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How Ironic

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Warning: Swearing and stressed out Frank and MCR members!

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Chapter 33:

The doctor’s words echoed round Frank’s head. He seemed to phase out and couldn’t quite understand or take in what he was saying. He tried hard to concentrate on the words, but they just went through him like his mind was a sieve, letting them escape him. He looked at the others for a clue, they just looked back at him, worried, the looks on there faces wouldn’t have gone amiss if they had just been told a bomb was going to explode. He knew it was bad news, he just couldn’t focus. He swallowed hard.
“S-sorry” he stuttered, not an attribute he usually possessed, “can you repeat that?”
“Of course, Mr Iero, I said that where the bullet entered your arm, it was embedded in a nerve, and this has effected your overall nervous system. At this point we cannot be sure how much damage it had done, as we don’t know how far the bullet entered.” The doctor explained. Frank could hear the words now, but he was talking in the usual doctor mumbo jumbo, and dragging it out without giving the basic diagnosis.
“And that means?” Frank asked, urging him to continue as he held his breath.
“It means, Mr Iero, that you are temporarily paralysed in your right arm” The doctor summed up, everyone gasped or shuffled uncomfortably. “But as I said before, it is hard, at this point, to be sure to what extent the damage was done. So there is a risk of it being permanent. We will have to carry out some more tests.”
“Paralysed?” Frank said. The word seemed to swim around his brain, taunting him like an annoying shadow. It had a bitter taste in his mouth when he said it, like he wanted to spit it right out again. “But…but…” he couldn’t quite comprehend this. Paralysed. He looked around desperately at his friends. From Gerard who looked panicked, to Mikey who was staring at the floor, to Ruby with her hand over her mouth, and the others who had similar expressions and were doing similar things. The doctor stood there, he looked grave. Frank couldn’t stand this silence.
“How can I be fucking paralysed!” He yelled, making everyone jump, “I play the fucking guitar! I need my fucking arms! What am I gonna bloody do now?” Frank was sitting upright now, he could only use one arm to prop himself up on and he glared at the other one. Useless and pathetic. The others tried to calm him down.
“Mr Iero, as I said, this may only be temporary, we aren’t sure-” The doctor was cut off.
“Temporary? And what does that mean then? For how long? A week? A month? A fucking year? More?” Frank demanded, he just wanted to be angry, he didn’t know why.
“We will be able to inform you later, when we have done more tests. Now I must go. I am sorry Mr Iero.” The doctor said sincerely and he walked out of the room.
Frank swore.
“Frank please just calm down!” Gerard pleaded.
“No I won’t fucking calm down!” Frank shouted. But he didn’t sound angry anymore. He sounded hurt. Trapped. Scared. “I’m paralysed Gerard. Par-a-lysed!”
“It may only be temporary Frank!” Ray tried.
“And what if it isn’t? Going to find another fucking guitarist then. Kick me out and get someone who isn’t fucking useless!” Frank yelled.
“I’m going to take the girls outside” Bob said, and he lead Ruby, Lily, Cara and Riley out the door. Jamie followed, feeling like he shouldn’t invade on them.
“You know we would never do that” Gerard whispered firmly.
Frank just slumped down into the hospital bed. He put his hands up to his face and breathed out. “Sorry” he muttered. He looked up at them.
“Don’t worry about it” Bob said, having returned from outside, “you are perfectly entitled to freak out.”
“Where are the girls?” Frank asked. Feeling instantly guilty.
“They are going home, they say they will drop by tomorrow morning on their way to school.” Bob said.
“God, I was such a jerk” Frank said. Head back in hands.
“No you weren’t” Mikey assured him, “they understand. I think you should get some rest. We all should. Its been a long few days. None of us can think clearly at the moment.”
Frank just nodded. They all said goodbye, gave him hugs goodbye and then they left.
Frank lay down on the narrow, metal bed. Thoughts revolving around in his head. He couldn’t think of a worse outcome from taking that bullet. He didn’t regret it, he wouldn’t have been able to live with himself if he had simply let Jamie die. But death, he thought, death would be better than living without doing the thing he loved. Guitar was his purpose. He knew that now. He had been craving to play it the whole time he was in that wretched store. Before he felt like he couldn’t play the guitar, that he had lost his passion for it. Now he had it back and wanted to play more than ever, he physically couldn’t. How ironic.

I know I am being hell of a cruel here to our beloved Frankie, but you have to admit it makes a killer story. Or is that just me and my demented ways? Probably. Thank you all for the reviews. Keep them coming!
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