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It's Heart-Breaking

by Jamila-B 1 review

I was "emotional" and it's so true. So true. It happens to everyone, whether we like it or not.

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We live in the sort of world where if you're not "perfect" or don't live up to anybody else's expections you're abandoned. Nobody wants you if you're not good enough for them. If you're homosexual, a different colour, race or religion, or if you're just "different" they kick you out of groups, you get abuse, humiliation, torture. Some people even go to the extent of killing others for no reason, except that they're not "good enough".
It's horrible, yet the sad thing is that no one can do anything to stop it. Even though people say that there is "peace" among us, there is no "hate" they lie. There will never, and I mean never, be peace among the people on earth, never will be there no hate. Love is just a figment of your imagination, it'll never come true. Few find true love, and even those are left by the one they love.
People die, people get killed everyday, people leave the people they love. Nothing lasts forever, no matter how much you want it to. Friendships break up from the simplest of things. Love and hate are everywhere, though hate is more common than love.
You try and protect the ones you love with all of your heart, and you end up losing them. For no reason. It hurts, so much. It hurts like tiny shards of glass being pierced into brain, slowly, piece by piece. And, knowing that you'll never get them back makes it hurt all the more.
Your first love will normally end up leaving you, for someone "better" or just because they don't like you anymore. This will probably hurt more than losing a friend, this will be like shards of glass piercing into both your heart and brain. It kills, more than anything.
The fact that you can never stop people you love leaving you is what hurts the most, knowing that your time with certain people are possibly limited, you know your both changing, and who knows if you're going to like the new you? or the new them?
It hurts to lose everyone, it hurts to not be "perfect" for your friends, it hurts that they judge you on what you look like. Who was it that said "Everyone is beautiful on the inside and out"? Why does no one believe that anymore?

It's heart-breaking just to know you're being judged on your appearance on the people you love the most, on the people who are meant to be there for life.
It's heart-breaking.
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