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Revised Chapter 18

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Chapter 18

Diana watched impassively as Draco and Lucius prepared to go meet the train in Hogsmeade, when she finally turns towards Severus Snape who was sitting by the fire to find that he was oddly enough appeared to be watching her. She asks him in a somewhat petulant voice, "Don't you have to go as well? She is after all one of your apprentices."

He ignores her tone thinking he might know where it was coming from and explains, "It does not require all of us. She is an adult and should be able to locate and make her was to a school the size of Hogwarts from Hogsmeade. She is my apprentice yes but does not make me her keeper. I've a set of rules and guidelines written into our Master/Apprentice contract that takes care of behavior and expectations. Other than required assignments, which does include teaching and assisting certain classes and her own research and potions assignments her time is her own. The situation would of course be a bit different if she was a minor as I would be her guardian and responsible for all of her actions."

"What about Draco then? He is still a minor after all."

He adds in a calm reassuring tone, "I don't envision many changes from previous years with Draco. As head of Slytherin house I've essentially been his guardian every year he's been at Hogwarts. The only change is that now I will be able to over rule Lucius in all matters but as we usually agree on most decisions there won't be any marked changes. I will be happy this term that he and Mr. Potter aren't constantly at each others throats."

Finally appearing to give up the sulks she walks over and takes a chair near Severus she asks, "Will they be allowed to bond while still being apprentices?"

"I've made allowances in our contracts allowing for them to bond so long as they keep up with their contractual requirements. If their bond poses a problem I will require them to live in separate rooms and only have monthly conjugal visits." With a devilish smirk he adds, "I believe that clause alone will keep them in line." He was glad she was finally talking about bonding issues but really wished she'd get to the real topic she wanted to discuss instead of meandering around it.”

“Isn’t it expected that the Master has the right to those liberties from their apprentice or apprentices?”

Realizing that they were finally getting to the heart of the problem she was deliberating and brooding over he states calmly in an abstract manner, “While some Masters do expect those liberties I find it to be disturbing and unnecessary. I find the thought of demanding sexual gratification demeaning. I am able to find willing partners if and when I need them so expecting it of someone under my influence and in my care is undignified and unseemly to me. I make sure to write into my contracts that I will never ask for those liberties and that my apprentices are not to expect such from me. I’ve seen in other Master/Apprentice relationship where the apprentice becomes possessive and expecting after the Master starts delving into that aspect of the bond.”

“So when I arrange my apprenticeship I should remember these things and negotiate out the aspects that I an uncomfortable with?” she asks quietly.

Heart pounding in discomfort Severus asks, “Who are you looking to apprentice with?”

Grimacing as she replies, “It looks as if Harry and I both are most likely going to apprentice with Grandfather and or Rabastian. Although, and you are the only one I’ve mentioned this to, I am hesitant to sign a contract with Rabastian since I think it’s possible he’s one of my mates.”

“Many masters and apprentices have bonded over the years; why does the possibility of this happening concern you so? It is after all a perfect opportunity to get to know him with expectations already clearly laid out.”

Looking discomfited and a bit sad she states quietly, “I don’t always want to be a child or lesser in the relationship. It will be hard enough being 20 years his junior. To always be lesser because he was master to my apprentice would be a block that is near impossible to overcome.”

“So you fear that he will never be able to see past the already established relationship and will always treat you as his student even in your martial life…”

“Basically; it would be difficult to overcome 5 years of already recognized behavior, especially if we start building the relationship while still student and master. Can you see yourself as one night master the next night husband and put aside the previous already comfortable established relationship?”


While back at the Borrow:

Hermione exclaimed shrilly as she shoves his grouping hands away, “Ronald if I’ve told you once I’ve said it a hundred times, we not have sexual relations till we are married.”

“But ‘Mione we won’t be married, we’ll be bonded and having sex doesn’t affect the matrimonial bond,” Ron Weasley gently explained.

She slowly runs her hand up and down his arm and looking up at him through her lashes getting him off balance and not knowing what she’s saying but agreeable to everything, “Besides Ronald we need to show Harry that he’s not better than us, that we have way more than he ever will.”

“I know ‘Mione but he’s with those Slytherins now; the slimy gits. How will we get to him?”

“Let’s start by showing him how much smarter we are than him.” When he starts to stammer she interjects, “Oh Ron I know you’ve been holding back so as to not make him feel bad, but you don’t have to do that anymore. Anyone with your keen strategic sense has to be smart you’ve just been down playing letting Harry freakin Potter hold you back but now you can shine.”

Playing along and hoping she’d let him use her notes cause he wasn’t all that pressed to study and write his own, “But he’s held me back so long I don’t know if I can bounce back.”

“Oh I’ll help you Ron, don’t you worry about that and it will still leave time for us to be alone and further our relationship,” she states as she leans up and kisses him gently while pressing her bosom into his hard chest totally short circuiting any thoughts he may have had in his head.


Arthur Weasley runs his hand through his thinning hair while waiting for his wife to appear. He honestly couldn’t believe all the things she’d done behind his back. Oh he’d always known that she was socially conscious but figured she’d changed when she stopped teaching the kids what are now referred to as pure blood customs. Hell she’d even stopped observing the traditional Wizarding holidays and adopted all the Muggle ones. He’d tried to give the children the best of both worlds but his youngest had somehow been corrupted into her beliefs and never followed the traditional customs after given the option to stop.

His anger at her is palatable but Molly either doesn’t sense it or chooses to ignore it bustling in as if nothing had happened the previous day.

Arthur states clearly, “Sit down Molly its times you learned the new rules.”

“What do you mean rules Arthur Weasley you are my husband not my father you can’t and will not dictate to me.”

“SHUT UP woman,” he states in a tone that he’s never used before and as he says the words he seems unaware that the magic of being head of house forces her into silence and he continues without pause, “before you say something that causes me to take drastic action… now where was I…Oh yes the new rules:

#1 you will have absolutely NO contact with Albus Dumbledore including that which concerns his order of the phoenix.
#2 two you have no authority to create contracts of any kind for our children including matrimonial and bonding. You are not even authorized to set up apprenticeships since you seem incapable of honorable thought and behavior.
#3 you now have zero access to the vaults at Gringotts including the now empty one you set up for your own greedy self. All the funds from that were returned to their proper owner and you currently still owe Mr. Potter something akin to 45,000 pounds which you and your greedy daughter will be paying back with interest.
#4 since it appears that you have too much time on your hands and since you need to pay Harry back what you owe him you are required to find a job... you have exactly a month if you are unemployed after that point I will be forced to expel you from the family without honor. I hope that through good old fashioned hard work you find your way back to being the respectful honorable woman that I was bonded to nearly 30 years ago.
#5 You will still have your familial duties here at home, you will assist the children with their home work, cook meals and clean and don’t worry those ungrateful children will be assisting you especially after you’ve found work.

These rules can be altered at anytime as they are upheld by the familial magic. If I see the necessity or Bill does they will change be prepared.”

He looks sadly at her across the table from him, “Molly we’ve never had it easy but it’s also never been bad. There was never any reason to stoop to stealing from an orphan child. He has only what his parents were able to leave him: things and money which you’ve tainted with your deplorable actions. You could have had another son… instead you’ve made an enemy that can and if pushed will file criminal charges against you. He has the evidence so it’s not just his word against yours and don’t even look to Dumbledore to save you because the charges and evidence against him is even more incriminating on the both of you.


Harry looks at Remus and asks excitedly, “So what do you think of our plan? Any advice?”

Remus smiles at his now godson, “Harry you’ve always known what interested you… you just never thought you’d be given the chance to actually delve into it; you’ve got that chance now. I say go for it.”

He jumps up and yells in unrestrained delight, “Excellent!!!”


Diana asks hesitantly while Severus and his apprentices were off looking at their quarters, “Lucius, umm Father can we talk?”

“Certainly my dear, what can I do for you?” Lucius replies glad she’s finally starting to see him as an advisor if not parent.

“You were part of a multi partner bond and I’ve been having feelings that confuse me, I’m hoping you might understand what it means.”

Lucius motions her to sit down near him while stating quietly, “I don’t know if I have the answers you seek but I will try; please explain.”

“I can feel pulls to some people here and a few others I thought this meant that they were my mates. But some of them that I can feel have connections to or pulls from someone else; someone not connected to me. Does this mean that they aren’t one of my mates?”

“Mate bonds or soul bonds are complex. When you feel these people you don’t have a choice they are your mates but some of them have another choice and that is what you are feeling. As you are in a multi mate situation losing out on one of these people won’t hinder you or cause you to sicken like it would if you only had a single possible mate.”

“Why do they have others to choose from? I don’t understand.”

“There are many reason why they have been given a choice… one factor may be sexuality. If they can only feel comfortable with a single gender and you aren’t of that persuasion then magic has given them a chance at happiness with someone of that persuasion. They still have to choose between you and them though and both bonds are valid soul bonds. It could also be that this person could never be comfortable in a multi spouse situation so they are given the choice of you and your mates or this other single individual again both choices are valid. Does this help you understand better?” He was concerned for his daughter and hoped she’d give him more information so he could lead her in a direction that would keep more pain from her.

“Father I think you know that Severus is one of my mates right?” When he nods she continues, “I’ve also had this feeling from Rabastian but he’s also got a pull on him from someone else, well Severus does as well and I haven’t been too sure what to make of it. Severus has been rather accepting of my presence and seems to enjoy my company… Rabastian and I seem to make each other rather nervous and we aren’t exactly comfortable in each other’s company. He actually seems to get along better with Harry than he does with me.”

“Severus has spoken to me about the possibility of being your mate I have given him my blessing in enjoying your company but there is to be no absolutely no sexual activity before bonding. I don’t say this because I think you are child or because of your age difference but because your magic will respond to each other’s and grow with the bonding if there’s been no exploration of that nature beforehand. I want to be all that you can be the strongest witch possible and this is why I asked this of him. The old way, the Traditions that we follow, the traditions that so many like to ignore and disregard were done for a reason. The bonds were stronger and they strengthened the relationship between those involved and their magic if adhered to. I ask this of you even though to Severus I made it a demand for your benefit not mine.”

Smiling at him through tear filled eyes she slides out of the chair to her father’s feet and embraces him, “Father I know you love me and are doing your best to be a good parent to me. Merlin knows it hard to just suddenly have a barely of-age daughter but you’re doing well with me. You are being stern when you have to be and lenient when it really doesn’t matter. I appreciate you telling me why you wish this behavior out of us rather than just demanding it and I’ll be honest with you in return. I am still kinda scared of getting too close to fast. I know I wasn’t raped but it was threatened and he did things that violated me just badly and others that were totally demeaning; well let’s just say that Guardian was a hard hearted bastard and liked to touch and take liberties as quickly as that Dumbledore person would let him. So you needed worry, I won’t be jumping into a sexual relationship with anyone… but I wouldn’t mind a courtship with hand holding and a little kissing and cuddling. I want to and I need to know that these men will respect me and understand what I’ve gone through.”

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