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Set Up.

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"I'm not sure..." Lynn added thinking she couldn't just switch jobs in a matter of minutes, as she stood by the hospital's counter, waiting for someone to get there so that she'd be able to check Candy out.
"Don't you need to check with Brian first?" She then told Billie.
"Who?" He asked looking at her weirdly.
"I mean your band's manager, don't you..."
Lynn was explaining as Candy interrupted: "Lynn..."
"Don't you need to get his approval of me first?" Lynn continued.
"If MCR's manager had hired you then you must be good enough to go with us too." Billie said.
"Oh my god, Lynn..." Candy mumbled poking her.
"Don't get too excited about that, I'm not that good at it, god knows the mistakes I make...Some undone files, wrong reports and I've learnt lately that I even write the dates wrong." She added thinking if she was actually going to be hired, he should know what to expect from her.
"Oh..." Billie replied. "Never mind..." He then added.
"I thought so. Now where's that lady so I can pay her and leave." Lynn added looking around.
"No I mean he's here now, no need for stalling you anymore." Billie explained as Candy added excitedly: "Yes! I knew it was him!"

"Him? Him who?" Lynn added turning to look the way Billie and Candy were looking, afraid someone might have found her.
"No..." She then mumbled to herself spotting a security guard knowing he works for MCR.

"Gerard Way!" Candy then exclaimed with joy, as if the stitches and bruises she had were suddenly healed, watching him step closer, shades still on so that he wouldn't be recognized easily.

"Hey man." Billie then said as Gerard had finally gotten there.
"Unbelievable.." Lynn mumbled turning away to place her elbow on that high counter, stressfully resting her head on her hand, starting to feel tensed.
"Thanks for everything Bill." Gerard said as Lynn was getting angrier, knowing now that it was a sort of a set up, the whole 'working with Green Day' thing was just a stalling process till Gerard got there.
"You're welcome man, I need to go check on him now, I'll catch you later." Billie replied as Gerard nodded getting his shades off.
"And Lynn..." Billie said stepping closer to her. "You don't want to live in a cheap ass motel do you?" He added patting her on the shoulder as she simply just slid her elbow on that counter to have both her arms on it and burry her head between them, unwilling to face Gerard.
"She's mad." Billie added looking at Gerard.
"I'll take care of it." Gerard said smiling lightly as if to say everything was fine.
"Alright, see you tonight." Billie added meaning to see him at the concert that night, as they were touring together.
"Yeah.." Gerard replied nodding as Billie turned to leave.

Gerard then stared at her burying her head for a while to then say: "Hey Lynn..."
She stayed the way she was, didn't move, and didn’t even reply.
He lowered his face trying to take a closer look at her to explain: "Frank saw you leaving with Billie in the cab so I called him to ask about you, that's how I found you."

He tried to communicate with her but she still wouldn't look at him so he added: "I just want you to know that I'm not going to force you to come back..." He paused for a while to then add: "I'm not even here to get you back."

"What are you doing here then?" Lynn finally snapped at him. "What do you want from me? Do you even know me?" She questioned angrily.

“I know I haven’t been fair to you…” He said, keeping his calm as Lynn just stared at him, anger still showing on her face.
“And I know I probably don’t deserve this…” He continued making her frown trying to get what he was on about.
“But there’s this one favor that I need from you.” He added.
“What?” She asked firmly, becoming curious to know.
“Come to tonight’s concert.” He finally said.

She shook her head stepping back.
“And then you do whatever you feel like doing…I won’t tell anyone where you are…I’ll be out of your life forever…” Gerard explained.
“What difference will it make if I went to that concert or not?” She questioned again.
“Just come, you’ll see.” He said to then receive a sarcastic smile from her as she said: “Why do you think I should trust you? Cause you’ve been honest to me lately?”

“Hello, how can I help you?” A lady showed up behind that counter.
“Finally!” Lynn exclaimed turning to look at her.
“I’m checking this girl out.” She then said pointing at Candy as Gerard waited, watching her.

“Okay, does she have insurance or…” The lady was about to go on as Lynn said: “No, I’ll be paying in cash.” Knowing she had promised Candy to take care of the fees since Candy didn’t have any money.
“Wait, what?” Gerard interrupted.
“Nothing, we have nothing to talk about anymore.” Lynn said angrily as Candy was giving the lady all the information needed.
“If anything, you should be doing me a favor and not tell Stan about where I am.” Lynn added as that lady interrupted saying: “Here’s the bill miss.” Handing her a piece of paper.

“Are you kidding me??!!!!” Lynn said, accidentally raising her voice when she saw the amount written on it.
“Did you implant a new heart in her or was it some kind of a huge surgery that you did to ask for this amount!” Lynn added getting mad.
“It’s—it’s ok. I’ll pay you back as soon as I raise the money.” Candy added lowering her voice, feeling somewhat shy.
“It’s not that…” Lynn said to then step closer to her and whisper: “I don’t have that much money; I didn’t know they cash as much.”
“Oh we’re in big trouble!” Candy whispered back rounded eyes.
“I’m just not used to this whole thing cause I don’t usually take care of payments like there.” Lynn added in a low tone as the woman interrupted: “Alright then, you’re good to go, take care.”
“What?” Lynn mumbled turning to look that woman’s way to spot Gerard putting his credit card back in his wallet.
“You paid?” She mumbled looking at him thinking he got her out of trouble.

“We need to go now…” The security guard interrupted. “You still have a lot before the concert tonight.” The guard explained as Gerard looked at Lynn, waiting for her to make her final decision.

“You paid…” She then said realizing she now has to do something in return. “I think I should...” She added as Candy interrupted: “You go to that concert and I’ll meet you back at the motel.”
“But your dad…” Lynn said getting worried.
“Don’t worry he always does these things when he’s drunk.” Candy explained.
“Come with us…” Lynn offered but Candy just shook her head smiling to add: “I’m not allowed to be out for long, I have customers waiting you know.”
“Oh…” Lynn said. “I’ll be back as soon as the concert.” She then added.
“I’ll wait for you in your room when I’m done with customers.” Candy said as Lynn just stood there, looking at her with Gerard right behind her.

“Oookay…I’m going now…” Candy then said waving goodbye to then leave.

“Customers?” Gerard added looking at Lynn, just as Candy had left.
“Don’t ask me.” Lynn replied as she and Gerard started walking to the exit door.

“What kind of a friend is she? Is it safe where you’re staying?” Gerard started asking her as she interrupted: “I go with you to see the concert tonight, then you drive me back here, you tell no one, you see me no more.”
“Yeah…” Gerard answered opening the limo door for her to get in as he then went in after her.

“We’re simply going home now, right?” Lynn then asked as the limo drove off.
“Funny…”Gerard added.
“What?” She asked trying to figure out what he meant.
“You called it home.” He said looking at her smiling lightly as she stared for a while, almost searching for the answer to then say: “It’s not like I mean it…” Turning to look out the window on her side to then mumble: “It’s not like I even have a home anymore.”
“Everything will be okay…” Gerard then said as she simply just took a deep breath, still looking out, seeming to have been drifted out with her thoughts.
“I’ll make sure you have a real home.” Was the last thing he said as she added softly: “How do you know that? You don’t even know me.” With no reply from him this time.
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