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Emotions Written Clearly On Their Faces

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Someone gets shot, read to find out who.

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Chapter 31:

Mikey’s heart skipped a beat. He watched helplessly, with everyone else as the gun found its target and Cole’s finger pressed the trigger. Everyone gave a lurch forward as if they could somehow stop the bullet’s path. If it had been a movie there would have been a freeze frame, and the camera would turn fully around the scene, perhaps zooming in on everyone’s faces. In a way this happened, or at least the freeze frame part did, it was as if time stopped in that fraction of a second where the bullet was shot, as if someone had pressed pause on a television remote. They must have pressed play soon afterwards though as they heard the bullet rip through the air the sound like a cannon ball. It made contact with the side of a head, and the victim, crumpled, lifeless.
Mikey tried to blink away the shock. He had not expected that. He felt a rush of relief sweep over him, but instantly it was replaced by guilt. No one should be relieved that someone had died instead of another. Though it was hard not to when his friends had lived and Cole had died. The suicide was so unexpected. Mikey couldn’t quite understand why he had done it.
It felt like years had passed as the four of them stood and stared at the body on the floor, unable to distract their eyes from the terrible sight. Words didn’t quite describe the shock.
“Guys!” They were snapped back into reality as desperate screams came from the tunnel. They had obviously heard the gunshot but had not been able to see the consequence. Mikey turned to Gerard, who opened his mouth in an attempt to talk, but couldn’t quite find it in himself to speak, so instead he turned to look at his brother. They stared at each other, their emotions written clearly on their faces. Then they heard a scrambling and more shouts from the tunnel as the others emerged.
Ray was the last to squeeze through the small gap, they stood in a circle around Cole’s body. Cara and Riley put their hands over their mouths and turned away, unable to look at the blood and the corpse. Bob, Ray and Jamie shuffled uncomfortably, trying to find another place for their eyes to fixate on other than the body or the eyes of another person. Lily had not been able to tear her eyes from the sight since it had happened. Gerard and Mikey were still looking at each other, communicating without the need of speech.
They were all wrenched away from their reactions to the event however, when Ruby shouted out “Frank?” They all turned sharply to face him.
“Frank!” They shouted. Frank had already been very pale and had been finding it difficult to stand, now his eyes rolled back into his head, he teetered where he stood for a second, then fell backwards. Bob managed to catch him just in time.
They all stared, some stood in shock, others, such as Gerard were crouching down next to Frank, talking to him, trying to get him to wake up. They hardly noticed as police officers and paramedics rushed in, they had obviously witnessed the whole thing through the glass and were trying to stabilize the situation. The police rushed initially over to Cole’s body, setting up yellow tape and collecting evidence. Some stood back talking on walkie talkies. Reporters tried to get in, though they were restrained by police, they still managed to take photographs and film, despite police warnings. But the only thing they all cared about were the paramedics, who were making their way over to them.
Mikey’s hearing seemed to be oddly numbed, he could hardly concentrate on anything, just watched as his friend lay there. Watched as a paramedic rushed over, and another tried to restrain Gerard who was desperately trying to get to Frank, to revive him, talk to him, anything, he was overcome with a sort of madness Mikey did not often see, or like to see from his brother.
He saw the first paramedic signal that there was a pulse, but he was not breathing. Mikey stared helplessly as they started CPR, then strapped an oxygen mask over Frank’s head and lifted him onto a stretcher. Carrying him into the back of a van. They all stood there, feeling useless, knowing that all the could do was watch as their friend, bandmate, idol was carried away.

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