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Is He?

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"I'll wait in your room until it's time for the concert." Lynn said walking after Gerard to his suite.
"And you'll take me back to where you got me from as soon as the concert is over." She added, still following him to the kitchen.
"And I don't want anyone to know I'm here." She finally stated looking at him.

"Did you hear me?" She then asked angrily.
"Yeah..." Gerard replied softly getting some food from the fridge.
"Yeah, what? What's that yeah supposed to mean?" She had no other choice but to be this way, she's already been set up before, she didn't want it to happen again.
"I'll do whatever you want after the concert." He answered, preventing this potential fight between the both of them from happening.

"Oh." She replied to then just stand there for a while, watching him fix a sandwich, finding herself in a position she never thought she’d have to face.
It was as if everything had become blurry and confusing in a matter of weeks. Nothing turned out to be the way she expected and most of the things she thought she knew, turned out to be all lies.

“Come on.” Gerard interrupted her thoughts heading to the living room.
She followed determined on staying mad, keeping her distance and making sure she kept her glare fixed at him even though she didn’t feel like it but, after all, even HE had lied to her.

“I’m going to leave now.” He declared placing the food he fixed on the table in front of the TV.
“And that?” She asked looking at that table.
“You haven’t even had your breakfast yet…” He replied putting his black leathered jacket on. “You need to eat this.” He continued going through the mail he had next to the door, before he heads out.

“I don’t have to do anything.” She exclaimed sitting back on the couch, trying to be stubborn to then add: “Our deal is that I see this concert, no one knows about me and I never see you again, never!”

At the sound of the mean words coming out of her, Gerard stopped looking at those envelopes half way through to lift his head her way.
“What?” She said looking back at him. “You think I’d want to stay if I see you on stage? You’ve made my life nothing but a living hell!” She added angrily, realizing afterwards, by the look of his eyes, it came out harsh and hurtful.
But then again, that thought of being lied to and deceived then washed away the guilt she had just felt.

“I should be back here before the concert to pick you up.” He said ignoring all the things she had just said, leaving her speechless considering the nice way he treated her back as he added: “And please, I’m not asking for much, just have your lunch.” To then walk to the front door and open it to leave, only to be blocked by Frank standing there.

“I was about to knock!” Frank said still standing out.
“I’m in a hurry now, I’ll talk to you when I’m done with everything.” Gerard said trying to find his way out as Frank then interrupted: “Wait, did you hear anything about…” He suddenly stopped looking inside to then continue: “Lynn…”

He spotted her sitting on the sofa which got him to simply just find his way in to get to her.
“You’re back…” He said smiling a little, happy to see her again.
“Are you okay sweetie?” He then asked taking a seat next to her.
“No one was supposed to know I was here Gerard!” Lynn then shouted to him as he was still standing by the door.
“I have to go now, you have your meal and I promise you everything will be just fine!” He finally decided to say before he found his way out.

“I was worried about you, why did you have to leave like that?” Frank then said scooting closer to her.
“Just…” She said sliding her head down the other side to burry it in between the pillows.
“Leave me alone!” She continued trying to make him go away.

“Look, I know I’ve hurt you but I want to make things right between us, I don’t want you to hate me…” Frank said reaching for a squared little red box from his jacket.

Having her head in the cushions and eyes closed, Lynn couldn’t really see what he was on about, she just added: “My life is a mess right now…I don’t hate you, I just hate myself for some reason.”

“There are some things that have happened that I really don’t understand…” Frank said with no reply from her.
“But when it comes to you, I think I do understand you, somehow.” He added watching her stay motionless.
“Will you please look at me? I didn’t get to show you the surprise I had for you.” He then said.
“The surprise…Right.” She mumbled finally sitting up to look at him.
“Your eyes…” He said looking at them. “Did you just cry?” He added trying to look closer.

“So is that it?” She said changing the subject.
“Is that the surprise?” She repeated looking at the box in his hands.
“Oh…yeah…here…” He said, with the thought of her crying still in his head as he handed her that box.
“What’s in it?” She then questioned staring at it, as if this tiny little gift made her, just for a moment there, forget about the things she was going through, to focus her attention on it.
“Open it…” He said smiling lightly.
“Something good is in there right?” She then asked checking it out from the outside.

“Just…Open it…” He repeated.
“Here.” He then added taking the box back to open it himself.
“Frank…” She said staring at the ring inside of it.
“This is beautiful.” She added trying to take a better look at it.
“I know, isn’t it?” Frank replied gazing at her.
“Can I?” She then asked as he simply nodded with a smile on his face, watching her slide it into her fingers.
“What made you do this?” She then questioned holding her hand high to look at it.
“Well…” He was about to explain as she interrupted: “Wait, you’re not…Are you?” She added realizing Frank had just given her a RING!
“What? Oh, it’s just…” He paused looking as if he was searching for the best way to put this for her to then add: “You’ve been really stressed out lately and I’ve been thinking of a way to make you feel better…So I got you this, your mother’s ring.”
“You mean my mother used to wear this?” She said with a smile forming on her face.
“Yes, you see…That’s exactly what I wanted to see…You, smiling again!” He said with his beam getting wider.
“Thank you, Frank, you don’t know how much this means to me!” She added keeping her smile, knowing that now she has something, more like a part from the only people she was sure she got their love, her parents.
“I’m having the chills.” She said with happiness, taking one of those deep relaxing breaths, getting the strange feeling that her world isn’t really over yet, that now she actually has something to live for.

“Is that yours?” Frank then asked pointing at the sandwich Gerard had fixed her.
“Yeah, I’m not hungry if you want it.” She replied looking too busy checking the ring out. “It’s way too unique, you know?” She noticed.
“Yeah, I’m going to have that sandwich, I haven’t eaten all day.” He replied trying to reach for it from where he was sitting.
“Just…Just...Let me…” She said trying to help him as he was trying to reach the plate without having to stand up and get it.

“Wait, I…I got it.” He continued as they both lost control of what they were trying to do and accidentally caused the plate, along with other stuff on the table to fall down.
“Should we call room service?” Frank then asked looking at the mess on the floor.
“No!” Lynn replied laughing a little. “We can get those cleaned.” She added kneeling to start reorganizing the papers off the floor.
“I’ll…I’ll just get room service.” Frank added unable to know what else he was supposed to do, heading to the kitchen to find the phone.
“It’s okay I can…” Lynn was saying to suddenly stop at the sight of the fake picture of her and Gerard together. “I can’t believe he’s keeping that picture.” She mumbled to herself looking at it.

“Wow…” She then said looking closer.
“Frank!!” She shouted for him. “Frank come here!” She added raising her voice.
“They’re on their way.” He said walking back in with the phone in hand.
“No…it’s…” She mumbled standing back up with the picture in hand.
“I thought we were over this picture, it’s fake.” Frank said looking at it.
“No the ring that woman is wearing.” She added giving it to him to make him look closer.
“Hey that’s the same as the one you’re wearing.” He added frowning.
“I know, the same as my mom’s.” She explained taking the picture back to study the look of it more.
“Does that mean this is your mom?” Frank then asked getting confused.
“Shit! That could be my mom!” She answered getting mad. “My mom with Gerard?” She then said feeling lost.
“Does that mean he’s your dad?” Frank added humorously, trying to cheer her up.
“What? Oh my god!” She exclaimed getting angrier.
“Oh come on, this whole thing can’t be, this is a fake picture remember?” He added wrapping an arm around her.
“No wonder you thought she was me when you first saw it, we look so much alike.” Lynn said trying to explain what had happened as Frank just didn’t say anything back this time, only looking at that photo with Lynn.
“Wait, where did you get that ring from?” She asked trying to find some clues.
“Eliza…” He added trying to figure out what was going on.
“So Stan knows my mom.” Lynn said, analyzing the situation. “And Eliza knows Stan…” she continued as Frank interrupted: “Eliza knows Stan?”
“Eliza could’ve taken it from Stan…” Lynn explained as Frank added: “Is that a math equation, I’m lost.”
“Why would Eliza give it to you?” Lynn then asked.
“Actually she wanted me to give it to Gerard but…” Frank was going to explain as Lynn simply interrupted: “That’s it then! Oh my god Gerard was with my mother?” She added frowning.
“No honey it couldn’t be.” Frank interrupted. “Didn’t you tell me you were 5 when they passed away? How old was Gerard then?” He added trying to make her feel better. "Gerard is only a couple of years older than you, be reasonable, he'd make it as a boyfriend, not a fathe!"

“Yeah, but that explains all those things he knows about me and the way he tries to take care of me…As if he’s….Something if fishy about all this.” She then said trying to grasp all this new information she had just received.
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