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Bury Me (Part One)

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I can't belive she's gone.

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A/N Okay guys, be prepared for some tears... this is the long awated burial of... Mona Taggart.

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Thanks guys! Now, I'll not keep you any longer. Read on...


Today's the day. The worst day of my life apart from my mum's death. My mum's funeral. Mikey walked into my room in his black suit. A mask of neutralness covered his face. He came over and sat down on the bed. "I can't imagine how tradgic this must be for you..." he began. A tear trickled down my cheek.
"Of course you can't. Nobody can! Rachel doesn't even feel as bad as me." I said surprisingly quietly, struggling to hold back sobs.
"Well, since you won't listen to me and I haven't been utterly crushed into thousands of peices by death yet, I think you should talk to this guy." Mikey handed me a picture. It was of his my Uncle Gerard. His phone number was on the back. "He's had some experienced. I guess you'd know that if you knew he was death obsessed." I looked at him.
"What makes you think that if I won't open up to you I will for him?" Mikey gave me a sad smile.
"You'll find out when you talk to him." We heard a sniff coming from outside my bedroom. Rachel walked into the room with a tear stained face and a knee length black dress with a white strape around the waist and very short (sort of shoulder length) sleeves. She walked over and hugged me. I hugged back, finally letting out a few more tears. Mikey stared at us, heartbroken. I wasn't that surprised. I mean, two ten-year-olds losing their mum and having to move in with total strangers in a new country.
"Granadma and Grandpa called. They said they aren't going to make it," she calmly began. "Not that they would want to make it."
"What do you mean?" Mikey asked.
"Our grandparents threw our mum out because she wouldn't have an abortion. They would rarely come to visit us and would never make eye contact with either of us when they did." Alicia knocked on the door.
"Gerard's here." she said.
"Come on." Mikey said to us. "It's time."

We walked out of the apartment to see another black car similar to Mikey's, and Gerard was in the front seat. Under 12s aren't allowed to sit in the passanger seat, so me, Rachel and Alicia sat in the back. "Hey bro." Gerard murmered, obviously upset.
"Hey." Mikey replied. "Where's Lyn-z?"
"On tour."
"Oh." I heard Mikey sniff and blow his nose. Apart from that, it was the longest, quietest drive I've ever been on. "I can't belive she's gone." Mikey sighed as the car stopped. I think I might have seen a tear in his eye desperate to be free.
We all sat down in the front row of the church. The minister came to the microphone and started talking about how hard my mum's life had been and how much everyone was going to miss her and finally let her family and friends have the floor. Mikey was first to go up with a speech. "For the last eleven years, I've been sitting around thinking about Mona, wondering if she's been doing okay, knowing that she'd be a huge sucessful author like she had always dreamt. Now, I find out that she has been rejected by her parents, moving from one bad job to another all around Spain, and having to look after two twins by herself. I only wish that I could have been there to help make her life a little better, maybe then her kids wouldn't be as upset as they are today, maybe she would even be still alive. But one thing's for sure, no matter what could've happened to her, we will always be thinking about her." He came down, sobbing his eyes out. Gerard was next to go up.

"I'm use to wearing alot of black, but today, there's just something not right. I'll tell you what that something is. It's that I never got to see my brother marry the girl he..." He trailed off. "And the fact that Mona tru..." He trailed off again. "Look, there are alot of amazing things to say about Mona. She was an amazing writer. She was one of my best friends. And she made my brother the happiest man alive, until she left. It tears me up to see her corpse in that coffin. And it makes me feel as dead as her when I see the state Mikey, Ray, Alex and Rachel are in now that she's left us. And I can't tell you how ashamed I am of her parents for what they put her through, and I haven't yet spoken to them, but I know that Mona would never put her kids through that. I know that Mikey won't either. So, I would just like to say good luck to Mikey, and that even though Mona's gone, we'll always be thinking of her. Rest in peace, Mona."

Everyone went up and said what they needed to say, and then me, Rachel, Miranda and their friend Christine went up to do a musical peice. I didn't want Miranda or Christine to be involved as they had never met our mum and had only known us for a week, but Rachel insisted as Christine could play violin and Miranda could play guitar. Rachel was playing piano and I was conquering a fear of mine. I was singing. I got up and stared at the crowd. I was tempted to run away but I kept thinking 'I'm doing this for mum, doing this for mum doing this for mum...' "Th-th-this is for m-my m-m-mum." Rachel began playing the piano, and I let out as much air as I could, which wasn't alot. "I open my eyes, I try to see but I'm blinded by the white light. I can't remember how, I can't remember why, I'm lying here tonight. And I can't stand the pain, and I can't make it go away. No, I can't stand the pain..." As I got closer to the chorus, I felt more comfortable with the crowd. I could see Gerard, Mikey and Ray all crying. Mum's friends from Spain were crying as well. "How could this happen to me? I've made my mistakes! Got nowhere to run, but the night goes on as I'm fading away, I'm sick of this life! I just wanna scream! How could this happen to me?" Miranda then did a short solo and I finished by singing the chorus one last time.We all walked off the stage afterwards. My face was emotionless.

My mum had just been burried, and we were at the church. I just sat in the corner while Alicia, Miranda and Christine were trying to comfort Rachel. Hello?! Extremely deppressed kid over here! Wait, I wasn't actually looking them to notice my saddness, was I? Gerard and MIkey came over and sat down beside me. "Hi." Gerard said. "You must be Alex." He held out his hand, but I pushed it away.
"Save the small talk, Gee." Mikey sighed. "The most we're going to get out of him is possibly hearing a little sob coming out of his room."
"Oh, so this is the dude who always makes the smart comments and annoys the hell out of-" Mikey slapped his hand over Gerard's mouth.
"What? Now you not only don't want me but I annoy you?" I cried, obviously upset.
"No! No! You just frustrate me a little with your gloominess! Wait, no, that's not it."
"Look, just get out of here!" I said with a trembly voice.
"Oh thanks alot Gerard! He's going to cry now!"
"What? What did I do?" Mikey just gave an exastperated sigh and left. I looked up at Gerard trying to hide my tears.
"Both of you, jackass!" I yelled. Everyone turned around to face me.
"Alex, that's no way to speak to your uncle!" Mikey sighed obviously trying to be the parent in all of this.
"I'll speak to anyone in anyway I want!" Gerard gave a worried look. As nice a guy as he was, Mikey wasn't one to be talked back to.
"I think you'd better shush little dude. Mikey's not one to be fucked around with." Gerard whispered to me.
"Fine! You want me to shut up? I can beat that! I'll leave!" I said heading for the door.
"No one asked you to leave. You can stay if you want!" Gerard called back.
"Well I don't! So just piss off mother f-"
"I wouldn't if I were you." Alicia warned me. I stuck my tounge out at her and headed for home.

AN. Okay, this was originally supposed to be two chapters, but ROXI decided that it was too long. You'll understand when you read the next chapter - which is already done so it'll HOPEFULLY be up by St Patty's day. Which is on Monday. And today's Saturday. YAY!! So, as usual, R&R. But BE NICE ABOUT IT!!! =D
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