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Yet there's still this appeal that we've kept through our lives

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Kristin woke to Pete's warm lips kissing hers. She returned his kiss and smiled at him. Pete had a mischievious grin on his face.

"Follow me," he said and helped her up. Patrick was sitting with JJ by the playpin with the babies. Pete pulled Kristin down the hall and pulled her into the ladies room and locked the door.

"Pete, wha..." Kristin was cut off by Pete's lips attacking her hungrily. He lifted her up and set her on the bathroom counter. He absolutely loved how Kristin always wore skirts. Easy access. He continued to kiss her as he undid his pants and pushed them down around his knees. His hands immediately went up Kristin's skirt and pulled her panties off before he penetrated her. Kristin gasped as he began to pound into her. After not having sex for about 2 months, she knew that she would be so sore! Pete was bigger than she had remembered.

Pete lifted her off the counter and pressed her into the wall and continued his steady rhythm until he couldn't hold back anymore and came along with Kristin. Pete rested her on the counter and slowly pulled out and looked into her eyes.

"God I love you," he kissed her deeply, his breath extremely ragged.

"I love you too," Kristin breathed. The two of them gathered their clothes and made themselves look presentable and walked back to the breakroom. JJ and Patrick were still occupied with the babies.

"How are my little rockers?" Pete walked over to the play pin and tickled each babies belly and they giggled. Pete quickly ripped his head back. "Gees! Who shit themselves," he held his nose and Patrick laughed.

"Actually dude, that was me," he laughed and Pete pushed him away.

"Jesus you're going to kill them!" Pete laughed and began fanning the air above the babies.

"You should've smelt the one he let out like 10 minutes ago," JJ commented with a disgusted look on her face. "I wanted to burn my face off."

"Wow, that's pretty rank Pat," Kristin said and Patrick just shrugged.

"All in a day's work." He said and everyone laughed.


Sorry it's short, I'll write more this weekend. I am house hunting! YAY! I hate moving.
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