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The interview

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It is a bit of a long one I'm afraid, or maybe you like that...

Chapter 35:

They all stood around backstage, getting ready to go on. Gerard peered his head round the corner.
“It’s not too bad, 20 or so fans, sofa, camera, usual sort of thing” he said, hoping this information would comfort them, he looked especially at Frank, who was unusually quiet, “you can still change your mind you know?”
Frank shook his head, “no, I’m fine. Needs to be done.”
They all nodded then a man with dirty blonde hair, wearing a black T-shirt and grey jeans bounded up to them, a big grin on his face.
“Hi guys,” he said and shook their hands, “I’m Dom, I will be doing the interviewing, how are you feeling?”
“A bit nervous, to be honest” Ray answered.
“well, no worries, I will be fine if you don’t feel like answering a question, need something at any point, and I will also attempt to restrain the crowd, though I cant make any promises,” he said, winking. They laughed. “Okay, I will just go introduce the show, see you in a minute!”
Then he ran on stage, to cheers from the crowd. He got to the centre of the stage, “Hello, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls!” He said in a mocking way, “today, before we get onto our daily chart and find out which song and video you put as number one, we have a special treat for you today!” The crowd yelled, “judging by that response I’m guessing you know what it is, well we have never been any good at keeping secrets! Now you have probably heard a lot about them on the news recently, unless you have been living under a rock or are whole-heartedly against the news. They have agreed to do this exclusive interview with us today, and, as a last minute change of plans, we will be meeting one of their members who hasn’t appeared with the band since the event. So give a warm, though I would guess it is going to be more than warm, welcome to My Chemical Romance and Frank Iero!”
The crowd nearly exploded with screams as they entered the stage area. They shook Dom’s hand and sat down on the chairs set up for them.
“Hi guys, how have you been?” He said kindly.
“Alright” they replied.
“Well that’s a lie, but we will give you that one” Dom laughed. “So basically I’m not going to ask you many questions, but we have had a flood of questions in from our audience and fans. If you would be so kind as to answer them?”
“Sounds good,” Gerard replied.
“Okay, but before that, can you just give us a brief tale of what happened to each of you?” Dom asked. So, for what seemed like the 1000th time, they recounted what had happened. Though they kept it quite short, otherwise it would take forever.
“So quite a fiasco then?” Dom asked.
“That’s one word for it,” Bob replied.
“Okay, onto the questions,” he looked through the papers in his hand, “Okay, first, from Emily, she asks “Who were the 4 girls that were seen accompanying you that day, and were seen frequently visiting the hospital Frank was staying in?”” Dom read out.
“Okay, basically we met the girls while lost in the city, and they helped us out with stuff, and they all turned out to be fans and friends of eachother.” Gerard said.
“Yeah, we are looking into it being a conspiracy!” Mikey joked, interrupting Gerard.
“I see, so how did each of them meet you?” Dom asked.
“Riley sold me the dinosaur costume, for which I have seen photographs of, it always makes me laugh. Anyway, yeah, she is 15 and owns a fancy dress store… maybe it is a conspiracy…” He trailed of in pretend thought, then just laughed.
“Cara helped me escape from that mad school of hers, honestly it is mental, they didn’t even notice that we left!” Mikey said.
“Lily saved me when I was drowning in the lake thing in the park. Thank god for her, or I wouldn’t be sitting here today! She was out of school because of a doctors appointment, or so she said…” Ray added.
“And Ruby was with me in the store, we talked a bit, that’s when she told me that she had bunked off school and had come to the store,” Frank said.
“And I got no one, because I’m unloved,” said Bob, pretending to look hurt.
“You got a freaking baby!” Mikey said incredulously.
“Oh yeah…” Bob said, laughing.
“And where are all of them now?” Dom asked.
“I would guess that they are back in England, unless they came back with us without us knowing of it, which I wouldn’t put past them.” Gerard said, then he brought a hand to his forehead, looking round the room, pretending to look for them.
“Oh did I forgot to say? I smuggled them into our suitcases!” Bob joked.
“Are you going to keep contact with them?” Dom said, laughing.
“Yeah, we have their numbers ans emails, I guess we owe them that, plus we would like to keep in contact with them, they really helped us out,” Gerard answered.
“Okay, next question, from Michelle, “Why do you think that Cole man shot himself?”” Dom read.
“Well, I don’t know how much media coverage this has got,” Frank began, “but Cole explained to us that he had a daughter, who was shot by his wife, then he was framed for it, which was why he was robbing the store, to get a good lawyer. I think he realised there was no way out for him, if he left he would be arrested no matter what, he took the easy way out I guess. He had reasons to do what he did, he just made the wrong decisions.”
“So you got to know him quite a bit then?” Dom asked, interested.
“I guess you could say that, I still don’t understand fully why he did all that he did. I think we are two very different people.” Frank shrugged.
“Okay, I think that is all we need from that. Next, from Brooke, “Everyone is saying that the baby Bob had is his. Is this true, if so why haven’t you mentioned it before?”” Dom said.
“NO!” Bob said, laughing, “lets get this straight. The baby is NOT mine. I do not own a kid. Not my baby!” He insisted. Making the others burst out laughing.
“Yeah, but you have been checking up on it!” Mikey started, but Bob put his hand over his mouth.
“It’s true!” Ray added, “he knows it is a she, how much it weighs, and he told them to tell him it’s progress!”
“Shut up!” Bob said. “I just want to know, that’s all!”
Everyone was laughing, and Mikey managed to escape from Bob, and he got up and swapped seats with Frank.
“Okay guys! Calm yourselves!” Dom said, also laughing, “Next question, from Diane, “Gerard, why did you agree to the dinosaur costume? Surely you could see how it would get press attention? Or is it a new look for the band?””
“No it definitely is not!” Gerard said, “ Umm I really don’t know why I agreed. Riley just managed to persuade me to do it. That girl is one hell of a sales woman I will tell you that much. God I hate her right now! No I don’t it was quite funny…”
“You’re rambling,” Ray said.
“Shut up Ray!” Gerard said, punching him lightly in the arm.
“Next, from Hannah, “Ray, are you ever going to take swimming lessons?”” Dom read.
“Umm… no, probably not. I will put it on my to do list, but it is pretty long already. So no probably wont.” Ray said.
“Now who’s rambling…” Gerard muttered, earning himself a punch.
“From Ashley, “Gerard, what was it like standing on the police van with the mega phone?”” Dome said.
“Pretty cool, yeah. Though I didn’t have time to appreciate it at the time. Maybe I will do it again sometime and properly enjoy it. I’m pretty sure it was illegal though, the police definitely didn’t like it…” Gerard explained.
“That’s my law-abiding brother!” Mikey laughed.
“You love it!” Gerard joked.
“Ah ha! Now this question has been asked repeatedly since the accident happened. From Tara, “Frank, what happened to your arm, there has been no news about the actual state of it. My friend said you are going to have it amputated, is that true?”” Dom read out.
They all looked round at Frank, concerned. Frank just gave them a small smile to signal that it was okay, “Umm… yeah, I was kind of expecting that.” He began, “no my arm will not be amputated, and if it is no one has told me. But as you may have realised from this interview alone, I cant move my right arm. It is, for the time being, paralysed, though the doctors aren’t totally sure of the damage. It could be fine my tomorrow, it could be permanent.” This was met by gasps from the crowd, Mikey clapped a hand on his left shoulder and gave him a smile.
“Wow. That’s pretty serious,” Dom said, “how have you been coping with the news?”
“Well he only left his room today,” Bob said.
“Hey!” Frank said.
“Well it’s true!” Ray added, “you do no want to go in there, it would make the flies run away!”
“Thank you” Frank said sarcastically, “anyway, I deal with things in my own way.”
“Well at least you are out now” Dom said, laughing, “I don’t think anyone can blame you, news like that.”
“Yeah, well I’m glad I have these guys, they have been really supportive,” Frank said, earning “Aww’s” from the crowd.
“How sweet” Dom said, “Okay so this question kind of leads on from that, Rachael asks, “How long are you guys going to be on a break for? We all miss you” and there are three kisses at the end of this” Dom said, smiling.
“Well we haven’t really talked it through much, Frank having only just left his hole.” Gerard said, “but we would hope to be back soon, the hospital want to do some more tests on Frank’s arm first, so we will wait until we have a clearer view on what is going on there. We will try to keep everyone up to date on the website and through interviews.”
“That sounds good,” Dom nodded, “Okay, last question, I think you will be happy to hear, from Sandra, “Are you going to release a song about your experiences?””
“Ooo we should do that!” Mikey said.
“How would it go though?” Gerard said, laughing, “a song collaborated of a dinosaur costume, a robbery, someone getting shot, drowning, a baby up a tree, a school lecture, maniac fans and angry people, be quite a struggle.”
“We may have to get back to you on that one!” Frank laughed.
“Okay guys. I think that’s about it!” Dom said, standing up and shaking their hands, “it has been a pleasure having you here! And we wish you a speedy recovery, Frank”
They exited to screams from the crowd.
After signing a few autographs outside, they walked back to Gerard and Mikey’s house. It was dark now and very cold. They decided to cut through a back alleyway.
They were just chatting about how the interview had gone, when a man stumbled out behind them. They turned to see him, he was clearly drunk, and his face was red, he looked angry and before any of them could do anything, he tackled Gerard to the ground.

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