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Keep On Moving On.

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Lynn COME ON!" was the last thing Shannon yelled before she lost hope of getting Lynn to come back as she simply just disappeared after taking a turn at the end of that hall.

She started walking through the second hall. No thoughts were coming to her head this time, only the fact that she was going to finally get away from all those problems, the troubles, the lies and disappointments.

As she finally got to the elevator, pushing the down button waiting for its door to open, she didn’t even stop to try and think back, she didn’t let her feelings and emotions overwhelm her this time, none was left anyways.

The door opened, she squeezed herself in between two men to realize afterwards they were paramedics as one of them said, addressing to her: “We’re going up.”
She looked at him carelessly unwilling to reply. She was getting herself ready to get over her current life to simply start a new one. A couple of minutes of waiting for the elevator to go up and then head down wasn’t really a big deal for her.

On its way up, the conversation between the two men standing on both of her sides caught her attention as one of them told the other: “What’s the case again?”
“Counting on his friends’ description of the situation on the phone, some kid hurt himself badly while playing on some instrument.” The other one replied.

“Mikey.” Lynn mumbled to herself knowing he would hurt himself doing just about anything.
“I think he’s some kind of a big shot person.” The paramedic added as the elevator stopped and door opened.
The two paramedics got their stuff and dragged them out to then run their way to the destined place.

Lynn was still determined on leaving, she simply just decided to see what was going on, make sure Mikey is ok, then turn and head out empty minded, just as she’s supposed to be.

She followed those two men down the hall until they stopped in front of a door that was already open. They managed to get in, through the fuss and people inside, but Lynn was stopped by the two bodyguards, standing outside, on both sides of the front door.

“I’m sorry, you’re not allowed to get in.” One of them said firmly.
“I know him, let me in, I just want to make sure he’s ok.” She added trying to peek in.
“Right. You all say that, I’m going to have to ask you to leave now.” The guard replied.
“Can I at least know what’s wrong? And why is there so many people inside?” She asked worried about Mikey.
“No. Don’t make us force you to leave.” The guard then said.

“This way, this way…” The paramedic’s voice was heard coming from the inside as she then saw him trying to free some space for his partner to be able to drag the bed with the injured person in it.
“Away, stay away…” He then added as they had finally gotten outside with the bed to hastily head to the elevator, apparently, taking him to the hospital.

Lynn was able to take a look at the person in that bed as they were taking him out, knowing it wasn’t Mikey or any of MCR’s members.

Relieved, she decided to find her way out again as she held her bags again and took a deep breath.

“Need help with that?” A voice came from behind.
“No, thanks.” She replied looking at him to see he wasn’t someone she actually knew as she then simply turned to leave.

On her way to the elevator again, she started thinking of the person that had offered her help with the bags.

His face was familiar, so was his voice…She started thinking to herself. It doesn’t matter though; I’m going to be out soon, I am free now. Were the only thoughts she tried to keep all the way to the big exit door.

She stepped out the hotel noticing that it was still raining.
That feeling she’s always had came back to her, she couldn’t shut her feelings down anymore as this one was stronger than any other.

She was now standing there, outside of that big hotel only still covered from rain. She was on her own this time, for the first time.
She looked around; trying to find a way to get a cab as they all just passed by and she simply watched them leave.

“So I guess I have to do something about that.” She mumbled to herself 5 minutes later as no car had pulled over for her. So she then pulled her hand up a little hoping it’d work this way to be then disappointed by the fact that she couldn’t get the attention of any of them

“TAXI!!” Someone then yelled, waving for the next yellow car passing by almost throwing himself in its way, making it stop.

“So that’s how you do it.” Lynn mumbled again watching the guy get in.
She’s been living with her so called rich uncle all her life. In the worst case scenario, when there was no limo or chauffeur available right there for her, she used to drive her sports car. Pulling cabs over was something she never even thought she might do.

“LYNN!” She heard Frank calling her from far as he was walking towards her.
“Wait!!!” Frank then shouted to her as he got closer.

“Are you coming?” She then heard a voice coming from the road side, making her turn to its way. “It’s raining heavily out here.” The guy then said looking at her.
It was the guy she saw pulling the cab, the guy who offered help with the bags; the one she thought she knows.

She took one last look at Frank to then run her way under the rain, holding on to her stuff really well to get in the cab.
“Go!” She then said closing the door as the car drove off.
She didn’t look back, unwilling to even think of going back to facing confusions, problems and lies.

“Where are you heading?” The guy sitting next to her then asked.
“I don’t know.” She replied lowering her voice, realizing she now has to face the world on her own, knowing she wasn’t any good at it. It was too hard for her to get a simple cab to pull over for her.
“Do you know any good hotels around here?” Lynn then asked trying to think of the first step she should take.
“The one you were just in is…“ The guy replied as she interrupted saying: “One that isn’t too expensive…” Knowing she was now out of job and no longer getting her uncle’s financial support.
“There’s this small motel right next to the hospital I’m going to…” The guy answered looking at her closely to then add: “It’s cheap but….”
“But what?” Lynn asked looking back at the guy waiting for him to reply as he looked at her in a weird way at first to then say: “Unwanted people usually go there.”
“Unwanted? Like who?” Lynn questioned as he explained: “Like, criminals, gangs, women who do prostitution, it’s more of a place for drinking and gambling too…”

That got Lynn to think of the life she was having and the one she is about to have as the guy interrupted her thoughts saying: “You seem to be looking for a place to settle down…“ Looking at the bags she had placed on the seat between the both of them.
“I don’t know.” Lynn replied. “I don’t have much money and I want to stay somewhere, I guess I have no choice but that motel for now.” She added as the cab finally pulled over the hospital.

Although the rain had stopped, the weather was still unstable with a low temperature outside.
Lynn opened one of the bags, searching for her purse to pay the driver as the guy then said: “It’s on me…”
“No I’ll find it, just a second…” She added stepping out of the car to get more space to search through her stuff.

The taxi drove off as Lynn then said: “Wait, I’ll find it…”
“It’s ok. I have to go.” The guy replied heading to the hospital entrance to get in.
“Wait, wait…” Lynn shouted running after him with her purse in hand making him stop as she looked through it and got an amount of money out to pay him back.
“I’m not taking it.” The guy said looking at her to then add: “Do you have a job?”
“No…” Lynn replied. “What does that have to do with anything? This is your money.” She added trying to give it to him.
“I’m not taking it.” The guy insisted firmly as she eventually just surrendered to then say: “Thank you.”
“What for.” The guy said beaming lightly.
“Do I know you?” She added looking at him closely.
“I don’t know, do you?” The guy replied keeping his grin.
“I feel like I know you.” Lynn exclaimed trying to remember whether she actually knew him or not.
“Well then, maybe you do.” That guy added looking at her, waiting…
“I’m sorry I’m kind of lost at the moment. Anyways thanks, I have to go now.” She then said holding her baggage again.
“Ok…” The guy replied watching her. “Are you sure you don’t need help with this?” He added as she was struggling to hold it all at once.
“I’m fine. Hope your friend is doing ok.” She answered turning to leave.
“I hope so too.” The guy said beaming to then mumble: “At least for the sake of tonight’s concert.”

Lynn nodded turning to head the other way, to the motel’s way.
And it was only after he had disappeared and she stood in front of the building’s big door that she took some time to think, realizing a concert was mentioned, eventually finding out who that guy actually was.
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