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Love will keep you up all night

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I felt kind of anxious around Pete the next morning. We would be traveling most of the day before stopping and I honestly didn't know what to do with that IM from last night. I really needed to talk to Patrick without Pete knowing.

I was sitting at the table drinking coffee and eating a piece of toast when Pete slid into the seat across from me.

"Hey," he said.

"Morning," I smiled and wished that I was reading something so that I could keep my focus off him without being obvious.

"So we all have tonight off. I was thinking that we'd all go somewhere cool tonight," he said, obviously trying to keep the conversation going.

"Sounds like fun, like where? And what city are we even going to be in?"

Pete thought for a minute and laughed. "I have no fucking clue," he laughed some more. Damn, I guess it is true when you tour you have no idea where you are ever. I have felt all fucked up the past few weeks without knowing.

"That's awesome, I hope the driver knows where we are going," I finished my toast and my coffee and I put the mug in the sink. I turned around and Pete was standing right there.

"Shit Pete! You scared me," I caught my breath and looked up at him.

"Sorry," he smiled at me. "Look, about last night," I cut him off.

"It's fine Pete, don't worry about it. Just caught me off guard." I turned to walk away.

"I still do," he said. He still does? Still wants to kiss me? Shit I need Stumpy pronto! I smiled at Pete and made my way to my bunk and opened my laptop. Damnit Stumpy! Sign on! I opted to text him instead.

Hayden: Patrick help! Pete wants to kiss me!

Patrick: What?! Did he?

Hayden: No! I walked off. He's got a girlfriend. What do I do?

Patrick: Well you want him to kiss you, don't you?

Hayden: Not the time to be discussing it Stumpy!

Patrick: Maybe it is!

Hayden: And he's my boss. And so are you! Why are you provoking this?

Patrick: Because it's funny. I knew that Pete was lying to me when I asked if something was going on in his head.

Hayden: Well I will not be the other woman with my BOSS. Thanks for the help Stumpy. You suck.

Patrick: You love me. Don't lie.

Hayden: ANYWAYS, Pete wants us all to do something fun tonight. Don't bail on me.

Patrick: You think I wanna sit in my hotel room? NO

Hayden: Good, call me later Stumpy

Patrick: K

Some help he was. That gave me no answers and too much excitement. They've talked about me, in a romantic way? I hated how Pete gave me butterflies. The thought of him thinking about me like that made me so nervous. And what about Ashlee? Aren't they still together?


So Pete's idea of something exciting is lame. A movie. AWESOME! Andy felt the same way I did and we spent the entire ride to the theater talking shit to Pete. He was so damn cute when he was defensive. Patrick of course made Andy and I stop. Thanks for ruining our fun dad.

We walked in and were surprised when no one noticed them. Well, they were covering like their entire faces, but Pete and Patrick do that anyways, so nothing new. We got soft drinks and popcorn and made our way to the VIP theater. It was pretty sweet. You have a server and it's on a balcony. Also you have to be 21 or older to enter. No teeny boppers tonight!

I sat next to Patrick and Pete decided to sit on my other side with Joe and Andy on Patrick's side. Awesome. A dark movie with Pete next to me. God I loved and hated this. I also loved and hated it when Pete would nonchalantly hold my hand. What is wrong with this man? Did he cheat on Ashlee all the time? If so then I want nothing to do with him. Mike cheated on me and I know exactly how Ashlee would feel. I didn't want to be apart of someone's pain.

After the movie we rode in a van back to the hotel and all joined Joe in his room for video games. Being a rockstar is the shit! You do whatever you want in your freetime and you have a blast when working. It's not even work to these guys. They are their happiest when they are playing.

So playing Tony Hawk with Joe is just asking to lose. We decided to play Horse, or what we decided the word was "cock sucker." It was so funny when people were becoming cocks! We couldn't stop laughing when we were making fun of each other. After that thrilling game and I got out 2nd, I made my way to the "kitchen" to get a drink. Pete was standing in there.

"Hey, so you're a cock sucker?" He joked.

"So are you apparently!" I smiled.

"Touche," he laughed and glanced down at his beeping phone. I took this as my chance to leave the soon awkward conversation and head back to watch the others play.

"I BEAT JOE! I BEAT JOE! HELL HAS FROZEN OVER!" Andy was jumping up and down. Damn, didn't know that Joe was a pro at video games. Then again, he is a stoner.

"That is bullshit! I am not a cock sucker!" Joe called out and we all began to laugh at him and Pete came back into the room.

"Get over it Joe, you have been dethrowned," Pete said and plopped himself onto the couch next to Patrick.

"Ok everyone, out! I need to cry myself to sleep now," Joe said as he began to shoo us out. Granted it was 1 in the morning and we all had to be up at 8. We all said goodnight to Joe and began to make our ways to bed.

After about 30 minutes in my own hotel room, there was a knock on the door. I peered through the hole and saw a mop of black hair. Jesus Pete was going to be the death of me! I opened the door and he looked pretty upset.

"What's wrong?" I let him in. He walked over and sat on my bed.

"I'm so tired of my superficial relationship. She seems to care more about her image than me lately. Sorry if I'm not some tall and built guy like her sister's boyfriends. I thought personality actually meant something."

Ok, so was this a trap or was it actually the truth. I had no idea, but he looked really upset. So he might be a really good actor, but I saw him on One Tree Hill, no oscar winner.

"Pete, don't let her make you feel this way. Like I told you before, you need someone who is going to want you the way you are. There is no reason that you should change for someone," I sat next to Pete and pulled him into a hug. God he smelled amazing. How did that happen when he's always bragging about not taking a shower? I felt Pete take a deep breath. Oh god, I hope he's not going to cry.

"Can I stay here with you tonight?" Pete asked softly. Was he crazy?

"Ok," I said. Was I crazy? Why the fuck did I say ok? Oh wait, because I like him. Damn it Hayden!

I pulled away from Pete slowly and we climbed into bed and he pulled me close to him. Damn I could get used to this. This was a really bad idea because now I am really falling for him. I just laid here and listened to his breathing until I fell asleep.
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