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I'm Fine. I Promise!

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Is Frank Rreally fine?

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Chapter 32:

Frank felt himself jolt into consciousness. He found himself appreciating his breathing, and the beat of his heart so much more. He had thought he was going to die, that he would wake up in the clouds to find pearly gates. Or the Black Parade, he thought, smiling to himself. His eyes remained closed, but he let his other senses explore. He could hear a faint beeping, from what he assumed was a hospital machine. He knew this from being in hospital on numerous occasions as he was extremely accident prone. Well he knew where he was, though he had assumed that anyway, due to the fact he had collapsed or at least that was the last thing he could remember. He picked up the strong sterilised smell of the ward. Like it was too clean to be real. Lastly he felt the bed sheets around him, and the narrow hospital bed he was lying on. He also felt a strange weight to the left of him. Out of curiosity he opened his eyes to see a sleeping Bob, who was sitting on a chair by his bedside and was slumped on the bed, snoring gently. Frank smiled to himself. He inspected the rest of the room, to see on the right side of him, Gerard. He looked a mess, and this was the polite way of putting it. He was leaning over, head in hands, fingernail dirty and tensed against his skull. His hair was scruffed up and tangled. His clothes were creased and dirty, though they were different to the ones he had been wearing before, which made Frank wonder how long he had been out for. He was also giving off a strange smell, though it was mostly coffee, it wasn’t too pleasant. Frank was just thankful not to catch a whiff of alcohol, he would have hated it if his friend had resorted back to his poison because of him.
Just then Gerard looked up, and looked straight at Frank. For a second his face looked terrible, he was unshaven, had dark shadows under his eyes, and he looked like he had been aged by 10 years, his once bright eyes seemed worryingly lifeless. But as soon as he saw Frank conscious his eyes regained their life and he broke into a wide smile.
“Frank!” He shouted, leaping up, out of his seat, knocking it over in the process as he ran to hug his friend. At this sudden noise Bob woke with a start and fell off his chair, dragging Frank’s bed sheets with him as he went. He looked up, sheets over his head. Frank and Gerard burst out laughing at the sight.
“What happened?” He muttered. The he pulled the sheet off his head, revealing his own exhausted face. But like Gerard, when he saw Frank his face changed and he beamed and joined in the hug. Even though the other two were still in hysterics. Bob would have previously been angry at them, but he was just too relieved.
“Guys!” Frank wheezed from the centre of the hug, “get the hell off, I can’t breathe!”
“Whoops!” Bob said, chuckling, as they both released him, “sorry, just so glad you’re okay. You are okay aren’t you?” He asked, suddenly worried.
“Fine. I’m fine. Promise” he assured them, as Gerard’s face also looked anxious at the question. They both relaxed, convinced. “Where are all the others?”
“In the visitors room, probably sleeping, we have been taking shifts for who stays by you. Well when I say we…” Bob glanced over at Gerard, “this one here has hardly left your side, only to get coffee, change and wash which we were all thankful for, not that it helped much!”
“Hey!” Gerard said, punching him in the arm.
“Gerard, you shouldn’t have done that!” Frank groaned.
“Nonsense, I would have gone mad if I had left.” Gerard said truthfully.
“I suppose…” Frank said, not knowing this was true, “but you still shouldn’t have, and what about the rest of you? Have you been staying in the hospital?” He asked incredulously.
“Pretty much… yeah” Bob answered, scratching his head, “but before you complain, we were glad to, don’t worry about us, we are meant to be worrying about you!”
“I’m fine. I worry about you. You worry about me. It is the way things go” Frank said, shrugging. “What about the girls? Ruby and Lily and the other two? Please tell me they haven’t been staying here!”
“Well they tried, but their parents took them home for rest at first, but they are here now and have been hanging around after school and things.” Gerard explained. Still grinning at his friend’s recovery.
“Well that’s something…” Frank said, glad that the girls had not followed the same pattern as his band mates, “wait “at first”? How long have I been out?”
“Umm… lets see, 4.. No 5 days now” Bob answered, thinking.
“5 days!” Frank said incredulously, then he turned to Gerard, “you didn’t leave me for 5 fucking days?!?”
“Well… yeah.” Gee said.
“Gee…” Frank whined.
“We are not getting back into this!” Bob stated, “I am going to go and get the others, they will want to come and kill you with hugs, no arguing you two” He said, pointing at them as he headed towards the door, “or you go to bed early!”
“Oh ha-ha!” Gerard mocked. It would have been a lot more effective if he hadn’t been spluttering with laughter. Then Bob left.
Gerard turned to Frank, “God I’m so glad your okay, I thought…” Gerard trailed off. Not wanting to complete the sentence.
Frank nodded and smiled at Gerard, “Yeah me too, but I’m fine!”
“How’s the arm?” Gerard asked, looking concerned as he glanced at the bandage on Franks arm.
“Umm… okay I guess, cant move it though…” Frank said, trying to move his arm, though it would work.
“Probably just the drugs” Gerard said, waving the thought away.
“Frank!” They heard a scream. Mikey was the first to run in, giving Frank another tight hug. The others followed and did similar things, they all looked tired. Lily, Riley, Cara and Ruby didn’t look as bad, but they were still in their mud-brown school uniform. All except Ruby anyway, who was wearing mufti, she explained that she had been allowed a few days off from school, due to the event that had taken place. Frank nodded, understanding, the other girls had had some time off also, but not as much. Ruby definitely looked better than when Frank had last seen here. A lot more cheerful, and with more colour, she looked more like she had done when she had screamed and hugged Frank in the store when they first met, which seemed like years ago. Even Jamie was there, no longer in the shop uniform, Frank remembering what Bob had said about him quitting. Frank was touched that they had all come to visit, he had never even met Cara and Riley, just heard their voices from the tunnel.
They all gathered round Frank, chatting, explaining stories of what had happened to them on that day and what had happened in the last few days.
“The press have been trying to get in here to speak to everyone, but the hospital has been great at keeping them out,” Ruby explained, “I have been stopped a couple times in the street, it has been really weird!”
“Yeah, we have been questioned so much at school, it has gotten a bit annoying now,” Lily laughed.
Frank smiled, happy that things were almost back to normal.
“Fans have been writing to you, and sending you gifts like mad!” Ray said, rolling his eyes, “I nearly drowned and I didn’t get one!”
“Yes but no one knew about that did they?” Riley said.
“Whatever” Ray said, pretending to be pissed off, his good mood failed him though.
The moment was ripped away though, as the doctor walked in. They all went silent, all sensing something bad. Frank looked up at him. It was bad news. His face was grim. He knew it was bad news. Something was wrong. Something had happened. He gulped.
“What is it?” Frank asked, almost not wanting to know the answer…

Sorry, I know I have left this of 3 cliffhangers in a row, but it makes it more interesting don't you think? Anyway please give me feedback. My previous offer still stands, you review mine, I review yours. So please please please do. I will love your forever and ever. In a non-creepy way.
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