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Miraculous Recovery

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Frank and Gerard in hospital

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Chapter 37:

Frank fidgeted in the hospital bed, he was becoming increasingly frustrated with having to be there, but his irritation was overtaken by the sheer joy of having his arm back. At least he didn’t have to wear the hospital gown, he was just lying there in normal clothes, waiting to be seen to.
“Oww!” A voice from beside him yelled. Gerard was getting a check up and he was not enjoying it.
“Stop making such a fuss!” The nurse said, “or this will never get finished!”
“Fine by me, Oww!” He said as she pressed gently against his upper arm, pulling his sleeve up to see another bruise.
“Quit whining Gee, you’re worse than me!” Frank snickered.
“Shut up Frank!” Gerard snapped.
The nurse straightened up, “there, you don’t appear to have any broken bones, just severe bruising, and we will have to check for internal bleeding later.”
“Will that involve more prodding?” He groaned.
She just shook her head, smiling, and left the room.
“You certainly now how to make these people’s lives easier!” Frank said, grinning.
“I won’t tell you to shut up again!” Gerard warned.
“Fine by me, how are the war wounds?” Frank said, turning so his legs hung off the side of the bed, facing Gerard, who was pulling down his sleeve.
“Okay, painful, but alright. How’s the arm?” He said, interested.
“I think I can answer that,” a young male doctor walked in, smiling, “we have the results back from your tests and X ray, and everything seems good. You can leave whenever you wish. It is a truly miraculous recovery, but a happy one all the same.”
“I would say so” Gerard said, beaming, attempting to stand up, but the doctor stopped him.
“I’m afraid you have to stay here a little bit longer Mr Way, I’m sure the nurse informed you that we need to check for internal bleeding.” He said calmly.
“Fine” Gerard scowled as he sat back down.
“Don’t worry Gee, I will stay with you, and I’m sure the others will as well” Frank assured him, as the doctor left the room, satisfied that Gerard wasn’t going to make a break for it.
“Speaking of the others, where are they?” Gerard asked, curious, he looked round the room, as if Mikey, Bob and Ray would spring out from behind a door suddenly.
“Good question,” Frank said, “they said they were going to get coffee about half an hour ago, maybe they sat down to drink it.”
“They probably fell over something or injured themselves somehow, it seems our band is having a tendency for hurting ourselves” Gerard said, smiling.
“Well that will be another thing to add to the band page” Frank suggested.
“God, that reminds me, we will need to tell the fans about your “miraculous recovery”” Gerard said, quoting the doctors words.
“Yeah, I will be a lot happier reciting that story,” Frank said, laughing.
“I’m sure you will, you get to act the hero!” Gerard laughed.
“While you get to be my damsel in distress!” Frank laughed too. This earned him a punch on the arm.
“Hey! He took me by surprise, I could have fought him off!” Gerard insisted.
“Okay, okay, I believe you! Just don’t punch me again, I just got the use of this arm back, I don’t want to lose it again!” Frank said, smiling, Gerard looked guilty for a second. “I’m joking Gee, honestly!”
Gerard smiled, relaxing.
Just then there was a loud crash as Ray flew through the door. This made Frank and Gerard jump at the sudden noise and movement.
“We have a surprise!” Ray yelled triumphantly.
Frank and Gerard looked at him, bewildered.
Then Mikey and Bob waked in, grinning, holding something behind their backs.
“You’re up to something…” Gerard said, cautious. Glancing at Frank, just to check they were on the same page - being completely perplexed by their friends antics.
Mikey and Bob didn’t say anything, their smiles just widened as they brought the object from behind their backs and showed it to them, holding I out to Frank.
Frank’s face lit up like a small kid at Christmas. He reached out and grabbed the guitar, holding it in his hands lovingly.
“Thanks guys!” He said, beaming, “you’re the best!”
They watched as he sat with it, happily strumming at the strings, delicately, as if he would break the precious instrument if he used to much force. He absentmindedly started playing Early Sunsets Over Monroeville. They listened to him play for a bit, it took him a few goes and he was a bit slower than usual, but he managed.
“God, I’m so out of practice” he grimaced, trying again.
“The doctor said that your reflexes and movements might be a little awkward, so don’t worry about it” Mikey informed him.
They stayed there and chatted for a while, Frank either playing, or just holding onto his guitar as they talked. Sooner or later Gerard had to go get checked to see if he had any internal bleeding. But he came back soon, confirming that everything was okay. Then they could finally leave.

Kind of an unnecessay chapter but it was fun and light hearted, and I think this story needs a bit of that at the moment lol. Next chapter will be them like a few months later, might be a long one, unless i divide it up. Please remember to review.
Thanks xxx
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