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I didn’t recognize him, Billie Joe Armstrong was right in front of me and I didn’t even know. Lynn thought to herself walking to that motel.

It took her a couple of minutes after walking in the gates to feel strange; no security guards, no one to hold her bags, no one to greet her…It simply wasn’t the type of lifestyle she was used to.

Having no other choice, she went on till she got through the first door leading her inside, to then find herself in front of this middle aged woman, seated behind the counter where she had rested her legs.

“Hello?” Lynn said slowly stepping closer to her.
She then smiled trying to sound as nice as possible, watching the shape that woman was in; a tired looking face covered with way too much of colorful makeup.
“Yes?” That woman then said chewing her gum irritatingly.
“Um…” Lynn hesitated for a moment to then add: “Where can I find the receptionist?” Hoping to find someone more appropriate to talk to.

“I’m sorry hun, what?” The woman asked putting her legs down to lean forward to Lynn, trying to hear her better.
“Re—Receptionist?” Lynn repeated knowing this was leading her nowhere.

“The what?” The woman asked raising an eyebrow to then add: “Did you get lost on the road? Need directions? Though I gotta tell ya, I sell some expensive maps.”
“No, no I’m…” Lynn was about to explain as that woman interrupted saying: “How about girls?”
“What?” Lynn replied getting confused.
“I can sell you time with one of my finest girls.” The woman explained grinning.
Lynn rounded her eyes shocked to then say: “What? No!!”
“They’re not as expensive as the maps.” The woman added.
“I don’t want any of your…” Lynn tried to speak to be beaten to it again as the woman said: “I see, you need a job.” She stood up, went around the counter to meet Lynn face to face and start checking her out.
“If we put you in some different, shorter clothes you’ll be priceless hun, my men will love you.” The woman added going around her.
“Wh—What?” Lynn asked trying to grasp the fact that she has just been offered a prostitution job.
“You know how to lap dance kid? What’s your name?” The woman then asked as Lynn was almost speechless, not used to being disrespected this way, simply replied: “Lynn.”

“No. No, that’s too decent. From now on you’ll be bubbles.” The woman said going back behind the counter, lighting a cigarette to smoke while chewing.
“I just need a room! What’s wrong with you!” Lynn then snapped
“Oh a room.” The woman answered looking at her. “Are you sure you don’t want that job?” She added as Lynn shook her head, getting depressed.

“CANDY!” The woman suddenly shouted.
“Candy Come here you useless little ignorant!” The woman then shouted as a girl, almost Lynn’s age, hastily went down the stairs to say: “I’m sorry, mom. I didn’t hear you the first time, I was playing my guitar.”
“You waste your money on useless shit. How many times do I have to tell you guitars don’t get you no money!” The woman raised her voice even more.
“I’m sorry mom.” The girl replied as Lynn interrupted saying: “I’m going to have to disagree with that.”
“Lead this young lady to her room.” The woman added angrily, glaring at her daughter.

“Ok, mom.” Candy replied holding Lynn’s baggage.
“No, it’s…It’s fine I can carry them.” Lynn added, following her up the stairs, trying to help her, finding it odd that a girl her age has to serve her that way.

“One of the best rooms with a lot of those receptionist you asked for.” The woman shouted to Lynn from downstairs.

“Does she always treat you like that?” Lynn then asked as Candy put the bags on the floor, handing Lynn a key to say: “This is your room, enjoy!”
“Thank you.” Lynn answered opening the door to then walk in.
“What did you say?” Candy asked coming in after her.
“I said thank you.” Lynn repeated placing her stuff on the couch.
“No one ever said that to me.” Candy added looking at Lynn closely.

“I’m…I’m sorry.” Lynn replied.
“It’s even worse when my dad is here.” Candy explained to then add: “Sorry you didn’t need to hear that, I’ll go let it out on the guitar now.”

“No, it’s ok.” Lynn added trying to stop her from leaving.
“Oh and if mom asked, just tell her I’m with a client.” Candy added walking out.

She closed the door after her, afraid of what might be waiting for her outside.
She then turned to check the room out.
The living room was small as the kitchen was considered to be the mini fridge next to the sofa.
It was so dark in there and the smell of rotten furniture was all over the place; there were only 2 small windows in that room and one of them was a broken, half open one.

“Dead plants decoration.” Lynn mumbled sitting down, looking at the plant placed under that window.

It wasn’t until then that she took the time to think of what she had done and of the consequences.

Feelings started rushing back; regretting the fact that she left the so called ‘luxurious’ life she was living yet relieved she is now away from all the problems she was facing.

Leaning her head back, closing her eyes, gave her about 2 minutes of relaxation until her cell phone rang, interrupting the peace she was seeking.

Reaching it from her bag, she looked at the called ID to see it was Karen, her best friend from back home.

“Karen!!!” Lynn answered happy to have someone to talk to.
“HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIRL!!!” Karen shouted excitedly.
“What?” Lynn’s reaction was a shock.
“It’s your birthday stupid! Happy birthday!!!!!” Karen yelled happily.
“Oh my god today’s my birthday!” Lynn added realizing the day’s date.
“It’s because of everything that’s happening around here I forgot my own birthday.”
“DUH! Happy 23rd!” Karen replied.
“22nd, actually.” Lynn corrected laughing.
“23rd silly!!!” Karen insisted.
“22nd! How could you miss a whole year and you’re my own age!” Lynn replied.
“But I’m 23…” Karen was about to say something but paused for a couple of seconds to then add: “Right, nevermind, happy 22nd!”
“Weird.” Lynn mumbled to then add: “Door is knocking, I’ll call you later.”
“Alright birthday girl, talk later, and oh my god give my MCR heroes a kiss from me will you.” Karen added as Lynn simply said: “Right. Bye.”

She put the phone down, and ran to the door trying to stop the intensive knocks.
“Oh my god, hide me please help!” Candy said breathing heavily, hanging on to Lynn’s clothes.
“What? What’s wrong? What happened?” Lynn asked catching her, preventing her from falling on the ground.
“Close the door!!!” Candy exclaimed to then look behind her and add crying: “No! oh my god no!”

Lynn panicked at the sight of the well built, scary looking man standing by her door with a guitar in his hands and a frightening glare on his face.

“Didn’t your mother tell you it’s a waste of time? Now you made us lose a customer!” The man then yelled as Candy tried to run inside, away from him.

Unable to think of anything smart to do in such a situation, Lynn, tried to somehow help her by stopping him from coming in. She stood in his way to try and talk it over with him as he simply just pushed her hard on the ground, so hard her voice couldn’t even come out for her to scream the pain out.
Getting back up was hard enough for her but the hardest part was having to listen to the sound of hitting as all Lynn could do was nothing.

“The guitar just played you, you enjoyed that?” The man then shouted, seeming to have finished what he got there to do. “You are NOT my daughter! I don’t want you in my house again, you hear me?” The man added as he walked out the door, slamming it violently.

Lynn was already half way to standing up, holding on to the couch when she finally took a look at where Candy was to see her laying on the floor with her guitar, broken into pieces, right next to her.

“Oh my god.” Lynn then mumbled struggling to walk as fast as she can towards her. “Are you okay?” She added kneeling next to her, helping her sit up.
“Oh no, look at you.” Lynn then said.
“I’m f—fine.” The girl replied. “Not the f—first time.”
“You need a hospital.” Lynn added helping her stand up.
“My guitar.” Candy then said looking at it sadly.
“Come on, we can walk to the hospital, it’s right next to the motel.” Lynn said wrapping an arm around her.

“I have n—no money left.” Candy said through her pain, holding one bleeding hand with the other normal one.
“It’s ok I’ll take care of the charges.” Lynn added helping her out.
“That’s why he was hitting me.” Candy continued.

With all the backache Lynn was having because of that hard fall that man caused her and the fact that Candy was leaning all her weight on her all the way to the hospital, she managed to get her there, along with checking her in.

Lynn then took a seat in the waiting room as Candy was supposedly being taken care of.
She was so stressed out, as she was meant to have a troubled life, anywhere she goes something goes wrong.
She placed her arm on the arm chair where she then rested her head, feeling weaker than ever, trying not to cry.

“Lynn…” A voice then came from behind making her straighten up to look at the person.
“2 stitches in my head and some others in my arm.” Candy said sitting next to her.
“Are you okay now?” Lynn asked looking at the plasters on her head.
“Thank you.” Candy then said to add: “Is that when we say it?
“Right.” Lynn added trying to smile.
“The bright side is that I saw a celebrity.” Candy exclaimed, still being able to smile as easily as if nothing had happened.
“Good for you.” Lynn added standing up. “Let’s go see what we should do now.” She then said walking away as Candy followed.
“The vocalist of Green Day was here, you think I can get his autograph?” Candy then asked.
“Lord knows how many cuts because of the hits you just got and all you care about is an autograph?” Lynn answered her with surprise. “I wish I could be as careless as you.” Lynn then added heading to the desk to pay.
“You’ll learn…” Candy replied.

“Lynn…” Someone called her name from behind.
“It’s him; this is the!” Candy added getting excited.
“Hey!” Lynn said looking at him. “You know my name…” She added.
“You work with My Chemical Romance.” Billie explained. “We stay in the same hotel and we have a concert together tonight.” He then said as Candy interrupted looking at Lynn: “I knew I’ve seen you somewhere, aren’t you Gerard’s girlfriend?” Candy asked always smiling, in spite of everything that’s happened to her.
“No. And I don’t work for them anymore.” Lynn replied firmly.
“Oh.” Billie said. “The irony.” He then added. “I’m here to make sure our accountant doesn’t file a lawsuit against us so we can go on with….at least tonight’s concert.” He explained as Lynn added: “So he’s the guy I saw him being taken by the paramedics from the hotel.”
“Yeah, Tré beat him up.” Billie then said.
“Go Tré!” Candy added.
“Now that we don’t have an accountant anymore, you can join. I mean, you must be good since you’ve been hired by MCR.” Billie added.
“I can’t go there, sorry.” Lynn replied trying as hard as possible to resist the offer so that she’d be able to stay away from trouble.
“Come on, we need an accountant fast, that guy hasn’t been working lately and as far as I know, you’re the closest, best one now.” Billie then said.
“You guys see each other a lot, I wouldn’t be comfortable.” Lynn added.
“I think you should go.” Candy said to get no reply from Lynn.
“You’ll be with us, you will have nothing to do with them. Come on, we really need someone to manage the budgets, at least for this month, until we would’ve gotten a new accountant.” Billie added.
“Go Lynn, and take me with you, please.” Candy whispered to her.
“You can’t go back there and I can’t live like that...” Lynn mumbled.
“I thought I could but I can’t…” She added as Billie smiled saying: “Welcome to the team.”
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