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The date part 1..

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I know I won't be able to finish in one day so here is the first part...

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"(sigh)Where could Pete be?" Tiffany asked herself as she waited in front of the recording studio. She had been waiting there for at least 15 minutes.
"Hey! Sorry I'm late ran into a little trouble." Pete said getting out of his car.
"Oh That's o.k. So where are we going?" Tiffany asked starting to shiver a little. It got very cold at night in Chicago.
"We are going to Star Crest." Pete said looking at her.
"O My God! Pete! That's the most expensive yet beautiful place here in Chicago!" Tiffany said in a shocked voice.
"Well.. What can I say. I had to bring you somewhere that was just as beautiful as you." Pete said taking her hand and walking her to his car.
"Oh Pete! You are such a gentlemen."
"Yeah. Try telling that to my past girlfriends." Pete said as they got in the car.
"Hey do you want some music on?" Pete asked Tiffany.
"Sure." She said. Pete turned on Z100 and guess what was playing? Fall Out Boy's Dance Dance!( I know i said in the first and second chap that they had just made Take this to your grave but I'm going to change it to From Under the cork tree.)
"That's funny that this song would be on." Pete said as he raised the volume a little louder.
"This is my 2nd favorite song from your album." Tiffany said starting to sing to it.
"Yeah what's your Favorite?" Pete asked very curious.
"It's 'Our Lawyer Made Us Change The Name Of This Song So We Wouldn't Get Sued'." Tiffany said.
Told you guys I wouldn't finish it.
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