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Chapter Two

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Hermione discovers things about Draco no one else knows...

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A/N: 2nd chapter! Sorry that I'm being slow with putting them on here, but I will try to update more frequently!! Hope you like this one =)
Disclaimer: because I forgot it on my first chapter… I do not own Harry Potter, or anything else that is a work of JK Rowling’s mind. I only own what I made up, which unfortunately, is not Harry Potter.


“I saw you yesterday,” Harry whispered to Hermione during lunch, “And you want to be careful Ron doesn’t. He’s still in a right state about it.”

“I know,” she answered while watching Ron get up and slouch out of the hall, “And I think we – or you, rather – should try and hook up with someone – but who?”
“Hm…” Harry pondered, and their next few days were busy with trying to find Ron a potential girlfriend.

On Saturday night at dinner, however, their prayers were answered.
“Before you all begin eating,” Dumbledore began, “I would like you all to welcome a new student to our midst – Cerulean Rose, a late transfer from Beaux Batons. I hope you will receive her with open arms.”

It seemed Hogwarts would live up to Dumbledore’s wish, as all the boys in the hall looked as if they would readily do more than hug her. Draco was wondering if he could fit her in before asking Hermione out, Ron had completely forgotten about Hermione for the time being, and even Neville was thinking sinful thoughts involving him and this new girl.

Harry, however, was fine - as long as he kept looking over at Ginny to remind himself.

“I think we found her,” Hermione muttered to him.

“I believe so, Ron’s going nuts,” Harry replied, looking over at the aforementioned practically drooling in his pumpkin juice as Cerulean passed him, flashing a smile that rivalled her long, blonde hair as her best asset.

“Might be a little bit out of Ron’s lead though,” Harry muttered as Hermione laughed.

Cerulean eventually stopped at Lavender Brown and sat down beside her and Parvati, quickly hugged them both, then sat down to enjoy her first meal at Hogwarts, innocently oblivious to the thoughts flying around every boy in the rooms’ heads.

“Have you seen her Harry?” Ron cried the next day after their first class with Cerulean (Charms, oddly enough).

“For the thousandth time Ron, yes,” Harry replied, tired of being asked the same question repeatedly. He personally thought Hermione had the more enviable job of trying to get Cerulean to like Ron, though he supposed he was lucky – he didn’t have to do the same for Ron, only hear about Cerulean 24/7.

Hermione though, had trouble sometimes getting close to Cerulean, let alone talk to her. She constantly had a group of admirers surrounding her, along with Parvati and Lavender, who, oddly enough, was her stepsister.

Hermione could deal with the latter, but she had once considered Confunding the former but decided against it as it would look too suspicious if all the boys simultaneously started liking Pansy Parkinson.

Hermione had, however, succeeded in one thing – she had convinced Draco to stay away from Cerulean. How she did it, she had no idea, but was glad for his not being in her way all the same.

Unfortunately, as it turned out, Cerulean liked Draco, and would repeatedly ask Hermione ‘if zat Malfoy boy was single.’ Hermione always told her that he was too rude and cocky and that Ron Weasley was much nicer, cuter and more gentlemanly. On the occasions she was forced to say such things – which were often – Hermione found it hard not to laugh as she forced the lies and the words that fabricated them out of her mouth.

By the end of the week though, it looked as if Ron had more of a chance of going out with Hermione herself than Cerulean, as all attempts to get the two together had failed.

“You know,” Cerulean said to Hermione in Potions - after drinking from her water bottle, which she always had with her, “Zat Ron boy eez not zat bad. ‘Is ‘air eez a good colour, and ‘is freckles are cute.”

“Yes...” Hermione began slowly, “I guess he’s alright...”

“You guess ‘e eez alright?” Cerulean replied briskly, “I know ‘e eez alright! I think zat after zis class I will go up to ‘im and kiss im, and zen I will tell you if ‘e eez ‘alright!’”

Hermione, having kissed Ron multiple times, could tell Cerulean right away that Ron’s approach at it was bizarre, but he wasn’t that bad. She just wondered if he was up to Cerulean standards, but she also wondered why Cerulean had had a sudden change of heart…

“You sneaky boy, you,” Hermione taunted Draco as Cerulean walked away, winking at Ron as she passed him and making Harry roll his eyes, “What did you do to her?”

“Mild love potion designed to make her want to kiss the first boy with red hair that she sees,” When Hermione looked confused, he added, “It’s a Weasley product, that’s why it’s so tricky. You can choose the colour of hair of the guy – or girl – that you want the girl – or guy – to fall in love with, so it’s not always the one who gives the potion to you that you fall for.”

“Well, Fred and George are the best,” Hermione answered, impressed, “And how very fitting that they’re Ron’s brothers.”

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