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Never Does

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The end :(

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Chapter 42:

“Bob!” Mikey screamed.
“What now?” Bob sighed, coming into the kitchen where Mikey was holding Hazel at arms length, a disgusted look on his face, “Hey! Careful with her!”
Bob rushed over and took Hazel in his arms.
“She puked on me!” Mikey wailed, looking down at his stained shirt.
“Quit complaining, you’re worse than her, just go change your shirt!” Bob said, not looking away from Hazel.
“Bloody favouritism…” Mikey said, stalking off and Bob chuckled.
“Hey Mikey - eww gross!” Gerard said, entering the room and recoiling from his brother, then a smile spread across his face, “really Mikey, you should learn to keep your breakfast down!”
“Fucking bastard” Mikey muttered, pushing past.
“Hey Bob,” Gerard said, walking over to him.
“Alright,” Bob said, finally looking up. Gerard extended his arms and Bob passed him Hazel.
“Aww, did you spit up on your Uncle Mikey?” He said, smiling, “hey bob, you have to come see this!”
Bob looked curious and followed Gerard out of the kitchen into the lounge.
“Frank has had a long night!” Gerard said, suppressing his laughter. Frank lay on the couch a pacifier lolling out of his mouth and cuddling a teddy bear.
“Did you do this to him?” Bob asked, trying to sound disapproving, but it was too funny.
“No! Honestly, I found him like this!” Gerard said, “do you think we should wake him?”
“Nah, let him rest… for now, take a picture though!” Gerard did as Bob instructed and showed him the photo on the small digital camera.
“Yup, it’s official, I have a new screensaver!” Bob said. “Where’s Ray?”
“He went to go drop Ruby, Riley, Cara and Lily at the airport, they fly back and forth from here way too much,” Gerard said, shaking his head.
“Yeah, it’s a shame really, but we can’t ask them to move here… can we?” Bob looked hopeful.
“Doubtful,” Gerard said, biting his lip, “they are still at school, their parents would never allow it.”
“Damn” Bob muttered.
“Yeah I know, maybe when they are old enough to leave school and home, but for now it will just have to be occasional visits.” Gerard said, his phone rang and he passes Hazel back to Bob.
“Hello?” Gerard asked, “Oh hi. Really? Well yeah I know that. No, no it’s fine, just took me by surprise that’s all. Yeah I’m sure I can get them down this afternoon. Yeah, we just have to wait for Ray. Okay, see you at 2 then. Bye Brian”
“What does Brian say?” Bob asked, rocking Hazel in his arms.
“We have a rehearsal today, starting on the new album work.” Gerard said.
“Really? Has it been three weeks already?” Bob asked, amazed.
“I know, we need to get a calendar.” Gerard said, laughing.
“What shall I do with Hazel?” Bob asked, anxious.
“Don’t worry, our mum will be able to look after her,” Gerard reassured him.
“Okay. We better get sleeping beauty up,” Bob said, jerking his head towards Frank.
“I guess we do…” Gerard walked over the couch and jerked it sharply. This send Frank flying down off of the couch. He woke suddenly screaming, the pacifier shot down his throat and he coughed it back up.
Bob and Gerard were in hysterics, as they looked at Frank’s bewildered face as he rubbed the back of his head.
“Ouch! Was that really necessary?” He moaned.
“Yes, you were the one with the dummy in your mouth,” Bob justified.
“I was trying to get her to go to sleep,” Frank said.
“How would that make her sleep?” Gerard asked.
“I dunno, I had tried everything else,” Frank groaned, struggling to his feet, “why the rude wake up anyway?”
“Band practice,” Gerard said.
“Already?” Frank asked, eyes wide.
“Yup,” Bob nodded.
“Where has Mikey got to?” Gerard asked, looking around. Then he made his way up the stairs.
Frank and Bob listened as they heard footsteps walk over to Mikey’s room, open the door, then they heard footsteps again, into the bathroom, running water, then footsteps back to the room. They waited. They heard Mikey’s yelp.
“I just changed my fucking shirt!” He yelled.
Gerard made his way happily downstairs with a very wet Mikey.
“He was sleeping” Gerard said happily.
“Yeah, emphasis on WAS” Mikey said, pulling on yet another shirt, scowling.
“Someone call Ray,” Frank said.
“What’s going on?” Mikey asked.
Gerard rolled his eyes, tired of repeating himself, “Band practice. Already? Yes, time flies. Wow That’s so soon. Yes it is” Gerard said, walking to the phone, filling in Mikey’s part of the conversation for him.
Ray came round an hour later.
“Weird, it’s like everything has gone back to normal again,” Frank said to no one in particular.
“It won’t last,” Gerard assured him.
“Never does.”

And they all lived happily ever after…
Well that is the end, sorry for the sucky ending but there is nothing more I can add to this story. Sorry. If you have any ideas please tell me because I would like to continue it, but for now I am stumped. Anyway I have a new idea for a story so you can hold on until I get that up and running. Please review this, it makes me sick with worry that you hate it if you don’t.
Thanks xxx FIIWS
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