and place.” He said as he got down on one knee
“ Kathryn Nicole Mellencamp, will you make me the absolute happiest man alive and marry me?” frank said. I was absolutely speechless. A million different things were running through my head. We were seriously ready to be engaged and get married? Was I ready to settle down ands tart a family? In my head I knew the answer to the questions I have.. I was just having a huge problem forming words.

“ Babe please say something” frank said. We were both crying
“Yes” I said in a whisper. It was all that was needed though. Frank picked me up and started spinning me in circles. Once he stopped he slipped the ring on my finger. It was a Simple ring. Just a small diamond on a silver band. I loved it. I grabbed his face a kissed him.
“ I want you to make love to me tonight” I said
“ Are you ready for that? I mean with everything… are you sure?” Frank asked I knew he was referring to the rapes.
“ I am 100% positive. I want this… I want you” I said
“ Ok let’s go back to the hotel my love” he said. We walked to the hotel hand in hand again. I loved the way that my hand fit perfectly in his. Once we were inside our hotel I wrapped my arms around Frank’s neck
“ I love you” I said
“ I love you too” he said then he kissed me passionately and sweetly. Things started to get heated, but we still took things slow. I think Frank was more nervous than I was. I’m not gonna go into detail of us making love. It will tell you this though. It was AMAZING and perfect in every way.
We were laying wrapped in each others limbs all of a sudden someone started pounding on the door.
“ KATIE! FRANK!! COME ON ANSWER THE DOOR” I heard Maxie yell. I could tell by the tone of her voice that something was wrong. It sounded like she was crying. I jumped up and threw on a robe before running to answer the door. Maxie was in tears.
“ Max what’s going on?” I asked as she hugged me
“ We gotta get packed and leave ASAP… something bad happened” she said
“ What happened?” I asked
“ Katie… Ian…. They got in a bad wreck.. The whole band.. We don’t know detail just that Ian.. We just got to get you there as son as humanly possible…. I’m sooo sorry” she said. I started crying as I slid to the floor. Frank and Maxie were immediately by my side. Just when I was feeling on top of the world it all came crashing down.
Before I knew it we were at the hospital in our hometown. I don’t remember much about leaving the hotel or even the plane ride back. I was wearing Franks t-shirt and a pair of his sweat pants. I’m pretty sure he is the one who dressed me because I don’t remember doing it. I pretty much zoned out from everyone.
As soon as we walked through the hospital doors, Ben ran up and hugged me. You could tell he had been crying.
“ How bad is it” I asked while attempting to hold it together
“He… its not looking good….. You might want to sit down for this” Ben said
“ I’m fine.. Just tell me what happened” I said accidentally snapping at him.
“ I’m sorry I just..” I started to say
“ Its ok… his seatbelt broke and he was ejected from the van. He is in a coma and on life support. One of his ribs punctured his lung and he had a bunch of internal bleeding…. They don’t think… they aren’t sure if he’ll make it and if he does what extent of brain trauma he will have” Ben said. I lost it. I broke down even harder. Ben held onto me as I cried. He ran his hand through my hair which he knew from Ian was a comfort to me.
“ Is everyone else ok? Where is Evan” I heard Lindsey ask. She and Evan were still dating.
“ Everyone else is ok. Me and Elliott just have some bruising from the seatbelts and sore necks. Evan has a broken arm, a couple broken ribs, buts and bruising. He was driving. Ian was passenger. The truck ran a red light and hit us on Ian’s side.” Ben said
“ I want to see him” I said
“ Katie I don’t think….” Max said
“ No. he is my brother… my twin. I need to be with him. He has to know that I am here” I said.
“ Do you want me or Luna or someone to come with you” Frank asked
“ No, I need to be alone with him for a few minutes” I said
“ ok… I’ll be right here if you need me. I love you” he said
“I love you too” I said then kissed him. That’s when Ben started leading me the long walk to Ian’s room. In reality it was only a few doors away.
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