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This Is Your Master Plan?

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TO THE RESCUE! Or not...

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Chapter 30:

Frank was still slumped against the wall. His body was weak. He had his eyes closed but he still felt as though he was spinning. Cole had been ignoring him for the last 10 minutes, apparently without a care for his conditions, and if he did have one, he was very good at covering it up.
Frank opened one eye, his vision was blurred but after a while it had focused. Cole was pacing up and down muttering things to himself that were inaudible to Frank, and occasionally sweeping over the walls and floor to check for escape routes. He acted as if Frank were not there. Frank wasn’t particularly bothered, his thoughts dwelled mainly on what was happening to him and what the others were doing as their plan to save him. His stomach lurched as the thought crossed his mind that whatever they were doing would probably be dangerous, he didn’t want one of them hurt because of him. He shut his eyes again, wishing the pain away. He no longer had any feeling in his arm but the rest of his body ached from sitting in the same position and he was still exhausted.
Opening his eyes once more he tried to get to his feet but he could hardly conjure enough energy to lift his leg, let alone find himself into a standing position. So he gave up and went back to his tormenting thoughts.
Cole was over next to a bookshelf, still talking to himself. He glanced over at Frank. They glared at each other, neither one speaking due to the pact they had made. Then Cole turned sharply and carried on in his search.
Frank sighed and looked up at the bookshelf he was next to. He reached up and pulled down a comic, but he couldn’t focus on it, he couldn’t even make out the title, so he tossed it across the room weakly and just sat there, trying to remain conscious.
He heard a fain murmuring, though he couldn’t make out where it was coming from. It was probably just his mind playing tricks on him. He shut his eyes tight, but the voices wouldn’t go. Great now he was turning into a schizophrenic.
Just as he was assuring himself the voices were his own imagination, however, Cole’s head whipped up.
“What was that?” He whispered. Looking over at Frank.
“What was what?” Frank said wearily.
“I heard something,” He said, keeping his voice down and signalling Frank to do the same.
“It’s probably nothing,” Frank said, irritated by this now.
“It is never nothing” Cole said and he walked along the wall, his ear pressed against it. “There! I definitely heard voices!”
“Good, if we get out of here we can check you into a mental hospital,” Frank said sarcastically.
“I see being on the edge of consciousness hasn’t wrecked your sense of humour” Cole hissed.
“Never fails” Frank said smart-arsesedly.
“Be quiet” Cole ordered.
Frank only obeyed as he could now hear the voices too, and he knew neither of them were imagining it, he looked up to where Cole was standing. He was next to a wall that had a table next to it, his ear pressed against it.
Frank strained his ears and heard a familiar voice.
“Rock does beat scissors Gerard, don’t be an idiot!”
Frank sat up, immediately wishing he hadn’t as pain shot through him. Mikey. That was Mikey, and Gerard must have been there too. Cole had noticed his sudden movement and he raised his gun, looking round wildly to find the source of the noise.
Frank looked up, eyes wide at the gun, “put the gun down!” He demanded.
“No way, where the hell?” Cole said.
“You dare -” Frank was cut off as they heard a creak as some sort of door must have opened. They both went still. Frank’s heart raced as he looked at the metal object in Cole’s hand.
Frank saw the door, being on the floor he could see under the table, where he noticed a plank of wood slide past. Cole was still looking round wildly. Frank saw Mikey clamber up through the passage. Frank tried to make eye contact with Mikey, signal to him not to come up. But it was too late.
“Oww!” Mikey said, hitting his head on the top of the table. “Fuck that hurt!”
Cole whipped his gun down to point at Mikey.
“No!” Frank said, but Cole didn’t shoot. Not yet anyway.
Mikey looked up at frank’s outburst, “Frank! He’s here guys!” Then he looked up and saw Cole standing over him, “oh bugger.”
“Mikey what the hell?” Frank said, Mikey pulled himself out from underneath the table.
“Stay right there!” Cole warned, gun still pointed at Mikey.
Mikey raised his arms in the air, “okay, whoa, please don’t shoot!”
“You dare and I will kill you” Frank said.
“You are hardly in a state to threaten mate!” Cole said.
“Hey!” Came another voice. Gerard crawled after Mikey. “Don’t point that fucking thing at my brother!”
“Gerard no! Tell everyone to go back and just leave!” Frank said, looking from Cole, to Gerard, to Mikey and back again.
“We can hardly leave now mate” said Mikey, shrugging.
“But I agree, you guys stay there,” Gerard shouted down the hole.
“Bugger you!” A girl of 15 with blonde hair climbed out.
“Lily!” Mikey said “go back!”
“Who the hell?” Frank asked.
“Alright anyone else comes up and I will shoot!” Cole shouted, there was silence, and no one else moved. “Good, now you three go sit over there by him!” He gestured to Frank.
“Nah, I’m not in the mood to sit down,” said Gerard. “And I’m even less in the mood to do as you say.”
“Gerard don’t be stupid,” Mikey Warned.
“Guys just sit down!” Frank pleaded, “please, just do what he says!”
“No!” Gerard insisted, “there would hardly be any point coming here and making more hostages would there?”
“Well you can make dead bodies if you would prefer,” Cole snarled.
“Hey you! -” Frank attempted to get up, but he just fell forward a bit. Cole laughed as the other three rushed over to Frank. Helping him up.
“You’re pathetic!” Cole said.
“You’re the one whose fucking pathetic!” Gerard snapped.
“Frank you okay?” Mikey asked.
“I’m fine!” Frank insisted.
“So is this your master plan?” Cole sniggered, “went really well!”
“Better than yours,” Frank retorted, “what is the point now? You came to get money, that’s gone out the window, you cant leave or you will be caught, and you cant stay here all your life!”
“I can escape, using this wonderful passage your friends found!” Cole said triumphantly.
“No you cant!” Called Bob’s voice from the tunnel, “we just called the police, they will be waiting by the tunnels exit!” He laughed, “Jamie said he will just quit and that they shouldn’t have this anyway!”
“Who the hell is Jamie?” Asked Frank.
“Shopkeeper you saved,” Lily said, “same on you, not knowing his name!”
“Sorry” Frank said, then he turned to Cole, “so what’s your plan now?”
Cole just stood there, the gun switching from one person to the next.
“What’s going on?” Yelled Riley.
“Bloody hell who are all these people? Have you got some sort of fan club here?” frank asked.
“Sort of,” Mikey laughed, “we will explain later.”
“What and you just let them come with you?” Frank said, disapprovingly.
“Let us?” Lily scoffed, “they didn’t have a fucking choice!”
“It’s true!” Gerard smiled.
“SHUT UP!” Cole yelled, “I’ve had enough of you lot, however many of you there are! So just -” He clicked the gun preparing for a shot.
“No!” Frank yelled.
It was like it was in slow motion. They were all frozen, watching what happened. Cole’s finger pressed the trigger and the bullet made contact. And somebody fell to the floor.

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