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Florida Plates

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Well time to tell all!

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"Andy! Andy! Andy!" "What what what!" "I'm getting married!" "So who's the girl?" Joe added. "Brendon!" "Oh my god!" "Congrats!" "Thanks, I'm gonna go tell Pete and Patrick. "Their on the porch. Knock on the backdoor. God only knows what their doing out there. "Hey Ryan!" "Pete! 'Trick! Guess what!" What?" Pete smiled. "Me and Bren are getting married!" Ryan couldn't help but bounce. "Congrats!" Patrick patted him on the back. "Where is Brendon anyway?" "He's at Gabe's place telling Cobra Starship right know. We only have to tell GCH and...Jon and Spencer." Ryan suddenly slowed down. Jon and Spencer! He had to tell his best friends, his band mates, his only family. Yeah it was easier to tell everyone else. He wasn't so close to them like he was Spencer and Jon. They knew that they loved eachother but only thing...was that Jon didn't ever take news like this easily. Ryan instatanly blacked out. Pete ran over and put him a chair. "Patrick go tell Andy and Joe to get Brendon NOW!"

"Brendon everythings gonna be okay." Pete placed his hand on Brendon sholder. "He blacked out cause of some type of stress." Brendon's eyes grew wide. 'Stress?' 'The marrige?' No. He looked over at Jon and Spencer. He knew Ryan had a hard time telling serten people things. He placed his head in his hands. When they got home Brendon grabbed a note book and began to write. 'Pencey Prep' lyrics. Ryan and Brendon always listen to them when they were under stress. 'Frank Iero wow that guy couldn't be better at what he does' They all hope on one day meeting up with MCR and telling Frank how awesome he is. Ryan of course would talk to Frank and Ray the longest. Spencer would talk to Bob the longest. Jon would talk to Mikey the longest. And Brendon would talk to Gerard the longest. But right know that didn't matter. He had to tell Spencer and Jon with Ryan. Brendon slip the paper under the door and walked back into his room. Ryan came in about 30 minutes after he had drop off the note. "We have to tell them." "Thanks for the lyrics. And I'm not telling them by myself." "I know I'll tell them with you." Ryan bit his lip. Brendon pulled him in his lap and began to softly sing 'Florida Plates-By Pencey Prep' that always calmed Ryan down.
"Congrats!" Spencer clapped with joy. Jon just rubbed his chin. "What the hell! Now whats wrong jon?!" "Nothing just how are u getting married?" "Just giving eachother rings thats all. No one will get it. They'll look like promise rings or friendship rings or something. And like the popparizza are that smart?!" "Right." Ryan sat there quitely. "You okay Ryan?" "Yeah." "Me and Ryan are going to go to bed." Ryan looked at Brendon. "What..." Brendon grabbed Ryan and pulled him into the bedroom. He pushed him on the bed. He pulled off Ryan's shirt. "So fucking hot." Ryan giggled and a little pink started to flush his face. Brendon stradeled over Ryan. "Save it for the special night, it will be a lot better." Ryan smiled and kissed brendon passiontaly. "Your right. Night. Love you." "Night, love you too." Ryan layed his head on Brendon's chest, falling asleep to the sound of Brendon's heart beat.
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