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Chapter 19

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Disclaimer as stated previously: I am not JK Rowling and I make no money off this or any of her intellectual property. I do borrow one of more of her characters without intention to cause them harm for this expression of my imagination but that is the extent of it.

Chapter 19
New Classes and Professors and contracts abound:

Harry wanders around Slyth Torr till he finds Tom Riddles study then nervously he knocks on the door entering only after he is bid to do so.
Tom looks up from the stack of papers he was reading sees harry and smiles while asking, “Harry what can I do for you today?”
With a bit of excited nervousness in his voice Harry states, “Tom I’ve been thinking about what we discussed the other afternoon and I’d really like to be your apprentice. There are so many things that I want to study and I know one master unless they’ve study and mastered many things just won’t be able to cover it all. You and Rabastian to some extent have done this.”
Smiling Tom answers, ”Well that’s good news Harry and with the news I received this morning everything will work out perfectly.”
“Really what have you heard?”

“Seems the adverts that Dumbledore put out elicited many bites some of which were from my faithful two of them are your new professors. Rabastian tells me that he was notified by owl just this morning that he’s been accepted as the new History professor, and Lucius is going to be your new Defense professor along with the eldest Weasley boy… who it seems is also teaching an evening based elective in wards. The other Weasley boy… the one that works with dragons is taking a break from them and is going to be your Creatures professor.”

“But how can Rabastian teach…he’s one of the ten most wanted?!?!”
“Ahh that’s the best part of it, we’ve created artifacts that have untraceable glamour magic imbedded in them. Once you put the item on and activate it you will look like someone else in every sense of the word. These devices can only be deactivated by the one that turned it on and it can’t be detected by medical scans or other scanning magic. For instance Mad Eye Moody will not see Rabastian but his disguise when he looks at him. He can act in my stead as one of my former apprentices when I can’t be there for you until we get to meet. I will expect to meet with you on Hogsmeade weekends but I may also use one of the devices and visit you for lessons on other weekends if I determine that you need me. Harry I want you to remember that I take my responsibility as master very seriously… If I find that someone is harming you I will stop them. If I determine you need me for any reason I will be there or get someone I trust to you. If I find that Dumbledore is dangerous to you I will remove you from Hogwarts and we’ll stop him without you being within his sphere of influence. I may yell at you, I may be harsh in punishments but I don’t punish arbitrarily and I will never cause you physical harm. I do not abuse those under my care. You like Rabastian before you will be treated more like my son than a stranger under my care.”

“It will be nice having Rabastian there, I kinda wish Moony could be there too. He’s such a good Professor that it’s a shame that the Ministry and the Board of Governors won’t let him in.”
“It’s not the Governors that are being the problem in this instance its Dumbledore. He claims that it’s the Governors but in actuality its himself; he doesn’t want Lupin in the school because Lupin has managed to slip his control. But I’ve a plan there too. I’ve decided that 4 masters will act in my stead when I can’t be there for you. They will instruct you and accept your work sending it and their reports on your progress on to me. These agents will be Rabastian, Severus, Lucius and Lupin. This will all be written into your contract so it cannot be contested by Dumbledore or the Ministry. Severus will of course cover your potions he can also help with your Defense but I will have him and Lucius also work on your dark-arts, Lupin and Lucius can share defense and charms which will include wards and proper dueling as well as creating magic artifacts like the Disguiser, Rabastian will cover transfiguration and the basics of healing. Once you need more than the basics of healing we’ll have to find you another agent to assist while at the school.”
Tom continues with a bit of a smile, “Now I know you are worried about learning dark arts but you needn’t. The Dark Arts themselves aren’t bad it’s the black arts which should have never been created or used that must be avoided by you at all costs as it will ruin any chance you have at healing magic. Dark magic is just another aspect of magic, some is light most is neutral and some is dark and the dark arts are spells that specifically use this dark magic. Most spells actually taught at the schools are of neutral magic. Light magic can be and often is one of the most destructive forces on the earth. I saw Dumbledore use it on Grindlewald he suffered pain that Cruciatus Curse doesn’t even come close to matching.”
Tom seeing that Harry still wasn’t completely convinces states, “you may come to me anytime with your fears I will not laugh or taunt you because they are valid and it’s good to be concerned as it means you are taking your studies seriously. You may also speak to any of the agents/advisors helping you that is part of why they are there close to you when I cannot be.”
“Now do you wish a standard contract or would you like to discuss it at length?”
Harry after listening to a few comments from the others before they’d gone to Hogwarts calmly asks even though he was anything but calm, “Is it common to insist on sexual gratification from the apprentice?”
“It is usually included in the contract but it’s not something I look for. I am quite able to find willing bedmates. Harry I can’t say I’ve written it out before but if that situation makes you uncomfortable then we can state in the contract that such will not be required.” Seeing Harry still looking undecided he adds, “And just because its allowed by contract to me doesn’t give the same liberty to my agents. They will not ever be able to demand such of you and if they do ask then its of their own feelings and not due to some nefarious section of the contract.”

The next day Harry sits down and reads through the contract presented to him by Tom Riddle amazed at what he was reading…
By magic vow and written contract I, Camulas Ignatius Tomas Peverell, take you, Harry James Potter, as my apprentice and you will remain such until you’ve learned all that’s deemed necessary for your chosen mastery.
It is my responsibility to cloth you, house you feed you and supply you with what’s necessary for you to learn be it books parchment, cauldrons and potions supplies.
IT is your responsibility to study hard and learn all that is presented to you as quickly as possible without strain to your mind and body. At no time will I demand sexual gratification from my apprentice; this is not to say that if both are willing that it cannot be acted upon. (Please feel free to paraphrase this contractual information in as flowery and technical language as you wish.. I tried and confused myself twice before deciding I’d state the basics and let you just imagine the rest)
Additional information added to make it clear to Harry: Collapsing from exhaustion will not help you get there faster. Pace yourself, if you encounter problems tell us we will adjust your schedule. Now while at Hogwarts this year (September through June) you will not take part in the regular Defense, Charms, Potions, Transfiguration or History (also includes finance and government) classes but you will be assisting the Professors. You will not be taking Runes or Arithmancy and estate management with the Hogwarts student but will be given tutoring by Rabastian and Lucius in addition to these courses of study you will also start the basic healing. You will be taking the warding course offered and care of magical creatures as you’ve shown an interest in it. If there are any others you feel inclined to take please alert me immediately.
After reading it through and asking a few questions Harry picks up the blood quill and signs it quickly followed by Tom and the agents involved as well as Rudolphos Lestrange, Dairus Rookwood, Alvin McNair who acted as impartial witness so as to clarify that no coercion was involved.
When they were done and harry was again left alone with the dark lord Harry asks, “Is it still valid with the name you used?”
“Tom smiles in delight, “I am so glad you caught that and yes it is very much legal more so than if I’d used Tom Riddle. I truly did hate my biological father for how he treated my mother. I legally changed my name when I was 38 years old to Peverell and used some of my more well placed followers to hide the paper trail. This is one of the reasons that I do not think I will have much trouble trying to visit you… but with Dumbledore you just can never tell.


A/N: Ok Tom is smiling a lot and I know I will hear about it… The memory potions compulsion spells and other potions are now clear of Tom, Severus and Lucius systems… they’ve pretty much come to terms and working to be the people they hoped they would have been without them…
Tom wanted to change the world to make it safer for wizards and to keep magic strong… this was perverted into subjugating muggles and muggle-borns and intense and uncontrolled violence --not what he wanted
Lucius well he was controlled and manipulated into forgetting something unbreakable he came close to breaking himself when it was discovered. He still deeply loves Draco… and has fallen for his daughter all over again. He still believes in pureblood or the old traditions that started with and before Merlin and will teach and initiate all his children in them.
Severus while he never liked the Gryffindor’s when in school as a student would never have acted in such a bullying manner without the compulsions. He may have disliked Harry because of the constant reminder of James and the bullying he suffered but as a whole I think most of the G house wouldn’t have been targeted so spitefully. He now knows the complete unvarnished truth and actually likes Harry sees a lot of promise in him and a lot more of Lily than James.
Diana’s contract next… the basics of Draco’s has already been stated. And more Weasley insights as well possibly Dumbles too
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