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I've Got Headaches And Bad Luck But They Couldn't Touch You

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The sequal to So many kids but I only see you And I don't think you notice me. How are Pete and Kristin handling the babies? Will Kristin's vision keep getting better or start to get worse?

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Kristin giggled into her pillow as Pete tickled her lightly. It had been a very LONG 2 months for the both of them. One crappy part about having babies, takes a little while to recover... done there. They just put Aaron and Lynn to sleep and were feeling really frisky. 2 whole months without any action is a long time for these two.

Pete's lips began kissing their way from Kristin's neck and down to her shoulder, slipping her spaghetti strap off her shoulder. Kristin closed her eyes and arched her body back into Pete. God how she missed this. Pete slid his hand from his waist and made his way between her legs when one of the babies began to fuss.

"Fuck!" Kristin yelled in a whisper and pulled herself from the bed and made her way to the nursery. Aaron was the culprit of their interruption. "What's wrong baby?" Kristin softly asked as she picked the infant up. He just stared blankly back at her. 'Of course, he needs nothing. Just wants to be held' Kristin thought to herself. Aaron was always like this. Needing nothing but attention. And right now Kristin needed nothing but attention from Pete. After a few minutes Aaron fell asleep in Kristin's arms and she gently placed him back in the crib.

Kristin walked into the bedroom to find Pete dead asleep. 'The asshole can never ever sleep, except tonight' she groaned and laid in bed next to him and soon feel asleep herself.


The sun was really bright and it was a good thing that they brought little hats for the twins. The little brimmed beanies that they had bought for the babies were too cute. Kristin and Pete both had those baby carriers that you would strap to your chest. Pete had Lynn and Kristin had Aaron. Pete held Kristin's hand, as always, as they crossed the LA streets to their favorite stop of the day, Starbucks. Were there paparazzi around? Probably but the happy couple didn't care. They were happy and nothing could take that away. Well, they thought nothing could.

They entered Starbucks, ordered their coffee and made their way to a studio down the street where Fall Out Boy had moved their recording. There were of course fans outside. Kristin always wondered how they would find out exactly where they were everytime. 'A little psycho' she thought. Pete signed a few autographs and they walked inside. Sudden changes in light like that would bother Kristin from time to time. She couldn't really see right now and latched onto Pete's hand for direction. He had noticed this too.

"Babe, are you seeing ok?" He was most definitly concernced. One risk of Kristin's surgery was that her new corneas could go out at any time.

"Just having a hard time adjusting from the bright light to the dark room, that's all," Kristin blinked a few times and as they made their way to the break room she began to steady her vision. There was a playpin in there for Aaron and Lynn. Patrick and Joe were in there eating.

"Here's my beautiful God children!" Patrick walked over and picked Aaron up from Kristin's carrier. Kristin smiled. Patrick was so great with their babies and he was a great choice for a god father. Pete pulled Lynn out of the carrier and placed her in the play pin.

"Well I guess we better get to work before the babies start fussing." The guys nodded and headed into the studio to record their new CD. Kristin took Aaron and put him in the playpin with Lynn and laid on the couch to take a nap. She was getting a headache.


Will Kristin keep her vision or will there be complications? With the new CD coming out will Pete and Kristin get much time to themselves? Please review!
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