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Chapter 17

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Harry finds out Dumbledore's duplicity. Inthis chapter he starts thinking about the future while pieces of the big picture start forming.

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Chapter 17 – Books, Translations and the Future

Harry after handing his notes over to Rabastian sat down with another very large tome that would have had Hermione drooling had she seen it and started taking extensive notes.

Rabastian went over Harry’s notes and translations looking for any discrepancies and found none.

On the third day when they were suppose to give their report to the Dark Lord; Rabastian finally decides to ask Harry some personal questions.

Impressed Rabastian states, “You’ve done an excellent job on these translations Harry, have you ever thought of doing this type of work when the war is over?”

Harry grimaced as he answers, “I’ve never given much thought to an actual career once the war is over till recently; and while translations and research do play a part in what I’ve thought about its nothing like this… mostly because of the way Dumbledore has been treating the war and me I was thinking it was likely I wouldn’t survive.”

“Well since you’ve seen through Dumbledore’s mask and came to Tom who will train you. How about you start thinking of having a future. I’d heard rumors that you wanted to be an auror was that something you wanted?”

Harry with a frown, “When they did career counseling in 5th year the only job I really heard anything about was Auror. They told me that both my Dad and Sirius were Aurors, that they were dark wizard catchers and that I’d be a natural so even though I was leaning away from fighting my entire life I let everyone think that it was what I wanted to do. It just made things easier.”

Tom asks from the doorway, “Exactly what are you interested in doing?”

“I’ve actually thought a lot about going into the Healer field… I’d like to see about combining potions, transfigurations, charms and actual healing magic. I was thinking about some of the incurable muggle illnesses that although rare wizards do sometimes catch them. What if you transfigure sick cells into perfect healthy cells ones that actually do what they are suppose to could it be the end of diseases like Aids, Leukemia or Cancer? Or new potions or other treatments that help to ease those suffering from them!” realizing he’d rambled somewhat Harry looks back to his notes in embarrassment as he goes silent.

Rabastian grins as Tom takes a seat, “I see you do have an idea of what you want… and I know exactly who you need to talk to so that your vision can be realized. Lucius is a charms master, Severus is a Potions master, and my brother is a master of Arithmancy which while you didn’t mention it will be necessary for developing new spells and treatments and Adrianna Zabini who is a transfiguration master… Tom here is a master in almost everything you’ll need. Would you consider an apprenticeship? Although it would be longer than normal apprenticeship with everything you’d need to study…”

Harry states objectively, “Draco wants to be Snape’s apprentice… he’s the only master I know of so no I hadn’t considered an apprenticeship at all… not even in my wildest imaginings. With Dumbledore in charge of my life I didn’t have a future to look forward to so I wasn’t able to do more than dream a little.”

“Harry I know what you are capable of now when you put your mind towards something. The only reason I’ve never taken an apprentice other than Rabastian here is because for the most part people want everything handed to them; they don’t want to earn their laurels. If you were to become my apprentice and I do want you to consider this a very valid offer, expect to earn your certificates.”


Severus Snape age 38, youngest Potions Master in 300 years was trying to figure a way to tell his oldest friend that newly found barely legal daughter was his mate. He finally decided alcohol and straight forward telling was the best way to go.

He finally located him apparently waiting for him in the sitting room closest to the floo chamber. He starts tentatively, “Luc,.. has Diana, uh Miss Hunter mentioned anything about finding her mates?”

Lucius replies calmly, “She’s not said much yet. I think she may know who of them is but she hasn’t said anything to me about it yet. Why Severus? Has she mentioned something to you? Or have you observed something?”

“She has not spoken to me about it yet but I believe; no I know that she is; that I am her mate, one of them anyhow.” Severus states badly.

Lucius demands impassively, “What has brought you to this conclusion?”

Severus starts explaining how he came to the conclusion hoping fervently that his friend wouldn’t try to kill him when he was finished.

“At first I thought nothing of it when she sought out my company each evening. It’s often common for patience to form an attachment to the healer that saves them from a near death experience. I at first thought that was what was happening but that type of attachment doesn’t last or survive a non-encouraged relationship. She finds me every evening to just be in my presence. I am often doing research; she either assists or sits quietly reading or doing research of her own. I… I found myself quite drawn to her and I look forward to her presence every evening. I find that I look for her and don’t relax until she’s arrived.”

Looking Lucius in the eyes he adds earnestly forsaking all Slytherin instincts, “As you know I usually prefer solitude and found this unusual in itself. I stopped taking the suppressor to see if she could be the one. It cleared my system in 3 day and I knew immediately. Luc I am finding the emotions and especially the territorial feelings difficult to control. I nearly attacked Avery yesterday because he laid a hand on her shoulder when he was explaining something to her.”

Draco dressed in his best charcoal gray trousers crisp white silk shirt and charcoal gray robe trimmed in cerulean blue Celtic knot work (the sapphires in his cufflinks matching perfectly) waited impatiently at the Hogsmeade train station for his first meeting with his contracted bride Jadzeah Strommwing. His parents had arranged the marriage contract when he was 3 years old and her 4½ … to date they’d never met and he was very nervous since letters just didn’t tell you a lot about a person.
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