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Chapter Three

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Ron finds a new girlfriend...

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Many boys were devastated to hear that Cerulean Rose had finally found herself a boyfriend. Ron Weasley, on the other hand, was ecstatic.
True, the first date they went on had been a pity date in Cerulean’s eyes, but with Draco’s coaching from underneath the Invisibility Cloak – his voice cleverly Switched with Harry’s by Hermione – Ron managed to hold his own. As it turned out, Cerulean was surprisingly a bit of a goof herself, and her and Ron ended up going together like ice cream and depression.
It was late Saturday night, and Harry was beginning his Potions essay, trying to cope with Ginny’s distractions, when Ron burst through the portrait hole with Cerulean.
“Listen Harry!” he exclaimed just as Harry was in the middle of kissing Ginny goodnight, “Cerulean taught me some French! ‘Tu es une tete de mer!’”
Cerulean giggled uncontrollably as Hermione remarked, “Ron, I think you just called Harry a sea head.”
“But that doesn’t make any sense!” Ron protested, looking at Cerulean in disbelief, “You didn’t want me to say that… Did you?”
As Cerulean was still laughing too hard to answer, Hermione answered, “Well, I think she wanted you to say ‘Tu es une tete de merde,’ which would mean ‘You are a shit head.”
“Did she really want him to call me that? That’s a bit rude,” added Harry, but he was smiling and on the verge of laughter himself.
Ron just shrugged and said, “Awe, Cerulean likes her little joke, don’t you babe? And she wasn’t being rude, she’s just learning from her man here.”
And with that he kissed Cerulean swiftly on the lips, turned around on the spot, held his head high and practically marched up the stairs to his dorm, leaving Cerulean, still laughing a bit, standing in the common room beside Hermione and Harry.
“Can you believe him?” Hermione glanced incredulously at Harry, not caring that Cerulean was in their midst.
Harry just shook his head and chuckled slightly, then said, “I think I should go up to bed too,” he said, “If I get up there and his nose has hit the ceiling, I won’t be surprised, his head was so high in the air.”
“Alright, goodnight then Harry,” Hermione replied, “Oh, and do try and keep Ron busy tomorrow while we’re all in Hogsmeade, though I doubt that will be a hard thing to do… I think you understand why you need to keep him away from me.”
“Of course,” He answered simply as he watched Cerulean ascend the girls’ staircase, “I doubt Ron will stray far from Cerulean tomorrow...”

The next morning Hermione woke up late, then panicked, as she thought that she wouldn’t have enough time to straighten her hair, then realized she could do it magically, and relaxed slightly. She was still nervous though…
An hour later, Hermione was waiting in line with the other students going to Hogsmeade, her hair successfully straightened and Draco beside her admiring it openly.
As they approached Filch he scanned his list, “Malfoy, Draco… Go ahead. And…” Looking at Hermione he asked, “Who have we here?”
“Granger sir,” she replied politely as Malfoy sniggered at Filch’s ignorance, “Hermione Granger.”
“I see…” Filch answered, looking once again at the list, oblivious to the students behind Hermione complaining at how slow he was, “Yes, fine Granger, go ahead.”
Finally her and Draco started down the front drive, no one in front of them due to how long they – or rather, Hermione – had taken to pass Filch.
“Crazy old git,” Draco remarked, reminding Hermione of Ron for a second.
“Sorry,” Malfoy added, mistaking the look of disgust on Hermione’s face, “You look beautiful by the way.”
“Oh, don’t worry about it,” Hermione assured him, then added, “And thank you, you look quite good yourself – as always.”
“So…” Draco started, reaching for her hand, “Where should we go?”
Hermione took his hand in hers, and was surprised to feel that he was trembling slightly. (Draco Malfoy got nervous!?!)
It was nice enough weather for mid-April, so Hermione suggested, “Let’s just find somewhere to sit. Outside,” she added as he began to stray towards the Three Broomsticks.
“Oh good,” he replied, “I don’t really go in there much.”
“I know,” she began, then realized that she sounded like a stalker.

*A/N: sorry the end of this doesn’t really make sense… I just haven’t updated in a while but the rest of chapter 3 will be on here soon!*
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