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Bury Me (Part Two)

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I know that you aren't fitting in well, but bottling everything up is just going to make this harder for you.

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A/N Oh dear, a bit short on reviews, aren't we? And come on! I gave you plenty of time! Oh, speaking of which, I'm REEEEEEEEEALLLLYYYYY SORRY FOR BEING TWO WEEKS LATE!!!!! It's just I was making some important changes one day, and then the next day I forgot and then I started working on something else and then Roxi ask me to go to Dublin with her a slept over at her house and everything and... I've been busy. Let's keep it at that. ~sigh~ Okay, so, read on...


"Any sign of him?" Mikey asked me.
"Unfortunatly no." I sighed. "You should take Alicia and Rachel home." Mikey nodded.
"Okay. Since it's your car, we'll take a taxi." I nodded. "See you bro." He walked out towards the door with the girls as I looked around for Bob. I found him talking to Ray and MIranda.
"Hey Andi!" Miranda turned and waved at me. "Have you seen Alex anywhere?" She shook her head and yawned. "Ray, you should probably take her home. She looks pretty tired." Ray looked down at her.
"Yeah she does." He looked up at Bob. "See you Bob. Oh and Gerard, hope you guys find Alex soon."
"Thanks man."
"Dad, I feel sick. I think I don't think you cooked my eggs right this morning." Miranda said to Ray.
"Toro! I thought we told you to let Krista do the cooking!" I sighed.
"Yeah, everyone knows you suck." Bob laughed.
"Yeah yeah yeah, lesson learned. I'm going now. See you guys!" He said quickly, rushing out the door.
"Well Bob, It's just you and me!" I said with a smile on my face. Bob sighed.
"Okay, what do you want?"
"I need you to help me look for Alex. And before you answer, think of Mikey."

Long story short, he agreed and we were out in my car looking all around Belleville for Alex. I can see why Mikey has been so, I guess you could say 'snippy' lately. He would drive you nuts! We had been driving around in the rain all over the place and some other places for over an hour and still hadn't found him.
"What the hell could that kid be doing?" Bob sighed.
"Oh! Well, lets review! Well, um... lets see-oh! I know! It's New Jersey! He probably knows it's a crummy place to be at night!
"It was a retorical question you ass."
"Sorry, Bob. It's just, how could that kid feel like he couldn't cry at his mum's funeral? And then he ran away off just because I said that Mikey found him annoying. I think there's a little more to this than just a kid losing his mum."
"Yeah, that's what your mum said when you were little... or at least that's what I've been told. I think you're taking this a little out of-"
"Wait a minute!" I stopped the car. There was a kid with black hair wandering around outside-and he had my jacket over his head. I wondered where I had left that thing! "Bob hold on a second. I'm going to check this kid out."
"What are you a pedophile?" he laughed.
"Not that type of checking out!" I called back as I rushed out of the car. "Hey!" I yelled at the kid as I ran towards him. He turned around. I was Alex! Thank God! "Alex!"
"Oh thank God!" I heard Bob call out from the car. I laughed.
"Yeah Bob! It's him!" Alex crawled into an alley in between two shops. He was shivering alot. "Alex, look, I'm only here to help. I need to get you home to your dad."
"¡Jódale!" he cried. He must have been speaking in Spanish.
"Um, yeah, You mind telling me what that means in English?"
"¡No! ¡Jódale hoyo de asno!"
"Oh boy." I sighed. "Bob! Get over here! And bring you phone!"
"What do you need?" he asked once he came over.
"I need you to call Ray. Alex is speaking in Spanish and Ray's the closest guy I know who can as well."
"He can speak Spanish?" Bob asked.
"He's from Spain, Bob."

Once Ray arrived, we were ready to translate. Bob and I had been trying for at least ten minutes, but he wasn't being persuaded very easily. "Okay, did you try speaking to him in English?"
"¡Ellos no son estúpidos! ¡Hoyos de asno quizá, pero no estúpido!" Alex murmered.
"Okay, I'll take that as a yes."
"Did he just say that we're stupid?" Bob asked.
"No. He said you're assholes but not stupid."
"Um, gracias, I guess." I said.
"Okay." Ray said. "I'll try this. Alex, escucha. Bob, Gerard y yo sólo quiero ayudar. Queremos saber lo que está equivocado."
"Jódale." Alex said. Ray laughed.
"This kids mouth is as bad as Gerard's!"
"Why, what did he say?" I asked.
"He said fuck you." Bob frowned, so did I. Ray on the other hand kept grinning like a three year old who had just got that tricycle he'd had been wanting since last Christmas. "Okay, I'll try translating what you say then Gee." My eyes widened.
"No! No no no! This kid hates me almost as much as he hates Mikey!"
"Well it's worth a shot!" I thought for a moment.
"Okay, I'll try it." I thought for another moment. "Alex, we just want to help. I know that you aren't fitting in well, but bottling everything up is just going to make this harder for you. Oh and also, I promise that if you come back with us and start speaking English again, I won't tell your dad about you cursing at me in Spainish. Okay?" There was no response. He just looked at the ground. Ray decided to try telling him in Spainish.
"Alex, nosotros sólo queremos ayudar. Sé que usted no queda en bien, pero todo embotelladora arriba hará apenas este más duro para usted. Ah y también, prometo que si usted regresa con nosotros y el comienzo que habla inglés otra vez, yo no diré a su papá acerca de usted maldiciendo en mí en el spainish. ¿Bueno?" He dragged his head up to show a sad face where you couldn't tell the tears from the rain.
"¡Acabo de perder mi crisantemo mucho!" Ray was about to tell us what he said when Alex stopped him. "¡Si usted los dice algo yo digo que yo le mataré y Miranda!" Ray looked at me, he seemed a little freaked out.
"I don't think I shlould tell you what he's saying. He doesn't want me to." I nodded.
"Can he give me back my jacket?" I asked.
"¿Puede dar usted Gerard apoya la chaqueta por favor?"
"Alright Toro! He's spekaing English!"
"Here's your jacket." Alex said, handing me the jacket. He walked twoards the car hugging himself for warmth.
"Alex," He turned around to face me. "I promise, everything will be okay. You'll see." He gave a little smile. That was the first time he had ever smiled since coming to this country, and I was the first to see it. It gave me a good feeling inside.

We had just dropped Alex off back home, and it was my chance to ask Toro what Alex had said. "Hey Ray. You know when you and Alex were speaking Spainish, well, what does 'acabo de perder mi crisantemo mucho' mean?" Ray gave a sad sigh.
"It means he misses his mum alot."

AN Oh, okay. I don't speak Spanish. I put it through a translator.

This part took me weeks to do. And Roxi's working on some later chapters for when-ha! Sorry folks! Not giving you any spoilers! Ha ha, anyway, the next chapter will be up soon (I hope) . So, read, review and of course, be nice. See y'all soon! =D
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