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You Lot Are So Immature!

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Bob tells his news

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Chapter 39:

“Oh god, what did you do?” Mikey groaned, looking at Bob’s delighted expression, trying to see if there was something else beneath the smile.
“He’s up to something,” Gerard added, he said it in a sing song way, filled with curiosity.
“It’s nothing bad I promise!” Bob claimed raising his arms, “I just probably should have told you sooner…”
“Oh god, this is starting to make me feel nervous…” Ray said.
“There’s no need, honestly, it’s great news!” Bob insisted.
“Great news for you or great news for us?” Frank asked, by ‘us’ he meant the whole band.
“Just great news!” Bob said, smiling widely.
“That doesn’t answer the question…” Frank muttered.
“Will you guys shut up so I can tell you?” Bob said, slightly irritated now.
They looked up at him now, like small children that had just been told off, but still wrapped in curiosity.
“You know that baby I found up a tree, well I have been keeping tabs on it, and the other day I called them and I sort of agreed to look after it temporarily and then possibly adopt it later…” Bob said, speaking the words very slowly, and looking down at his feel, shuffling nervously.
He glanced up at them, their faces were stunned, mouths open, gormless expressions spread across each face.
Lily was the first to speak
“Oh my god, Bob is having a baby,” there was a short pause, then the humour of the words sank in and they burst out laughing.
“Hey! Don’t laugh!” Bob yelled over the hysterics.
“It’s… not… that… it’s… just…you…the image… of you… expecting a child…” Frank spluttered, they all nodded, tears streaming from their eyes.
“You lot are so immature!” Bob said, angry. “Come on, do you have anything other to say on the matter other than how funny it would be if I were a pregnant man?”
This just started them off again, but after a while Ray settled, “so what brought this on?”
“I dunno, it just sort of happened…” Bob said, happy that they had started to take this seriously, “I grew attached to her I suppose…”
“Aww, that’s so sweet…” Ruby said. “Wait didn’t you say you were going to get her in a few days?”
“Yeah, on Thursday, I know it’s a bit sudden…” Bob started.
“Just a bit,” Mikey grinned, “but it’s pretty cool!”
“What are you going to call her?” Cara asked.
“I don’t know yet, you guys can brainstorm…” Bob said, instantly regretting this decision.
“Lady Dracula!”
They broke into hysterics once again. Bob rolled his eyes, this was going to be a long night.
“What does she look like?” Ray asked, “we’ve never seen her, other than a bungle of cloth on TV”
“What do you mean what does she look like? Like a baby of course!” Bob said, furrowing his brow.
“Any more details?” Mikey asked.
“Umm she’s small, and roundish and… I dunno, you’ve seen a baby before.” Bob said.
“Yeah but Frank doesn’t count!” Lily retorted. Frank gave her pretend evil eyes and stuck out his tongue, “proving my point exactly!” She rolled her eyes.
“Umm guys?” Gerard said, they all turned to look at him, he hadn’t spoken so far since they had heard the news “what are we meant to do with a baby?
“Erm…” Bob said, looking worried now, confronted with Gerard’s question “I probably should have thought of that…”

Good old Bob, you like? I do hope so, loving the eviews by the way! Just keep them coming :D I am trying to see how long I can string this out so if you feel like I should wrap it up please say Thanks xxx
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