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I Have Some News

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A show, some visitors and news...

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Chapter 38:

“Ready?” Gerard asked, he couldn’t help but grin at them all. They all nodded in agreement, sharing his enthusiasm. They waited, until the lights were down, it was pitch black now, they could hardly see eachother. The crowd gave a little light from their cell phones, knowing what was coming next, they waited.
Then Gerard led the rest of them out onto the stage. The lights flashed as soon as they came on and the crowds roar was almost deafening. They took their positions, sneaking glances at eachother. Gerard walked purposely up to the microphone stand and yanked the microphone out from it.
The music started, breaking into Headfirst For Halos. It was an incredible feeling for them all to be back, they seemed to play better than ever, everyone put so much effort into playing the instruments and each word Gerard sang was meaningful and filled with emotion, the crowd screamed the words back to them.
When the song finished Gerard walked to the front of the stage.
“Hello New Jersey!” He yelled, and the crowd cheered, he paused while they settled, “as many of you know this is our first show for a very long time, and it is fucking great to be back!” The crowd yelled accordingly, “now I’m sure you all know the story to death by now, and I’m sure you will give the warmest of welcomes to our brilliant, and no longer paralysed, guitarist Frank!” The crowd bellowed their approval, “we have had weird experiences over the last month, and not all of them have been pretty!” He gestured towards the fading bruises on his arm, “but your support has been incredible and so I want you to give a fucking cheer to yourselves!” He held out the microphone as the crowd screamed, “now I’m sure you want us to play tonight, because hell, it has been too long, and we are deeply sorry that we had to postpone this tour, but for good enough reasons I think! But I think there are a few things to be said first, because we have learnt a lot recently and we all have our own story to tell, I for one want to stress that however bad it seems that you should never fucking give up on yourself, because we have all been through rough times, and we know it is hard, but if you can pull through then better things can come from it, Frank is my shining example for that one,” he glanced at Frank, who was laughing, “okay I don’t think I shall go on much longer, but we are going to stick around after the show for quite a bit so you can meet us!” The crowd was uplifted by this news and they erupted into cheers, “but for now lets get this fucking show on the road!”
Gerard turned his back to the crowd, and the lights went down again.
The music started and Gerard began to sing Famous Last words. The song meant something at that time, especially when it got to the chorus, “I am not afraid to keep on living” seemed to work perfectly with the situation.
The show carried on, and it was definitely the best they had ever played. Gerard sang his heart out and yet his voice never tired. Mikey played the bass perfectly and he seemed to pluck each string effortlessly. Ray performed brilliantly, doing the complicated riffs to the best of his amazing ability. Bob struck each drum beat with such force and made a powerful beat. Frank went wild, just like his old self, he was on the floor half of the time, and even jumped on Bob’s drums like he used to, so happy to be back to playing again.


“That was…” Mikey was lost for words, they were all a bit breathless from playing so hard, but this was not the reason. There just simply wasn’t words.
“Yeah” Bob agreed, slapping him on the back and grinning. They were backstage now, making their way to their dressing room, to prepare to meet the fans in a bit.
“Hey guys, guess what?” Gerard said, beaming round at them all. His eyes bright with excitement.
“Oh god, what have you done?” Ray asked.
“No you will love it, promise!” Gerard assured them. They looked at him quizzically.
“Oh you promise, that’s okay then,” Frank laughed.
“Just shut up and come here!” Gerard said, words slipping over the next as he hurried towards the dressing room door.
“Is this the big surprise?” Bob said, sarcastically.
“Just open the door,” Gerard said, he actually was jumping now.
They gave him another curious glance and pushed the door open. Each one of their mouths dropped as they entered. There was an excited scream as four bodies slammed into them, giving them big hugs.
“Oh my god!” Mikey yelled, looking into the four visitors faces. Lily, Ruby, Cara and Riley grinned back, hugging each of them in turn.
“When was all this arranged?” Frank asked, giving Ruby a hug, it was great to see them all again, it was strange when they thought they had only known them for 4 weeks, and 3 of them they hadn’t even seen them. But they felt like lifelong friends.
“Gerard called us up a few days ago, saying that you guys were going to be playing and he booked us tickets to fly over!” Riley said, excited, “Jamie said he is sorry he can’t come but he was busy, he says he will come visit another time though.”
“Well its great to see you!” Ray said honestly.
“So, apart from the obvious, how have you lot been?” Ruby asked, she seemed so much more full of life now that everyone was okay and not being held at gunpoint.
“What apart from, Frank’s week of depression, Gerard being attacked by a drunk, Frank’s recovery and preparing for this awesome show, umm pretty relaxed really,” Gerard said.
“Oh ha ha” Cara said.
“What have you guys been up to?” Bob asked.
“School mostly” Lily said, rolling her eyes, “it has been more interesting than usual though, people pestered us like mad the first week, it was very annoying. It calmed down a bit, but people kept asking us if we had talked to you, how you were, if we were going to meet up, stuff like that, people that had never spoken to us before, some people who didn’t even listen to your music, it was just for gossip purposes.”
“People are so strange,” Riley said, more to herself than anyone else.
“That sounds very irritating,” Mikey said, nodding, knowing what it was like.
“Extremely,” Lily continued, but she was still smiling, unable to help it.
“It wasn’t too bad,” Ruby shrugged, “I think you guys have been through worse.”
“I dunno about that…” Ray attempted, but they just snorted, not believing any of it, “okay fine, you win!”
“We always do,” Ruby reminded him.
They chatted for a bit, telling stories and getting to know one another, they hadn’t really had much time to find out about eachother while they had met, there had been so much going on.
“Guys” Gerard said, breaking up the discussion as they looked up at him, “we have to go meet the fans now!”
“Oh yeah,” Mikey said, he got up, and the rest followed suit, the girls stayed sitting though.
“Oh no you don’t, come with us!” Frank said.
Lily raised an eyebrow.
“It will be fun!” Frank insisted, holding out a hand.
Ruby took it, “I’m in!”
The others got up as well. And they went outside to see everyone.

The crowd had been a bit wild, and they had instantly recognised the girls from TV, and they had to sign some auto graphs too, a few even asked for photographs. It was all a bit weird for them, they had been getting a lot of attention back home, but it didn’t quite compare. They got nothing compared to the band though, they were constantly signing, having small chats with a few, getting photo after photo taken, until all they could see were the blotches that the camera flash left behind in their eyes. The fans gave them presents also, ranging from letters to one fan, who thought it appropriate to give them a life-size cardboard cut out of them with a message for each of them written on the back of theirs. People were very strange.
They stayed out there for a hours, until Brian finally managed to pull them away, and the parents of the children also managed to drag them away from the band.
They went back to the tour bus with Lily, Ruby, Riley and Cara.
They were sitting in the tour bus, talking about a load of things ranging from how the crowd had reacted, to reliving their stories, to what Gerard looked like when he dressed up as a girl in high school.
Just then Bob got a call on his phone, they stared at him curiously, as he stood up to go answer it. They stayed silent as he paced up and down the bus.
“Uh huh. Right. Really? I can? Wow! But what about… Oh okay. That sounds great. No its perfect. But when can I come down. That’s only a few days! No I will make it. No it’s fine. Yeah I know. No I’m sure that’s fine. No problem. I will arrange it all tomorrow. I’m sure I can sort it out. Thank you so much. Okay. Thanks again. Bye” Bob grinned, as he hang up and he turned around and was met by 8 bewildered faces. He took a step back, as though he had not expected to be there.
“Bob…?” Ray asked, curious.
“Yeah.. I have some news.” Bob said. Grinning from ear to ear.

And that's the end! Haha just kidding. Did I fool you? Probably not! Sorry I just had too lol. Okay I promise there is more to come. But that is all for tonight so be satisfyed with it. Please review. Thanks xxx
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