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Worst People Ever At Subtlety

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Back in NJ

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Chapter 34:

“Frank?” Ray whispered. He had just knocked on Frank’s door and was now peering round it. They were back in New Jersey, they had had to postpone their tour because of what had happened. They hoped that the fans would understand, they weren’t going to cancel it, just prolong it for a little while, until everything had settled down. They had all agreed that the shouldn’t do anything too much about the band until Frank had come to terms with everything. The doctors were still unsure of whether he would be permanently paralysed or not, and Frank had taken a turn for the worst. They had been back in New Jersey for about a week now, and all that time he had not left his room. They had all tried to come and talk to him but he was very unresponsive. He was certain that he would never be able to use his arm again and be in the band. They had tried to assure him that this was not the case, but he refused to accept it. In any case, they had halted the band temporarily, so as not to upset him. “Frank, you in here?” Ray asked. Peering through the darkness.
“Where else am I going to be?” A voice muttered from the direction of Frank’s bed. Ray looked at him, he had his back to him, just lying on his bed, facing the wall.
“Hey Frank. Umm… how are you?” Ray asked. Unsure what to say.
“Fine” Frank mumbled, turning round so he was lying on his back.
Ray looked around the room. It was littered with food wrappers, beer cans, comic books and photographs, mostly of the band or his family. He looked over to the far corner where he saw Frank’s guitar, it had evidentially been flung there by Frank. Ray walked over and propped it gently up against the wall.
“Why bother?” Frank said, “I cant play it anyway.” He glared down at his arm, willing it to work.
“You will do” Ray said.
Frank just gave him a look.
“Well okay if you want to be pessimistic about it…” Ray said, sitting on a chair near to Frank. His eyes were adjusting to the dark and he could make out Frank’s face. He obviously hadn’t been sleeping well, his face was tired with dark shadows under his eyes. His hair was a mess and his clothes crumpled. He held a photo in his hands, but he chucked it across the room before Ray could make out what it was of.
“Sorry” he grumbled, “I know I’m being miserable but-” Frank started.
“Don’t worry about excuses. We just want to know if you are okay” Ray said.
“I’m fine” Frank said.
“No you’re not” Ray said, almost smiling, “people who are fine do not lock themselves up in their bedrooms for a week, in the dark.”
“Okay so I’m not fine” Frank shrugged, “but I’m coping.”
“Why don’t you come hang out with me and the guys?” Ray suggested.
“I dunno…” Frank said.
“Come on, it will do you some good. Getting out of this place. Take your mind off things.” Ray tried.
“What now?” Frank asked.
“Well the others are all outside, so I don’t see why not” Ray said, smiling, “come on it will be just like old times. We can go to Starbucks!”
“Hmm…that is tempting,” Frank said, “okay fine” Ray beamed at him.
“Great!” He said, getting up, you get yourself dressed and for God’s sake, take a shower! You stink” He said, narrowly dodging a pillow thrown at him as he ran out the door and downstairs.


“Frank!” Gerard yelled as Frank walked out the doors 20 minutes later. They all went up to him, gave him hugs and set off down the road.
“Long time no see,” Bob smiled. “What have you been doing this week?”
“Umm… not much” Frank replied.
“Understatement of the century!” Mikey said.
Frank just smiled and they entered Starbucks. They ordered their coffee and sat down at a table. It was almost empty, which meant they wouldn’t be bothered too much.
“So what has been going on in the outside world?” Frank asked, taking a sip of coffee.
“Well we have been bombarded with reporters asking about you” Gerard explained, “everyone wants to know how you are, especially the fans. We haven’t said too much yet, we posted a small comment on the site but we thought you would want to say it yourself. You really should Frank, they need to know.”
Frank grimaced, “yeah I know.”
“They have sent us a load of stuff for you, if you come over to our place later, we have it all there for you,” Mikey said.
“Really?” Frank asked, “okay.”
“I have also been pestered about the baby thing,” Bob began, “press are still convinced that she’s mine!”
“You never said it was a she!” Mikey said, then he narrowed his eyes “wait you said you didn’t know what gender it was!”
“Oh… umm, did I?” Bob said, looking uncomfortable.
“You’ve been checking up on it haven’t you?” Gerard asked, laughing.
“I just wanted to see how it - she was.” Bob shrugged, drinking some more coffee.
“Of course you did” Mikey said, nudging him. Bob punched him in the arm back. “Oww. don’t be so violent, I’m not a bloody camera!”
“Moving on from Bob’s parenthood issues…” Ray said, earning him a punch aswell.
“Oh yeah we have an interview this afternoon!” Gerard said, “I forgot.”
“Whose doing it?” Frank asked.
“I’m not too sure, I can never remember these things, but it will be live and going out on… some channel somewhere” Gerard said helpfully.
“You guys want me to go don’t you?” Frank said, sensing that Gerard hadn’t just forgotten and the story had an ulterior motive than just ‘filling him in’.
“Only if you want to” Ray said, a little too quickly.
“I see…” Frank said, he leant back, taking another sip, “Okay then.”
They all beamed at him.
“When is it?” Frank asked.
“One hour, Brian was going to pick us up from here in half an hour.” Bob said.
“How convenient” Frank smirked. “You guys are the worst people ever at subtlety!”
“Hey, we try” Mikey said, laughing.

Aww aint it sweet when everything is happy? I felt I needed this after all the doom and gloom, it gets very depressing. I am very very very bad Bryony. I limited myself to one chapter per night and I have failed. But I wont be able to write any tomorrow, so maybe I can be excused. I am so addicted to this story I am going to need to get quitting gum for it. Anyway I am rambling YET AGAIN! Must stop that. Please review. They make me happy, and make me write better. You know you want to!
Thanks xxx
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