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But A Dream...

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"Wait..." Frank said realizing what had happened. "Do YOU know Eliza?" He then asked looking at Stan strangely.
All Frank knew was that Gerard and Eliza were in a drug dealing mess. Frank didn't know Stan was invovled in the whole thing, he even thought everything was over...The whole problem.
"Lynn, we need to talk. Let's go." Stan said firmly, ignoring Frank as she just stood there, trying to find the proper words to refuse.
"She's not going anywhere." Gerard interrupted knowing she couldn't say anything back to her uncle.
"YOU don't make the decisions here, remember?" Stan spat waiting for Lynn to just follow him to the door.
"I don't give a fuck Stan, you know as well as I do what I can do." Gerard replied angrily standing in Lynn's way preventing her to walk to Stan.
She hung on to Gerard's shirt to get even closer to him and whisper: "Maybe I should just...Go."
"You're not going anywhere honey." Gerard replied looking at Stan who decided to walk back in the room, watching both of them.
"You seem a bit intimate here, is something going on behind my back? Gerard?" He said suspiciously looking at Gerard.
"Come on guys..." Frank then said. "All I said was that Eliza gets some credit for the surprise..." He then added trying to make things better. "Why can't we just forget about this whole thing and I..." He was about to explain but Stan interrupted with determination, giving Lynn the suspicious look: "After you."

She didn't move, she simply just made sure Gerard is always by her side as she was still grabbing the end of his shirt to then finally say: "Where?"
"NOW, Lynn." Stan said aggressively running out of patience.
"Did you hear me old man? I won't let her go." Gerard added glaring at him.
"Man, don't talk to her uncle like that have some resp..." Frank was trying to prevent things from getting worse to be interrupted by Gerard again: "Shut up Frank."

Fixing his looks at Stan, waiting for his next reaction.
"I was just saying, no need for this..." Frank said as Stan finally decided to step closer to Lynn, look her in the eyes and say: "What do you know?"
"I....Don't...What are you talking about?" She then said taking a couple of steps backwards.
"That girl is so bad at lying." Frank mumbled shaking his head.
"Look I just know that you used to know Gerard and you used to tell him everything about me, okay? This is it." Lynn managed to say as Stan added: "What are you talking about?"
"Almost everyday, you used to tell Gerard about my daily events and everything telling him my stories, even mentioning the slightest details of my life." She explained thinking is she told him a part of what she knew, the part that wouldn't really matter, would make him fall for the fact that she doesn't actually know who he really is.
"What?" Frank exclaimed frowning.
"Stop lying Lynn." Stan said with anger.
"I'm....I'm not...." She replied confused.
"I never told Gerard anything about you." Stan said looking at Gerard.
"Yes...You....told him about everyday life..." Lynn mumbled to then add: "Remember?"
Stan shook his head saying: "No, I never told him anything."
"It's ok if I knew about that, I'm fine with it." She explained as Stan just said: "I never said anything about you, you can ask him."
"Gerard?" Lynn then said turning to look at him to see he was in deep thoughts as she added: "Is this....True?"
Gerard nodded to say: "But it's not what you think..."
"The last time I heard that was when I knew about Frank sleeping with Shannon." She said stepping away from him.
"You lied?" She said grasping the whole thing. "You made me think you knew me." She added getting angry herself as she then mumbled realizing what had been going on with her: "Everyone seemed to have lied. Just as I thought I was living a dream two days ago, it was just a bit fat lie."
"I don't get it..." Frank said as Gerard just kept quiet, not even trying to explain.

"Lynn..." Brian said walking in the open front door. "We need to talk."
"This isn't a good time.." Frank added looking at Lynn, worried with the state she was in.
"Lynn..." Brian repeated stepping closer to her with papers in his hands. She looked at him with empty eyes, as if now, all she expects to get is bad news.
"You're work in those papers..." Brian said holding them up to let her see as Frank interrupted: "Lecture for later man..."
"You're work is ok but still, you've made some small mistakes..." Brian explained as all she did was stand there, thinking of what she just came to learn, not listening to any of the words Brian was saying.
Brian noticed something was wrong with her but he still wanted to point out her mistakes as he said: "If I tried to ignore some of the formulas written wrong, you even had the date set wrong too."
"Leave her alone." Gerard interrupted him.
"I wanted to let her know, cause she's even written it wrong on the rest of the papers too." Brian added, trying to take a better look at her to see she wasn't really listening. "Is she ok?" He then asked frowning.
"Let us have a little talk outside, shall we?" Stan then said putting his arm around Brian, leading him out.

"What's going on?" Frank asked watching Stan leave with Brian to then turn to Gerard and add: "Stan seems to know you all but..."
"You and I have a lot to talk about later." Gerard said as Lynn, still having this weird look in her eyes said: "Where's Shannon's room?" looking at Frank.
"Why do you want to know?" Frank answered as she simply just repeated: "Where's Shannon's?"
Frank, too busy trying to think of the reason why she wanted to know, didn't answer.
"It's my room too, I want to rest." She finally said as Gerard interrupted: "You're coming back with me, we need to talk."
"I'm through talking to any of you." She replied glaring at Gerard to then look at Frank and add: "Where's the room!!"
Frank looked at her, figured she should really need some rest, said: "It's the third door to the right of mine."
Lynn nodded heading out as Gerard followed trying to talk to her, telling her: "It's not what you think, you need to stop and listen." But she just walked, ignoring everything he said, as if she was now on her own in this world.

She got to Shannon's, knocked on the door and as she was waiting for her to answer it she turned to Gerard, looked at him with no kind of expressions on her face, as if she now has no more feelings, to say: "I need space."
"Yeah...I understand." He said softly, paused and then added: "I'll be in my room if you needed me." Took a one last look at her and left.

"Lynn..." Shannon said opening the door, with a towel wrapped around her body.
"Move..." Lynn said getting in.
"Sorry it took me so long I was in the shower." She explained following Lynn to the living room who finally stopped to say: "Where did they put my stuff?"
"Oh, it's on your bed..." Shannon said walking after her into the bedroom. "Look I want you to know that..." Shannon was saying but paused as she looked at Lynn and then said: "What are you doing?"
"What does it look like I'm doing?" Lynn replied gathering her stuff.
"You're moving rooms aren't you." Shannon said watching her.
"Oh yes I am." Lynn replied closing the bags.
"I'm really sorry but I did it for you." Shannon said as Lynn laughed a little while holding her stuff to turn and head to the front door.
"But I can tell you why..." Shannon added following her again.
"I don't want to know." Lynn replied. "I don't want to know about anything anymore." She added as she got to the door.
"I'm not a bad girl actually..." Shannon said as Lynn ignored her opening the door to then turn and say: "Oh hey...Congratulations."
"What?" Shannon said, confused, holding on to the towel, making sure it doesn't fall off.
"The whole job is yours now." Lynn added with a light, forced beam on her face.
"I don't get it." Shannon replied fronwning.
"You see, I'm sick of everything and everyone.... I'm not taking anymore shit..... I'm not coming back." Lynn explained to then walk out and leave.
"Hey, wait..." Shannon tried to stop her, unable to go after her knowing she only had a towel on. "Lynn wait..." Shannon yelled as Lynn just ignored her going on her way with one bag on her back, dragging the other after her.
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