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A date with Pete?

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"I'm home!! Ouch." Tiffany said getting out of the cab.
"Wow. Nice house." Andy said as he started getting her stuff out of the trunk.
"Yeah. Are those your dogs?" Pete asked looking through the window that had the three dogs in it.
"Yeah. Come on in I'll show you around.
Once they got inside Tiffany was almost knocked over by her dogs.
"Be careful guys I have a bad back." Tiffany said as she was petting them.
"Okay these are my dogs. My Great Dane, Max, my German Shepard, Hunter, and My English Bulldog.... where is Lily?" Tiffany asked looking into the hallway then the living room.
"Bark!!" There was Lily running down the stairs from Tiffany's Bedroom.
"Oh there she is! This is my English Bulldog Lily." Tiffany said.
'Hmmmm... I bet Hemmingway would like Lily.' Pete Thought.
"So would you guys like to see the rest of the house?" Tiffany asked them.
"Sure." They all said.
"See you guys!" Tiffany said waving at them as they walked home.
"Okay now. Oh Pete you didn't leave?"
"No. I wanted to ask you something." Pete said rubbing the back of his head.
"Go ahead." Tiffany said getting out of the way so he could leave.
"I was wondering if you....if you..would ummm.... go on a date with me tomorrow night?" Pete said in a very nervous voice.
"Oh Pete. Of course. Let me give my cell number and then tell me where we are going."
"Okay. I'll give you mine too. Mine is 667-9372." Pete said getting out his cell phone to put Tiffany's number in his contacts.
" Okay mine is 982-3372. And where are we going?" She asked Pete putting away her cell phone.
"Oh It' a surprise. We can meet up at the recording studio. Oh and wear a dress."
"Okay." Tiffany said. Pete gave her a peck on the cheek and left. Tiffany waved goodbye and closed the door.
"I was hoping for this." She said to her dogs and then went to her room to get ready for bed.
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