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Forcefully Cheery

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Chapter 41:

Bob, Frank and Gerard pulled up outside the care home. Bob frowned, he did not like the look of this place, it looked like it was trying to be forcefully cheery, it had yellow walls, a tacky plastic wing set, a small lawn that was filled with overgrown flowers, and worst of all on the door was a plaque that said “Cheerful Children Care Home”. He looked at the others, Gerard raised an eyebrow and Frank cocked his head like a dog that was trying to figure out the command it’s owner had just given him.
“Let’s go,” Gerard said, “this place gives me the creeps.”
Bob and Frank nodded. They got out of the hire car and walked up to knock on the door.
Bob knocked and they waited for a while. The door swung open to reveal a woman who was carrying a small toddler in her arms, the toddler grinned widely at them, then struggled out of the woman’s arms and ran into another room.
“Hello, you must be… Mr Bryar?” She said, cautiously, looking them up and down. They defiantly looked out of place in this falsely happy place. They were all dressed in black and looked strange when contrasted to the matching yellow walls with pictures of flowers painted on.
“Yeah, that’s me,” Bob said, attempting a hopefully bright smile. The woman was distracted as a teenage girl of about 14 ran down the stairs.
“Maria, Chelsea has locked herself in our room again!” She said, she didn’t sound angry, she just sighed and rolled her eyes.
“What’s wrong this time?” Maria asked, pushing her dirty blonde hair from her eyes.
“I have no idea,” the girl said, sighing again, “I tried to ask her but she told me to go away, well not exactly in those words…”
“I see, get Simon to sort it, I’m a little busy,” Maria gestured to Bob, Frank and Gerard, who were still standing sheepishly in the doorway. The girl seemed to have only just noticed they were there, she gaped at them.
“Fucking hell…” she said, glancing at Maria’s frown and quickly saying, “I mean, are you My Chemical Romance?”
“Three of them,” Frank said, half smiling.
“Oh my god! What are you doing here?” She asked in awe.
Maria cut her short, “you know them? What is My Chemical something?”
The girl rolled her eyes, “they are a band, honestly Maria, you work to hard!” She laughed, then turned back to the three of them, “I’m Gina, it’s so great to meet you, sorry, I’m a little taken aback, we never get told when cool people are coming!”
“It’s okay,” Gerard said, smiling.
Gina grinned back, “this will get Chelsea out of her room I will go get her!”
“Gina, they don’t have time to…” but it was too late, the girl had disappeared back up the stairs, “sorry about this,” she said to them, “I didn’t know, if I had I would of arranged a private meeting, do you mind?”
“No, it’s fine,” Bob assured her, “when do I get to see her, the baby?”
“Soon, just allow Chelsea to go hyper for a minute,” Maria said, rolling her eyes. Just then they heard a scream and a thunder of footsteps as a small girl of about 12 threw herself at the three of them, crushing them with hugs and giving out an inaudible babble of admiration.
Maria finally managed to free the, “Chelsea, these guys need to sort some stuff out, can you wait for a bit while it is sorted?”
Chelsea turned to them, “why are you here? Are you looking to adopt? Why?”
“Chelsea!” Maria said in a warning voice.
“Got to go!” She squealed and ran off into another room.
“Sorry, again, please follow me,” Maria said.

They ran through all the boring stuff, rules and forms and all that, but finally they were allowed to go see the baby.
Bob entered the small nursery room at the back of the house. Their were a few babies and small children, most of them sleeping, but Bob found the baby almost instantly.
She was resting in a cot by the window, she looked so peaceful, her eyes opened slowly when they leaned over.
“Aww, Bob she’s adorable!” Frank said.
Bob didn’t reply he just smiled.
“Thought of any names yet?” Gerard asked.
“We already decided! She’s called Frank remember!” Frank joked.
Gerard rolled his eyes and looked at Bob, “Bob?”
Bob looked back at the baby, and the baby’s gorgeous, light brown eyes fixed on his, he smiled, “Hazel, like her eyes.”

I don't know if you aprove of the name, but I like it, it means light, which I think is sweet. Anyway, it isn't quite the end yet but it is nearing I'm afraid. If any of you are remotely interested I have a long term story in which you can check out as I have made a website:

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