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You know I try to get close to you, you don’t realize what you’re puttin’ me through

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God the alarm went off WAY too early. I groaned and tried to roll over when I realized that Pete was still holding me. Why did that have to be the best night of sleep that I had gotten all tour? It has been like, 2 weeks and I have had the hardest time sleeping until last night.

I reached over and turned the alarm off and Pete pulled me closer and burried his head in my shoulder.

"Come on Pete, time to go to your room and get ready," I nudged him. I could have laid in bed with him all day.

"I don't wanna," he said in a little kid voice and squeezed me tighter causing me to cough. "Sorry," he laughed slightly and let go of me. I climbed out of bed and began to look through my suitcase for something to wear that day. Pete just sat in my bed watching me.

"Yes Pete," I said without looking at him while still searching my bag.

"Nothing," he got up and rubbed his tired eyes. "Can't believe I actually got a decent night's sleep last night."

"I know, me too."

"We should do this more often then huh?"

"Well probably not, aren't you like, engaged?" I said sarcastically and looked up at him. He frowned at me.

"No, she's just my girlfriend," he said matter of factly and slid his shoes on. "I'll seeya at breakfast," he announced and left the room. I hope to god no one saw him leave my room.

I hopped into the shower and washed Pete's scent from my body. God he was just intoxicating to be around. I needed to keep some distance from him before I actually get attached. No wonder he's a so-called "heartbreaker," he seems to reel you in without even trying. Well, maybe he does try, but it seems so natural.

I packed my things up and left the hotel room and met up with Patrick and Joe at the elevator. Joe laughed at the sight of me. Is my hair standing up or something?

"What Joe?" I was so confused because I felt my hair and it was just fine.

"So Patrick, someone had a visitor last night!" Joe continued to giggle like a little girl. Damnit, someone did see Pete leave.

"What? Did Pete sleep in your room," Patrick asked kinda shocked.

"Yes, and NOTHING happened!" I declared. I wanted everyone to know my innocence.

"SURE nothing happened," Joe said elbowing me and winking.

"Seriously nothing happened!"

"What didn't happen?" Pete walked up with Andy right as the elevator doors opened.

"Nothing Pete," I said.

"You guys didn't sleep together last night," Joe added. Asshole, he better sleep with one eye open. I glared at Joe.

"Oh, well no. I have a girlfriend," Pete said nonchalantly like it's a normal thing to sleep in a girl's bed with her while having a girlfriend.

We all walked onto the elevator and made our way to the buses on the back side of the hotel to load everything up. We needed to go to the venue and do sound check, an interview, a meet and greet and lucky me got to film everything!


I was sitting on the "Clean" bus, which is what I have labeled Patrick and Andy's bus. Andy was sitting next to me on the couch and he was playing with his drumsticks, just tapping them on his leg while we watched Friends on TV. God I love this show. It would be so cool to have a group of close knit friends like this, you know? I hope to have that someday. Having like 4 or 5 people that you can count on to be there for you no matter what would feel amazing. Patrick joined us on the bus.

"What are you guys watching?" He glanced at the TV and then nodded. Everyone knows what Friends is. "Hey Hayden, can I talk to you for a minute?"

"Sure Stumpy," I stood up and followed him to the back of the bus. "What's up?"

"What exactly happened last night?" He questioned me.

"Pete showed up at my door upset because of something with Ashlee and asked if he could stay in my room. I guess he didn't want to be alone."

"Ok, so he didn't make a move on you?"

"Well, he held me and that's all. Why?"

"Well I confronted him last night about what's going on in his head with you and about things with Ashlee. He hasn't ever cheated on Ashlee and this is the closest he's gotten. I just told him to make up his mind before trying to start anything with you. That's all. I can tell that you're feeling something more than a crush and I don't want him to hurt you." AWWW! Patrick is such a good friend! I hugged Patrick tightly.

"Thanks Patrick, that's sweet of you. No wonder you're Pete's best friend," I smiled at him.

"Well I know that you've been hurt by men in the past and I don't want Pete to do it to you." He gave my hand a squeeze. How does Patrick not have a girlfriend? He's amazing!

"That's why I am have been trying to distance myself from Pete."

"Yes, letting him sleep in your bed is really accomplishing that," he teased and I pushed him. Pete walked into the back and looked at us a little confused.

"Um, hey guys, it's time for the show," he said and walked off. Was that a flash of jealousy in his eyes? Nah. Why would he be jealous of Patrick?


ST. PATRICK'S DAY! STUMPY DAY in other words! So I made a green shirt with Patrick's face on it and it says "STUMPY DAY" and I love it! Everyone in the band thought it was hilarious. And want to know that awesome thing? We actually have today off! YAY! Here I sit in Stumpy's hotel room watching the parade on TV. I have no idea what parade, just a St. Patrick's Day parade. I've never watched one before in my life until now. Tonight we all planned to go out and celebrate the holiday.

So it has been about a month since Pete slept in my bed and I have been trying to keep some distance. Ashlee keeps stopping by every other week on the tour and it kills me to see them together. I should have known that I was in too deep when I let him sleep in my bed with me. I haven't gotten the greatest sleep since then. Oh, and having to sleep on a bus where Ashlee and Pete are having sex is just TORTURE!!! I walked to take a gun and put it to my head.

"I can't wait til tonight! I get to see what Hayden is like drunk!" Patrick announced. So I don't really drink, but hell, it is a holiday.

"And I get to see Stumpy drunk too!" We smiled at each other. Joe walked into the room and sat next to me.

"So are we going to see crazy Hayden tonight? You're gonna see crazy Joe," he looked at me.

"We always see crazy Joe, you silly stoner! And yes, I'll be drinking with you guys," I replied. Patrick laughed as I made fun of Joe.

"Awesome, too bad it's not mardi gras," and with that I slapped Joe's arm.

"Don't ever think that I'd flash you for beads Frohman!" I laughed and so did he. Patrick shook his head.

"Is Marie flying in today?" Patrick asked. I totally forgot that Joe's girlfriend was coming! I am so happy that another female will be there. I can't stand to talk with Ashlee because I feel guilty for sleeping in a bed with her man and she makes me wanna throw up. I don't wanna hear about her and her precious Petey.

"Yea, I gotta leave in an hour to get her. You guys wanna come?"

"Sure, then I can show off my shirt!" I giggled like a little girl and Patrick laughed.

"I should SO wear a shirt like that," Patrick informed Joe and I and we burst into laughter.

"Isn't that a little, vein?" Joe said. Patrick just shrugged and then in walked Pete and Ashlee. Great! At least Andy followed behind them so that I would have plenty of people to talk to besides them. Pete smiled at me and I smiled back. He so knows that I have been avoiding being around him alone. It's too obvious for him not to notice.

"You're shirt is so funny!" Ashlee said to me. I hated her, but I liked her too. Damn bitch.

"Thanks, I made it myself," I said and looked at my phone. When did we need to leave to pick up Marie? Now? Nope, in an hour. Fuck! Thank god that Andy sat next to me and not Pete or Ashlee.

"Please say you made more than one shirt," Andy said. I smiled. I had made more than one shirt. I made one for each of the guys. I knew that they would appreciate it.

"Of course I did! I was going to give them to you guys later, but I'll go grab them now." They all cheered and I left for my room. I opened my door and walked to my suitcase and began to search for the shirts. I had them made about 2 weeks ago, so they were around here somewhere. After two minutes and 3 bags later I found them! I turned to see Pete in the doorway. Uh oh.

"Hey," I walked up to him and read the labels. I had written each person's name on the tag. I handed Pete his and he smiled.

"Thanks," he said, but he looked like he had something on his mind. That scared me. "Please don't get mad," Pete said and he pressed his lips to mine softly. Why wasn't I fighting this? I should be mad! But what did I do? I kissed him back. He slowly pulled away and looked into my eyes.

"Wha," I started to say and Pete cut me off.

"I had to know what it felt like to kiss you," and with that he walked off to his room. Holy shit, Pete Wentz just kissed me. Ok Hayden, calm down and go back to Patrick's room.

I walked in and when I saw Ashlee I felt instantly uncomfortable. She had no idea that just a minute ago her boyfriend's tongue was in my mouth. I handed everyone a shirt and turned to Ashlee.

"Sorry, I didn't know you would be here or else I would have made you one." I was trying to be nice.

"Don't worry, I wouldn't wear it out anywhere anyways. Not really my style but it is pretty funny." Wow, she was kinda a bitch when she wanted to be. Maybe she sensed something was up though.


So Marie's plane was late to arrive and we got bored. We were shopping in the airport gift shop when I found the perfect thing to top off Patrick's outfit! A sparkley green Leprechaun hat! I paid for it and put it on his head.

"What the," he said as I snapped a picture. That is definitely going on the tour DVD! It'll be on the back cover or something. This job was too easy! I rarely did actual work and I didn't have to film every day. If I did then there would be WAY too much footage to go through in the end.

"Dude, where did you find that?" Andy asked and I pointed him in the direction. He bought one for himself. Joe tried to put it on his head and the Fro was way too big! Poor Frohman! Over the loud speaker we heard Marie's flight had landed and we made our way to her terminal.
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