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Sudden Maternal Instincts

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Bob, Frank and Gerard on a plane

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Chapter 40:

The plane ride seemed to drag on for ages. It was a long ride, naturally, going from America to England was hardly a short trip, but it seemed to stretch out longer than it ever had before.
Bob sat there, the others were all sleeping, but he was wide awake. Only Frank and Gerard had accompanied him, the girls Ray and Mikey had stayed behind to help out with when they returned and to ‘hold down the fort’. It was going to be tricky, no doubt about it, and he could hardly keep the baby on tour. After Gerard had brought up his correct, if slightly annoying, point that they couldn’t look after a baby while on tour, which was 100% true, it wouldn’t be safe, and no one would be there to watch her while they were performing. So they decided to wait until the tour had ended, Bob had had to phone the social services back up to sort it all out, they were understanding and said that he could come when the time suited him. Though the last couple months had been stressful, it had been a long tour for him, he couldn’t get the baby off of his mind, and he was so full of anticipation now, there was no way he could drift off like Gerard and Frank had managed to.
It was good timing to do it now though, they had to work on their new album and so there would be plenty of time for the baby to get settled and for Bob to stay with her, look after her, whatever. The problem arose when they were, inevitably, next on tour. Bob tried not to think about that, cross that bridge when he came to it.
He distracted himself with the thoughts of how much they would all suck at looking after a child, running through numerous scenarios in his head, that were frighteningly likely to happen. This baby was going to be in for a tough time. Bob bit his lip, feeling guilty, the others had assured him that it would be fine, that he was going to be a great dad. Dad… that was going to take some getting used to.
Frank stirred beside him.
“No, I don’t want to play drums, give me back my guitar…” He muttered, causing Bob to laugh, this woke Frank up as his head had lolled onto Bob’s shoulder during his sleep.
“Nice of you to join us in the land of the living.” Bob said.
“Whaaa?… grramffargh…” Frank said, as he straightened up, “are we… nearly there?” He asked, stretching.
“I don’t know,” Bob replied honestly.
“Why do you have to want a baby in England? There are millions of babies in America, why cant you choose them for sudden maternal instincts?” Frank asked, grumpy from being woken from his sleep.
“It’s paternal.” Bob corrected him.
“I’m not so sure about that…” Frank said, raising an eyebrow and smirking.
Bob shook his head, “must you always poke fun?”
“It’s my favourite past-time” Frank replied, still grinning.
“Wow your wit is truly outstanding,” Bob said, rolling his eyes.
“Thanks,” Frank said, choosing to ignore the sarcasm.
Bob scowled, but before he had a chance to retort the voice-com came on and the pilots voice came through the speaker beside them.
“We will be arriving at Heathrow in 10 minutes,” The voice stated clearly.
“Shut up guys, I’m sleeping…” Gerard said, not registering the voice.
“Get up Gee, nap time is over!” Frank said, Gerard simply turned away from them, Frank nudged him in the side, Gerard groaned and batted him away with his arm, “come on, might as well wake up now.”
“Leave me alone…” Gerard grumbled.
“If you get up I will buy you a coffee,” Bob said, this got Gerard’s attention, he sat up.
“Coffee!” He beamed, and they laughed.


“I’m going to have no trouble with a baby if I can handle you two!” Bob sighed, shaking his head, they were in the airport café, Gerard was slowly waking up with his coffee that he had already spilled down himself twice, and Frank was cursing as he realised he had left his small amount of luggage in the car back in America. “Frank, don’t worry, we will only be here shortly, and Gerard please wake up soon or I will have to get you a bib!”
“Hey it’s not my fault! My hands are still sleeping!” Gerard said, trying to use a napkin to clean himself up, his eyes still groggy with sleep. Though he was starting to become a bit more alert now.
“And I will be so bored without a comic or playing a video game!” Frank groaned.
“You two are impossible!” Bob said, he tried to keep his voice serious but he couldn’t help but laugh.

Eventually they left the airport and started on their long, 4 hour drive, down to Plymouth.

Hope you liked it. I'm afraid I do have bad news, I have decided to end this story, but I will try to make it a good ending promise, and I may come back to it and do a sequal later, but I want to start a new story, so you can read that instead. Sorry, but on the bright side I have come up with a couple acronims for my goodbye message:
TTFN, MCRRMS, FLSSOG, FIIWS, from my friend Daisy: ILTOSSBB, and from Lauren: MWITFS
If you can work them out, well done, though the first one is known and the second is easy. I thought I would leave you with them to figure out and I will take my pick from them or come up with another each time I say goodbye. Enough with my ramblings...
Thanks xxx FLSSOG
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