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Just To Be Safe

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Gerard is attacked :(

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Chapter 36:

The drunken man’s sudden action took them all by surprise. He lurched towards Gerard, though he didn’t appear to be purposely targeting him, he just through himself at the first one of them he could reach. His face was contorted with anger that had absolutely no connection to Gerard, though unfortunately he was to face the brunt of it. The man knocked Gerard to the ground with ease as the singer had been taken by surprise. He started throwing wild, unaimed punches. Gerard cried out and put his arms up to shield his face, though this did nothing to stop the man’s rampage. It was as if he was possessed by a sudden hatred.
Bob, Mikey and Ray stood there, in shock. They seemed unable to take any action against the man, on the contrary, they took a step back, in horror. Their bodies seemed to have frozen, it would have been almost comical if it had not been for the circumstances. Each one of them stood like a plank of wood, jaws open in disbelief as they watched the attack, helplessly.
Frank was the only one of the four to muster a reaction. He did so instinctively, before he even knew what he was doing he had stretched his arm out towards the man and grabbed his jacket. He desperately tried to pull him off of Gerard, one-handed. This was to no avail, however, his one arm did not have enough strength in it to haul the man off. He cursed his right arm, which hung limply by his side, useless. He strained as he tugged at the man, who was still fighting fiercely. Frank tried to call out to the others for help, he looked round at them, but their faces were still set in shock, the only difference was silent tears falling down Mikey’s face.
Frank was so overcome with the desire to get this man off of his friend no matter what, that without warning. Without any indication from its owner, his right arm sprung to life and shot forward as Frank had been willing it to. Too focused on the task at hand to take in the miracle that had just taken place, Frank ignored the action. Only concentrating his new strength into pulling the man off of Gerard, who was still screaming from the pain the punches were causing. He finally managed to lift the man up and slung him, as hard as he could, away, where he hit the brick wall to the left of them and slid down it. He looked a bit dazed as he reached to bottom, then he dropped to all fours, vomiting. Charming.
Bob, Mikey and Ray seemed to have awoken from their trance, a little too late, and rushed to Gerard’s side to pull him up off the ground. Gerard staggered to his feet clumsily. His head spinning. He wiped away a drop of blood that dribbled down from his lip. Ignoring his injuries he looked up at Frank, staring, bewildered.
Frank looked from each of their faces, the exact same expression as Gerard’s on all of them, to his right arm. He stretched it out in front of him, closing his fingers into a fist, then stretching them out once more. Admiring every movement each joint made, then he turned his arm over, needing to inspect it, make sure it was real, that he wasn’t imagining what he had been hoping. It was his turn to go into a state of shock. He didn’t know how long he stood there, watching every detail of his arm, but after a while he looked up at his band mates. Their faces had turned from astonishment, to wide smiles, overjoyed that his arm had made a recovery. Slowly Frank’s own features moved to match them and he let out a cry of laughter. He was standing at least 10 feet away from them, but now he bounded towards them and hugged each one of them, though he hugged Gerard a little more tentatively. Then he stepped back, still beaming, and the others watched as their hyper-active guitarist seemed to rejoin them, his elation clear, as he kept looking back at his arm.
After celebrating they turned their attention back to Gerard. Though he insisted he was absolutely fine, and wanted to concentrate more on Frank’s miraculous recovery, they all thought it was best that they went to the hospital, just to be safe. Another medical problem was the last thing they needed. Plus Frank would have to go and get checked up anyway, they reminded him and he agreed at last.

I know it's short, but will you forgive me, given the fact that all is good again? Hopefully you will, besides there will be another one up tomorrow. Oh I'm so happy, I couldn't be mean to Frank for too long! :) Please please please review! I love them so far and they spur me on to write more hint hint
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