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Chapter 16

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Ian wakes up?? some surpising news about Katie and Frank? Gotta read to find out

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Ecstacy ch 16

It’s been a month and a half since the accident. MCR and Ecstacy cancelled the rest of the tour. Ian is still in a coma. Our parents decided to take him off of life support. I was against it but they didn’t listen to one word I said. They have only been to the hospital once to see him and that was only to sign papers. They were taking him off today. That past month has been absolute hell for me. I’ve hardly talked to anyone. I’ve spent all my time sitting with Ian or worrying about him myself since not being there with him. Frank has been there for me through everything. Even if I don’t talk or show emotion, he just holds me and lets me know that he is there.

“Come on Ian, you gotta wake up and pull through this. I can’t lose you. I need my big brother. I need my twin. There is so much I need to tell you. Frankie proposed to me. I am so happy with him. I really do love him. I also found out today that you’re gonna be an uncle. Frank doesn’t even know yet. I wanted you to know first. You gotta wake up Ian… I need you” I said crying. I laid my head down on my hand which was holding one of Ian’s hands. I felt his hand squeeze mine and heard him groan
“Ian?” I said. He groaned again. His eyes started to flutter open. He gripped my hand even harder as his eyes fully opened. He took his other hand and gently wiped my tears away
“Ian. Oh my god… I gotta get the doctor” I said jumping up and running for the door.
“HE’S AWAKE” I yelled. His doctor was in the hallway talking to Evan and Luna. All three came running... the doctor came in and checked Ian over before he called a nurse in to remove the breathing tube.
“We are going to have to run some test. I have to say though this is a miracle. I’ll give you some time alone” the doctor said as he left the room
“Guys can I get a second alone with Katie” Ian asked Evan and Luna
“Sure thing. We’ll go tell the others the good news” Luna said
“It’s so good having you back. Don’t EVER do that again though” Evan said as he hugged Ian then walked out.
“I heard you talking to me before. Is it all true or was I dreaming? Are you really engaged and pregnant?” Ian asked. I nodded and smiled.
“He proposed to me when we were in Paris. It all happened that night. That was the same night we heard about the wreck. So we cancelled the rest of the tour. I just found out about being pregnant this morning” I said
“When are you gonna tell Frank” he asked
“Soon. I had other things on my mind. They were gonna take you off life support today” I said
“I can’t believe im going to be an uncle.” He said with a big ass smile. Just then there was a knock on the door followed by everyone coming in. Ian mouthed for me to go tell frank. I just smiled at him
“Frankie can I talk to you for a second” I said
“Sure babe” frank said as he followed me out the door. I laced our hands together as we walked around the hospital. We ended up in front of the nursery
“They are so adorable” frank said
“Our little one is going to is going to be even cuter. Hopefully he or she looks just like you.” I said as I put his hand on my stomach hoping he would get the hint. I saw his eyes light up.
“Are you serious?!?...are we…are you…us… baby” he stuttered out
“Yes Frankie... we are having a baby. Im pregnant” I said. Frank kissed me then started jumping up and down.
“IM GONNA BE A FATHER!” he yelled. I just giggled.
“When did you find out?” he asked once he calmed down. He wrapped his arms around me as we started walking back to Ian’s room
“This morning. I was so worried about Ian though. Otherwise I would have told you them. He knows about us and the baby now” I said
“What does he think?”
“He is excited. He has always wanted to be a uncle.” I said.
“I can’t believe it. We are getting married and having a baby. I love you solo much” he said
“I love you too” I said as we reached Ian’s room. We walked in to find everyone sitting around laughing
“Did ya tell him?” Ian asked
“Yeah she did” Frank said with a huge grin. I could tell it would be plastered to his face for a long time.
“Tell him what?” Maxie asked. I completely forgot the girls didn’t know yet.
“That im pregnant” I said nervously.
“You’re what?? Since when?” Luna asked
“I am pregnant. I found out this morning before we came here. I had other issues on my mind then telling everyone.” I said the next thing I knew all the girls were on top of me in a dog pile. I heard the guys all laughing.
“Girls... can’t breathe” I said while laughing. They all got off me and helped me up. The guys all gave frank and I hug and congratulated us.
“So how far along are you?” Lindsey asked
“Well I haven’t been to the doctors yet but my guess is close to 2 months. A month and a half to be exact” I said. I could see the wheels turning in the girl’s heads
“So that means… Paris” Molly said
“Yeah”: I said. Luckily they dropped it there. They knew they would get the dirty details later on. I walked over and sat next to Ian. Frank was right behind me
“Welcome to our delusional and fucked up family” Ian said while pulling Frank into a hug
“Thanks Man... it means a lot” Franks said
“It means a lot that my sister finally found someone that she feels safe around and that loves her.” Ian said making me blush
“If you weren’t in a hospital I would kick your ass right now” I said
“Can ya kick that high” Gerard asked making everyone laugh
“Yes I can thank you very much... I am more flexible that ya think…. Ok not that way you perverts!!” I said when everyone busted out laughing... including Frank. Thankfully the doctor walked in to run tests on Ian.
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