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Gerard revealed something about his mother.

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Next morning, Gerard was in a mess, because he had to meet his first guest. Should he wear grander? Should he prepare some coffee and cakes? He had no idea about what he had to do.

Nah... Why am I being such nervous? I even couldn’t sleep well last night. I guess I’ve only slept four or five hours... He rubbed his eyes. Frank will be my first guest, I think I should give him a good impression. Will he like to drink coffee as I do? I can’t live without coffee, they’re like my oxygen! Let see... cupcakes! Yea, cupcakes! They’d be a great match with coffee. He giggled. “Alright! I’ve to prepare them right now or I’ll be late.”

Eggs, sugar, flour, butter. A several hours later, those cupcakes were done! Gerard was so pleased to see they looked very delicious. “Fabulous! Now, it’s time to change my clothes.”
Eventually, he wore a white shirt, a khaki vest and his pretty light grey newsboy cap.

It was almost 10 o’clock in the morning; Gerard went into the forest like he does everyday. He brought along some papers, pencils and some coffee and cupcakes which was made by him before he came to the forest.

“Oh god, everything’s just prefect today! It’s sunny, and warm. And I’ve got coffee and cupcakes! Look how delicious they’re! And I’m going to meet my first guest in this situation, how prefect it would be!” He was talking to the sky. He put down his stuff and started to talk to himself again, “Um...what should I say when he comes? ‘Aw, it’s a beautiful day, right?’ No, no, no, it’s so random. ‘Hey Frank! You’re so on time!’ Gr...It sounds sarcastic.”

“How can you be so mean to me? You didn’t say when I should come.” It was Frank obviously. Gerard was freaked out because Frank suddenly appeared behind him.

“Oh Frank! don’t mean it!” Gerard bushed.

“Relax...I’m kidding. So, you’ve prepared coffee and cupcakes! They’re my favorites!” Frank smiled and sat down.

“I made them myself this morning. Would you like to try?” He took out a cake and poured a cup of coffee.

“Absolutely.” Frank bit on the sweet bun and swallowed the drink and cried, “That’s really delicious!”

“Really? I’m glad you like it!”

Frank finished his meal and suggested, “Okay, let’s our lesson begin! What am I going to do today?”

“Let me see...well, I’ve to know your level. So, you’re going to draw this.” Gerard pointed at his coffee.

“Just a cup? That’s so easy!” First, a semi-circle appeared on the paper, and then came an ellipse. With some erasion and added, a while after, Frank showed it to Gerard. “How is it sir?”

“Well...I’ve to’ll gain ground.” He shrugged.
“Come on, take another paper and I’m now going to teach you step by step.” He leaned to him.

“Firstly, you should make a rough sketch...Then draw several guidelines...” Gerard was holding Frank’s hand as he wanted to show him what a rough sketch was. He was absorbed in it but Frank didn’t seem to be. He spied Gerard’s concentrated face.

“Hey, please pay attention.” Gerard noticed and turned to Frank. “Why are you always looking at my face? Is there anything on it?” Gerard looked confused and wiped his face.

“No, nothing. By the way, you look like only 17. Where are you parents? And why do you always stay in here?” Frank asked, tried to get in another topic. And then put down those papers and pencils and sat in an Indian style.

“My father has passed away...” He stood up and answered sadly.

“Oh...sorry...I didn’t know...” Frank stood up as well.

“Never mind.” He shocked his head and continued. “And my mother is an artist, she always want me to be an artist too. But since she thought my skill wasn’t good enough, she sent me out from school in the early years. She requested me to draw at home everyday. So I did, but she didn’t satisfy for my works.” Gerard looked angry and poured in tears.

“She slapped me and yelled at me. She abused me with the words that you don’t want to hear because of my poor drawing skill as she said!” His hands formed as fists.

“You don’t have to say if you don’t want to.” Frank patted on Gerard’s back and looked worried.

“I’m alright...” His smiled and wiped off the tears. “That woman has left me luckily. But she will still come back to check out my works whenever she likes. I won’t be such weak this time.”

“You want to punch her back?!” Frank shocked.

“No!” He laughed and walk toward a few steps, “I mean I’d improve my skill to show her that I’m not a stupid person.” Then he reached a hand as a pledge.
“That’s why I’m here.” He wheeled back, “This is my secret practice area and the creepiest forest on surface I’ve seen, nobody has ever come in or even discovery it because it scares the shit out of them.” He laughed and continued the sentence, “and so that I can do my own stuff in a quiet situation. You’re the first one to come in anyway.”

“But when will she come back? Where dose she go?” Frank continued and extended his hands in the air.

“Oh, young man, you’re full of curiosity.” Frank looked embarrassed but Gerard grinned and answered him, “My brother goes to school, which is in the city. As he said, he found our mother rent a flat there. She is doing something about art, we’re not really sure, but probably earn income by selling her pictures I think. Although she never said when she would come, she comes back almost every week. So I guess she’ll be back about tomorrow or so.” Gerard squatted down and started to tidy up all the stuff and said, “Well, I think you wouldn’t have any mood to carry on our lesson. Would you like to check out the work that I’m going to show her?”

“Of course I’d love to!” Frank was so excited and helped Gerard to pick up the things.
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