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The First Encounter

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Spring breeze blew on this young man face. It seems to be a nice beginning...

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As I said this story was take place in the 19th century England, but actually wherever you like. It’s just a story after all. At least people were wearing the old western fashion and doing things which would happen during the old days, that’s fine.
And one more attention, I’ve actually written several of chapters already, but I won’t put them on at once of course. I’d like to listen to you guys first. All suggestions are welcome and needed, just not to be rude please.
Alright, I should shut my mouth, here you come the story!

Spring breeze blew on this young man face. His medium black hair floated in the wind. He kept his hands stuck in his pockets of his pants. He was watching some ducks swimming gently on the lake.

It was a beautiful day. He sat on the grass, took off his flat cap and then began to hum some random songs.

He was not an outstanding person, drawing was his only hobby. He stayed at this little area, was staring at those ducks. Soon he took out some pencils and his sketchbook, and started to sketch.

This little area was in the forest nearby his house. It was quite secluded, people seldom go there. Therefore, this little man would love to spend his whole morning there for drawing, musing or anything he liked everyday.

Besides the sounds of birds, this place used to be silent. But suddenly, he heard a noise which daunted him. He also found there was a ball trundled next to him.

“Why me? It’s not me to kick this ball in!” Another young man grumbled to himself. This boy was a bit shorter and younger than the one who was drawing. He was with short hair and long fringe. The second thing that the painter had noticed was the boy was wearing a beige shirt, just liked him. And besides, he was wearing a brown short, and in braces as well.

The elder one realized the ball belong to him. He then put down the picture and picked it up. He stood up while the younger one was still finding the ball. He was quite scared; he scared to face people because he seldom met people in here. He could just stand in there. Why does somebody get in here? I thought this forest was creepy enough to scare people away on the surface. Oh no! He’s coming closer, what should I do? Should I just stand here or should I give it to him?

The shorter one noticed the ball was in the other’s hands, so he walked toward him. He was waiting for the man to give it back to him. /Hmm…this guy looks pretty weird, why is he in long hair? And he looks so pale too. I’ve never seen a people paler than him, except patients. But, well, it looks quite would be nice to touch... And look at those eyes...they’re so pretty, so crystal. What a pair of bright green eyes! They’re like the stars twinkling in the sky... Ouch, what am I thinking? Anyway, I’ve been standing here so a moment, why hasn’t he give the ball back to me yet? I must get punishment if I still stay here./But since the elder one didn’t give any response, he started to ask.

“Um...Could you please give it back to me?” He rubbed his head.

“Oh, sorry.” The elder one looked embarrassing but eventually gave back the ball to that guy.

“Thank you.” He smiled. “Hey this is beautiful!” He pointed at the picture which was lying on the ground.

“No, not at all.” The painter shook his head.

“Nah...Then I draw crap.” He laughed and the painter chuckled a little bit. “You’re so talented! Can you teach me?”

“Me...?” He shocked.

“Hey Frank! Why are you so damn slow?” Someone yelled outside the forest.

“Alright! I’m coming!” The younger one answered and began to turn around.

“W-Wait a minute! You called Frank, right? Will you come back? I mean, I can teach you how to draw.”

“Absolutely. I’ll be back tomorrow. But what’s your name by the way?” Asked with a bright grin.

“Gerard. Gerard Way.”

“Frank Iero.” He smiled and walked away.

So now, may I know how you guys feel of this beginning? Was the description suck? Tell me what you think about it. Thank you!

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